Yellow Feather Meaning

Yellow Feather Meaning

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Have you found a yellow colored feather, and wondered what it means?

If the angels have blessed you with a yellow feather, then you are lucky! It is a sign that brighter days are ahead. Yellow is a symbol of joy, hope and optimism.  

Here are the 5 angel and spiritual messages associated with the yellow color feather.

1. Happier Days Lie Ahead as More Joy Enters Your Life

The angels recognise that you have not been feeling yourself for some time. There has been a lack of joy in your heart. Perhaps you have been feeling lost, worried or depressed. Maybe you are wondering what can I look forward to? When the yellow feather appears it is a sign that better days are coming.

Day by day, you will experience an increasing sense of happiness and excitement. It feels like butterflies in your tummy. Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is located in your stomach area. Each day you will discover more reasons to smile and to be optimistic about the future. In the right frame of mind, anything is possible.

2. If You Have Been Asking For A Sign, The Yellow Feather IS The Sign

Were you specifically asking for a sign that you are on the right path? Or if your idea is worth pursuing? Then the answer is yes, when the angels send you a yellow feather.

3. The Yellow Feather Represents Fertility and Healthy Childbirth

Yellow is associated with the sun, without which there would be no life on our planet. If you are hoping to conceive, and a yellow feather appears, it means your body is being prepared to give life. A happy omen! It also signifies a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

If you asked for a sign as to the gender of your baby, and you receive a yellow feather – it means the angels want to surprise you! Yellow is gender-neutral, and it’s the angels way of saying, wait until the baby is born to find out the gender. You’ll look forward to the surprise!

Yellow Feather Symbolism

4. Symbol of Healing After Burnout or Exhaustion

Generally yellow is a sign that your energy and vitality are returning after illness or trauma.

If you are suffering from burn out, panic attacks, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or hot flushes, the yellow feather is a symbol of healing. You should see an improvement in your condition shortly.

5. Yellow Feathers Mean You Should Work With Citrine Crystal

Citrine crystals and yellow feather meaning

The yellow feather connects with the Citrine crystal in crystal therapy. Your angel is advising you to keep Citrine next to you, for the purposes of attracting good luck and perhaps even for healing a specific health condition. See: Spiritual Meaning of Citrine Crystal, to find out how to use this stone.

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