Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon 2024 Predictions

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon. Or, to be more exact, the Year of the Green Wood Dragon.

On February 10th, 2024, the rabbit steps aside and makes way for the fiery dragon, who will rule the energy of our planet for the next year.

In this article, you will discover what to expect in the Year of the Dragon, both in your day-to-day life and in the world at large.

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Are Dragon Years Lucky?

Yes, dragon years are exceptionally lucky for all Chinese zodiac signs.

Honestly, darlings, this is the year you have been waiting for!

In China, because the Dragon Year is considered so lucky, people often wait to time important life events like moving houses or jobs, getting married, or having a baby until the Dragon Year.

The dragon will bring you good luck and progress, particularly when it comes to work, property, and money.

As a Tarot reader, I see the dragon as The Magician and Knight of Swords combined. Magic is combined with speed.

It is impossible to resist the dragon’s enthusiasm, as he gives you a boost of confidence and optimism. Under his energy, you suddenly feel more confident and certain about what you want. You may be more drawn to the spotlight, desiring recognition for your work or efforts in general.

The dragon whispers, Just do it!

And magically, you do! For the first time in a long time, the time is simply right.

This year you should achieve some important personal milestone—it could be to do with work, business, love, family, personal growth, or studies.

As the year draws to a close, you’ll likely look back with a sense of wonder: 2024 was the year that transformed my life. That was my turning point.

Why is This Dragon Year so Lucky?

This Dragon Year is particularly special and lucky. Let me explain why.

In Chinese astrology, there are 12 animal zodiac signs.

There is the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Every 12 years, each animal gets a turn to rule the planet for one year, and they bestow their unique energy on the world, influencing what happens to us on a personal level and on events in the world on a global scale.

In 2024, we embrace the era of the dragon, a time traditionally marked by abundance of energy and progress. However, not all dragon years are the same. This is because there are five types of dragons. These include the Wood Dragon, Fire Dragon, Water Dragon, Metal Dragon, and Earth Dragon.

In 2024, the spotlight shines on the Wood Dragon, also revered as the Green Wood Dragon. The color green symbolizes the element of wood, evoking images of thriving trees and lush foliage. Mother Nature in all her abundance.

Of all the dragons, the Green Wood Dragon is hailed as the most fortunate among its clan. This lucky dragon graces our lives only once every 60 years, making 2024 a year of exceptional promise and rare opportunities.

What Happens in The Year of The Dragon?

This year is particularly lucky for:

  • Career growth and recognition. Expect promotions, salary increases, and projects completed successfully.
  • Business, it’s a brilliant time to launch, or push your business to the next level.
  • Creative people, particularly writers, musicians, and designers. Break out of your usual patterns.
  • Those of you who want to make a name for yourself should raise your profile, be known for something, maybe online or on TV, give public talks, or run training courses.
  • Hobbies can be turned into cash this year.
  • If you don’t like your job, either you’ll find a new one or you’ll be forced to change. You and your skills will be in demand.
  • Adventure and bigger trips than normal. Flying more than usual, the big wings of the dragon.
  • Money from lucky and unexpected sources, windfall, and competitions.
  • It’s a good year to build a house or invest in property.

If you want to make the most of the dragon’s energy, think big. Push yourself more than usual out of your comfort zone.

Do the thing you’ve been talking about doing for years.

World Predictions

Solar Flares

The transformative fire energy of the dragon will have a big impact on events around the world. It is no coincidence that NASA has predicted a peak in solar flares from the sun in mid-2024. Solar flares from the sun can play havoc with our electric grid and internet, and there may even be an international blackout. So, make sure you have your candles ready!


In the previous Green Wood Dragon Year of 1964, there was an election in America, won by the Democrat Lyndon Johnson, and in Great Britain, Labour was swept into power with a landslide victory. Could history repeat itself this year?

In the same year, in Russia, party leader Nikita Khrushchev was brutally stripped of power by rival Leonid Brezhnev. We can all hope that Vladimir Putin ends up with a similar fate.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

The Green Dragon Years are also associated with earthquakes and volcanoes. The US’s strongest ever earthquake struck on Good Friday, 1964, in Alaska, measuring 9.2 in magnitude.

The Economy

On a happy note, the economy should do well in the Year of the Dragon. It is safe to be optimistic about your job and finances. Economists worried that the western world would enter a depression after Covid, but what they didn’t bank on, was the energy of the dragon to keep the fire stoked!

Chinese Zodiac Sign Predictions

In this section, discover how the energy of the wood dragon will impact your zodiac sign.


Dragon in the Year of the Dragon: This is your year! You have been waiting 12 years to be back in charge of the planet, and now it is your time. Lady Luck will shine brightly on you in 2024, providing you with so many opportunities in all areas of your life. It is important that you don’t take on too much. If you finish one thing before you start the next, then this year will end up being hugely transformative. Stratospheric, even!!

Your lucky colour to wear this year: Emerald Green.


Snakes in the Year of the Dragon: The snake will be particularly lucky in 2024 when it comes to money and property. Money is likely to find you.This allows you to invest, save, buy, or expand a property. In work, expect the unexpected; opportunities are likely to take you by surprise. You are also likely to travel more, for work or vacation. I envision many snakes lying in the sun.

Your lucky colour to wear this year is: Red.


Horses in the Year of the Dragon: Opportunities are coming to the horse this year from farther afield. You may relocate, find love in another town, travel more for your job, or work with or for someone from further away. The key for you this year is to attract attention, don’t follow the crowd, and put yourself out there. Be at the center of your world, not on the sidelines.

Your lucky colour to wear, is orange.


Goats in the Year of the Dragon: This year is going to be a real turning point for the goat; life is going to get crazy. Those goats who are employed or working in their own business will be particularly successful; offers will be pouring in. Money is particularly in abundance this year for goats. You may get stressed by the number of items on your to-do list, but don’t worry, you can handle it.

Student goats will do better than expected in coursework and exams.

Advice for this year to all goats: Have confidence; you are unique.

Your lucky colour to wear in 2024 is purple.


Monkeys in the Year of the Dragon: The dragon adores the monkey, so under the dragon’s influence, you, my monkey friend, get preferential treatment. All you have to do, more or less, to be successful in 2024 is show up. Get out of bed! What do you want to achieve? How do you want your life to change? The dragon is waiting to propel you to new heights.

Your lucky colour to wear in 2024 is silver.


Roosters in the Year of the Dragon: There is no reason to hide away this year Rooster; it is time to show the world who you are. This is the time to be courageous in your work or hobbies; turn your wishes into reality. Dare to want more; dare to believe you can do it.

Don’t be surprised if ideas you’ve had in the past but failed to pursue suddenly re-emerge. As you suspected, it was simply a matter of timing. In 2024, you can sail towards success faster than at any time in your life. One piece of advice Rooster, ignore negative people.

Your lucky colour to wear in 2024 is white or peach.


Dogs in the Year of the Dragon: As the Dog and Dragon are not natural buddies, you may find yourself in a conflict situation this year where you say, “I’ve had enough!” and walk away from a situation or person.

However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Dragon Year encourages success, and it may well be that your success comes from doing exactly that: walking away. Even if you don’t know what you’re walking toward. Dogs tend to do the right thing by others, but this year, the right thing is whatever is best for you! Oddly enough, despite the challenge, this could be one of your most successful years yet!

Your lucky colour to wear in 2024 is turquoise.


Pigs in the Year of the Dragon: Good news for pigs this year; everything is likely to come to you much easier than it has in years. You don’t need to push; all doors will open in 2024. While this may seem like coincidence, it is actually the result of years of manifestation. All you need to do my pork chop, is simply get up every day and see what the universe delivers. No pressure. Lucky you!

Your lucky colour to wear in 2024 is green.


Rats in the Year of the Dragon: The dragon and rat are best friends, so this is going to be an awesome year for rats! New businesses will take off, and at work, new roles will be offered. You will also download ideas that are worthy of presentation to audiences. 2024 is the year when rats can really make a name for themselves.

Your lucky colour to wear in 2024 is blue.


Ox in the Year of the Dragon: If you have struggled for the past year or two, things will get much easier for you in 2024. With the dragon’s ‘assistance’, the ox finds that it doesn’t rain, but it pours. You could be deluged with extra work, clients, or job offers. Everyone wants a piece of you, and this may stress you out a little. But resist saying no to anyone; being forced to do more this year is exactly what is needed to improve your finances long-term.

Your lucky colour to wear in 2024 is navy blue.


Tigers in the Year of the Dragon: The world is your stage this year, Tiger; expect some explosive developments in your life! Many Tigers will leave jobs, locations, out-dated friendships, and relationships. There is a big push here to leave something behind so you can expand. Some Tigers will land amazing opportunities that will lead to earning lots more money, marrying money, or winning money. Some Tigers became famous this year.

Your lucky colour to wear in 2024 is red.


Rabbits in the Year of the Dragon: Barriers are lifting for rabbits this year; you feel freer. This may be because your housing or work circumstances change for the better. Or, it is because you feel more positive and want to creatively expand your life. Run, rabbit, run! Unleash yourself and do what you feel drawn to doing, because it will be successful. This year is meant to be all about you and less about other people.

Your lucky colour to wear in 2024 is pink or green.

I wish you every success and good fortune in the Year of the Dragon.

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