White Feather Meaning

White Feather Meaning

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What does it mean when you find a white feather?

If the angels have blessed you with a white feather, it is a sign that Heaven wants to tell you something. White is a symbol of hope, purity and spiritual connection.

Here are the 4 angel and spiritual messages associated with white colored feathers.

White feather meaning

1. Message From Heaven

Someone you love in Heaven is sending you a message that they are near you. Perhaps you asked them for a sign? If so, the white feather is their calling card. It may turn up in an usual place (some people find them in a shoe or stuck to their clothes). Or it may simply fall out of the sky when you are out walking or working in the yard.

Even if you feel alone, you are not alone. That is the key message of the white feather.

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2. A White Feather is a Sign That Everything Will Be OK

If you are worried about a situation and a white feather turns up, it is a sign that everything will be OK. I have a client who was worried about a hospital visit and found a white feather lying on the ground of the hospital car park, waiting for her. Another client discovered a feather stuck to the chest area of her jacket when she arrived at the hospital for a lung checkup. Both ladies turned out fine.

3. A White Feather Means Your Guardian Angel is Near

A white feather appears when an angel is near.

If you have been praying to your Guardian Angel, asking them to send you a sign of their presence – typically they will choose a white feather as their sign. A white feather appears when an angel is near.

4. Moon Energy Is Affecting You

This meaning is not meant for most people. It is only for those of you studying spiritual practices. A white feather can mean that the phases of the moon are beginning to affect you more strongly. By meditating more frequently around full moons and new moons, your spiritual development will be more intense.

You may enjoy this New Moon Reading, for extra guidance.

When The Feathers Stop Coming

Usually you will go through a phase of finding white feathers. This is Heaven’s way of saying, ‘we’re helping you behind the scenes’. And then suddenly the feathers stop arriving or slow down significantly. This is Heaven’s way of saying ‘you’ve got it from here, you’re OK now.’

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White Feathers Mean You Should Work With Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz crystal has a very high vibration which is why it is linked to the Crown Chakra, the top part of your head where you connect to Higher Powers like spirit guides and angels.

Clear Quartz Healing Abilities

If you received a white feather, and especially if you receive white feathers regularly, then you should purchase a large Clear Quartz. The exact reason why you will need the Quartz will be unique to you. Read my article on the Meaning of Clear Quartz Crystals, and the answer should reveal itself to you.

Note: If you already own Quartz, then a white feather is a sign that your other crystals need cleaning and recharging.

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