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Have you found a yellow and white colored feather, and wonder what it means? Know that you have just received some very special angelic guidance!

Here are the 4 angel and spiritual messages associated with the white and yellow mixed color feather.

Note: The meanings also apply to striped and spotted yellow and white mixed feathers.

1. The Angels Recognize Your Spiritual Intelligence

When the angels send you a feather with mixed colors, it means they want to send a ‘blended’ or combined message. A yellow and white feather message is more advanced than the message of a single white feather or single yellow feather. The mixed message requires more reflection to apply it to your personal situation.

Fortunately the angels believe you are up to the task!

If you have received a mixed color feather, take this is a sign that the angels have recognized your spiritual intelligence. They know you are interested in developing your spiritual knowledge, and therefore are prepared to work with you.

Congratulations! You are being prepared for a deeper spiritual awakening, and esoteric knowledge which is not available to most, will come to you in downloads of thoughts and ideas.

2. Any Luck You Experience Now is Meant To Support Your Life Purpose

The white in your feather acts as an amplifier to the yellow color, increasing the intensity and power of the yellow feather’s message. This is similar to how a clear quartz crystal increases the power of any crystal it is placed next to.

Traditionally the yellow feather is a sign of brighter days ahead, and white is a sign of angelic communication. When you receive a feather mixed with both colors, it means that any good fortune which occurs now, and brightens your day, is not meant purely for your benefit. You are being ‘looked after’ by angels because they recognize your talents and hope you will spread your Light and sunshine in the world.

In other words, whatever happens next, comes with strings attached! No resting on your laurels.

3. Your Intuition is Your Spiritual Talent

When you mix or blend the colors yellow and white, you end up with cream. Cream is a combination of the purity of white and sunshine of yellow.

Cream is an incredibility adaptable color, when paired with pastels like pink and lavender it evokes a sense of the feminine. When combined with a dark color, it acts as a edgy accent color which is funky and modern.

The angels recognize your adaptable, chameleon abilities. You can ‘blend’ with your environment easily. One night you are the center of the party, and a wallflower the next. You are at home in the countryside as much as the city. You can connect with people from all walks of life and all levels of society. Occasionally, this may even leave you wondering who you really are, and what you really like. What is your true color?

The truth is, you cannot be pigeon holed, because you do expand and retract according to your environment.

You are adaptable by nature, and that is your strength. Intuitive and empathetic, you may not have recognized these as your talent.

The mixed yellow and white feather means you should consider training or working as a psychic, medium, astrology, counselor or life coach. Your abilities are best utilized in the metaphysical area of telepathy – rather than therapy healing (like massage, reflexology etc). You should be using your ‘mind’ to heal or guide people, rather than your hands.

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4. Yellow Citrine Crystal Will Help You Attract Good Fortune

The white and yellow feather connects with the Citrine crystal in crystal therapy. Your angel is advising you to keep Citrine next to you, for the purposes of attracting good luck, opening your psychic Third Eye Chakra and perhaps even for healing a health condition. See: Spiritual Meaning of Citrine Crystal, to find out how to use this stone.

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