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Year of the Tiger |

Written January 31st, 2022: Happy Chinese New Year, and welcome to the Year of the Tiger. In fact, we have entered the Year of the Water Tiger, which hasn’t happened for 60 years.

Discover now:

  • If the Year of the Tiger is going to be lucky or not.
  • What colors to wear to attract luck this year.
  • Predictions for the Year of the Tiger.

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Is The Year of the Tiger a Lucky Year?

In short, yes! Tiger years are generally considered very lucky in China. The energy of a Tiger year is fast and furious. This helps your goals manifest faster than you dare dream, making 2022 possibly your luckiest year yet.

On a global scale, however, this ‘fast and furious’ energy has been known to trigger wars, and major natural disasters like earthquakes, storms and Tsunamis.

The Chinese New Year begins on February 1st, which is a month later than in the West. Each new Chinese year is celebrated in a big way, because it ushers in a brand new energy. And this energy affects what happens to you in your daily life, and also the world at large.

What you can expect to happen, will depend on which Chinese astrology sign rules that year. There are 12 zodiac signs in Chinese Astrology. The Rat, Ox, Monkey, Rooster, Goat, Snake, Pig, Dragon, Tiger, Dog, Rabbit and Horse.

Let’s Take a Look at Recent Years

2020 was The Year of the Rat. This is when the Covid-19 pandemic really impacted in the West. Rats are the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac, so often these rodents trigger change and disasters. It’s like the planet goes through a big reset. In 2008, the previous Year of the Rat, as China prepared for the Summer Olympics, a huge Earthquake struck out of the blue, killing 10,000 people.

2021 was The Year of the Ox. Ox years tend to be slow and plodding, if you think of the Ox slowly ploughing through a field. After 2020 and Year of the Rat drama, we kind of needed that slower pace. In an Ox Year it can feel like nothing much is happening. As though life is on hold, a bit stuck in a rut. And that’s how you might have felt in 2021.

2022 is the Year of the Tiger. The Tiger delivers ACTION, energy and motivation.

Can you see the energy pattern here? First came the exhausting drama of 2020 when the pandemic started. This was followed by the slow pace of the Ox in 2021, where nothing much happened and most of the world was in lock-down at some point. Now we enter the Year of the energetic Tiger in 2022, and many of us are ready for a bit of excitement, travel, meeting people, and adventure.

What Is Special About The Year of The Tiger?

The main headline: Whatever zodiac sign you are, Tiger years are generally both exciting and lucky. Now, to be more exact, this is the Year of the Water Tiger. Chinese astrology embraces 5 zodiac elements, metal, wood, water, fire and earth. So, twelve years ago, the last Tiger year was a Metal Tiger. This time, it is a Water Tiger, also known as a Black Tiger because water is represented by the color blue/black. It has been 60 years since we have had a Water Tiger year.

If you are a Water Sign Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, you are literally in your element this year. Make sure you embrace the power of the Tiger by dreaming a little bigger for yourself.

How Will This Affect You? Tiger Years Are Fast and Furious

Tiger Years tend to be all or nothing. You could begin the year by starting a business on the side, and quit the day job by the end of the year.

Tiger Years support you in making decisions. If you’ve been struggling with decisions, like where to live, what job to do, whether to have a baby or stick in a relationship, all this gets much easier in the Year of the Tiger. Decision making comes more naturally, because you feel it’s more urgent to decide, now. The sense of urgency helps you shed anxiety, and sets you free.

Tiger Years support motivation. If you’ve struggled with issues, like weight loss, fertility, addictions, anxiety or low self esteem, you are being given the energy to finally succeed this year.

Tiger Years bring you opportunities, which come at you fast and furiously, seemingly out of nowhere. So be prepared to move fast.

You may find:

  • Projects that were on hold during pandemic, are resurrected.
  • If you start something new, turnarounds come quickly, even leaving you shocked at the speed of development.
  • You move house or location. As this is the Year of the Water Tiger, you’ll likely end up closer to water- that is coastal areas, lakes or rivers.
  • You finally fall in love, or make that big commitment in your relationship.

Less Thinking And More Action Required

This isn’t a year for overthinking – you’ve had enough of that during the Ox Year in 2021. This is the year to jump in with both feet. No looking back in the rear-view mirror.

Absorbing the Tiger energy will help you feel less anxious. It will make you feel excited and more prepared to take a few risks. Just one word of caution – with all this new excitement, make sure you finish what you start. There is an old Chinese Proverb which says “If you ride the Tiger, it’s difficult to get off.”

Why? Because it’s so much fun!

Tiger Year Predictions – What Will Happen In the World?

Space: Tiger Years support space exploration. Everyone is encouraged to reach for the stars. In February 1962, the last year of the Water Tiger, John Glenn became the first American to Orbit the Earth, and President Kennedy asked Congress for $531 million to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. In 2022, expect companies involved in the Space Race will see great progress. Hey, maybe we will finally discover verifiable evidence of intelligent life in the Universe (yes, aliens!).

Medicine: Tiger Years support breakthroughs in medicines and finding cures. In the 1962, Polio medicine placed on a sugar lump, was first given to millions of children, virtually eliminating the disease worldwide. If you’re a healer working with energy, be more alert this year because there are cures and new forms of therapies out there in the Ether waiting for you to download.

Politics: Tiger Years support justice and fairness. Voters will have less time for lies and corruption and will be ruthless with politicians who have lied to them. Enough is enough.

War: Tiger Years are also associated with conflict and war. We may see a war, or come close to the brink of war this year. In 1962, the last Water Tiger Year, the world held it’s breath during the Cuban Missile Crisis, where American and Russia came head to head. [March 2022 update: Since writing this article, Ukraine and Russia have gone to war]

Flooding: As this is the Year of the Water Tiger, burst pipes and plumbing problems can be an issue in the home. On a global scale, there’s likely to be usual flooding and severe rainfall. I suspect even a major tsunami. [March 2022 update: Since writing this article, Australia has experienced their worst flooding in 100 years]

Storms: Water Tiger Years are also connected with great storms. The Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962, in the United States, was one of the most destructive storms ever to affect the mid-Atlantic states. In October, the Big Blow, the strongest cyclone ever to hit the U.S. and Canada struck with great force.

Finances and Stock Exchanges: Tiger brings wild rides when it comes to stock exchanges and money – fortunes can be lost, but quickly gained again, if you ride the tiger. [March 2022 update: Since writing this article, stocks, energy and cryptocurrency markets have fluctuated wildly]

Lucky Colors For 2022

Based on the principles of Feng Shui and Chi energy, the colors blue, green, red and yellow bring good luck this year.

Lucky Color Blue Year of Tiger
Sky blue for communication

If you want to do well in a job interview, or you’re involved in writing, marketing or law, wear the color sky blue this year.

Lucky Color Green Year of Tiger
Mint green for healing

If you are a healer, then you can activate some serious healing abilities, by surrounding yourself with or wearing the color mint green.

Lucky Color Red
Red for passion

If you’re searching for love or want to have a baby, wear something red. Red activates the element fire and raw passion.

Lucky Color Imperial Yellow
Yellow for wealth

If you want to stand out as an expert in your career, or you want to increase your wealth and buy property, surround yourself with the color imperial yellow. This is the color of the sun.

Key Points: What To Expect In The Year of The Tiger

This year brings massive energy and motivation. It’s not a time for huge reflection, but rather more for action. You’ve done enough thinking, it’s time to commit. Fortunately, you’ll find that opportunities come fast and thick, so you won’t be waiting around for long.

Globally, expect some drama on the political arena, politicians may fall as people say enough of fake news and lies. There is likely to be an environmental disaster like a large earthquake or tsunami. This is the planet’s way of reminding us, who is really in control.

If you’ve been craving excitement or adventure in any way, this Year of the Tiger is just the animal you need.