What It Means When a Bird Visits You

What it means when a bird flies into your house | KarinasTarot.com

In this article, discover what it means when a bird visits you. We will talk about the spiritual meaning of a bird flying into your house, and what it means when a bird knocks at your window or poops on you!

Sources of symbolism include: animal symbolism, shamanism, Celtic symbolisim, druidism, dream interpretation, and new age philosophy.

Key Meaning of Birds

Birds deliver a message from Heaven

What Does it Mean When a Bird Visits You?

Is it a good omen to be visited by a bird? Some people believe it’s lucky to be visited by a bird, and others worry that it may be unlucky.

In truth, a bird visitation is neither lucky or unlucky. It’s a bit like asking if a visit from your best friend is lucky or unlucky. Well, it really depends on what your friend has to say, doesn’t it? The bird is simply a messenger, a carrier of information.

Spiritual Messenger

In Tarot, birds symbolize telepathy and messages from the spiritual realm. The arrival of a bird means you should pay attention to the thoughts that have been drifting around your head within the past few hours or days. Most likely, those thoughts have been placed there for a reason by your angels, spirit guides, or loved ones in Heaven.

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What Does It Mean When a Bird Flies into Your House?

The belief that a bird coming into your house is a harbinger of bad luck or even a foreboding of approaching death is one of the most widespread superstitions surrounding this phenomenon.

Black birds, crows and ravens are particularly connected with illness and death in Celtic cultures, so one of these entering your home is likely to create the most worry.

So, does a bird flying into your house mean someone is going to die?

No, not usually.

A bird flying into your house is more likely to be delivering a message from someone in Heaven, who has already died. This message is likely to connect in some way to your home or those living within your home. Most common messages are:

1. Home Protected

You and those you love who live in the same house as you, are protected. A bird flying into your kitchen, living room or bedroom is a sign that Heaven is protecting you as you make changes, or improve your life.

2. New Home

A bird flying into your home, can also signify that you will soon move home, sell a house or buy a house.

3. Healing from Anxiety

When a bird visits your home, it can also be a sign that the spiritual realm is helping to improve your mental health, or the health of someone else living under the same roof. You may, for example, find better ways of dealing with challenges, or come across a new healer or healing technique.

What It Means When a Bird Comes to Your Window?

Bird appears at your window

When a bird pecks at your window, or appears to be trying to look inside, it symbolizes the spirit world has an urgent message for you. This message is ‘act now’ on an idea which you have just had. It may be to do something, phone someone, or go somewhere.

Bird hits your window and flies away

When you hear the thud of a bird hitting your window, it acts as a little wake-up call from the angels. Your angels want you to stop day-dreaming and get busy doing.

Bird hits your window and is knocked unconscious or dies

This action symbolizes the end of a dream or hope.

For example, if you were wishing for a relationship with a certain person, this means no, it will not happen. The angels say it is time to move on, because there is something better.

What Does it Mean When a Bird Poops on You?

When a bird poops on you, or poops near you or on your car, it is a sign of luck and good fortune. Traditionally, this luck manifests within 24 hours.

More Specific Spiritual Meaning of Birds

Meaning of Swallows: Your home and family are protected by angels.

Spiritual Meaning of Falcons: Act with courage now.

Spiritual Meaning of Magpies: Embrace thinking about life’s ‘Big Questions’.

Spiritual Meaning of Crows: Crows and blackbirds signify your dreams are manifesting.

Robins Spiritual Meaning: The robin represents a loved one in Heaven visiting you.

Spiritual Meanings of Pigeons: The pigeon guides you to return home.

Spiritual Meanings of Birds: Derived from mythology, astrology, dream interpretation, and universal archetypes that have entered the collective unconscious psyche.

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