Will I Move House?

Will I Move House? | KarinasTarot.com

So you want to know if you’ll move house?

Great, this angel oracle card reading will answer your question.

Relax and ask the angels to guide you to a card.

Then SCROLL DOWN for your answer!

You Picked Card 1: Will I Move House?
Yes, a Year from Now

Angel Answers A Year From Now

You should move house or location within the next year, or soon after. You are encouraged to stay optimistic and continue to make preparations.

You Picked Card 2: Will I Move House?
It’s Up to You!

Angel Answers Its Up To You

You may be happy in your current place. Great! If not, then it’s up to you to do something about it.

You Picked Card 3: Will I Move House?

Angel Answers No

The answer is No. If you are hoping to move, then you need to change your actions. You need a new plan.
In some instances, it may be better to extend or renovate an existing property.

You Picked Card 4: Will I Move?
Peaceful Resolution

Will I move house? Angel Answers Peaceful Resolution

If there is conflict around home ownership, this will come to an end. Then everyone can move on.

There is also a sense here of waiting for clarity, for some situation to resolve, before housing can be sorted.

If this does not answer your question, then you are not meant to receive an answer at this time. There must be another pressing issue in your life which needs addressing first.

You Picked Card 5: Will I Move?
Within The Next Few Months

Will I move house? Angel Answers Within Few Months

In the next few months you will move house or location. Divine timing means that other people’s freewill choices are also involved. You need to wait until the owners of your new home are also ready to move. Or some other events need to fall into place.

You Picked Card 6: Will I Move House?

Will I move house? Angel Answers Yes.

Yes, there is no need to continue to ask anymore. You know what to do, which means you should move forward with your plan. If the task ahead of you is hard or even daunting, keep going. Ask your angels to be with you every step of the way.

In this card reading we are using Angel Answers oracle cards by Radleigh Valentine. Artwork by Marius Michael-George. Oracle cards are an ancient way of connecting with Heaven and your spirit guides and angels. They are based on numerology which vibrates in a mathematical manner. They also work with the Law of Attraction. When you’re in the right mood, you will be automatically guided to the right card.

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