What Do You Need To Know?

What do I need to know right now?

This Tarot reading answers your question: “What do you need to know, right now?”

This spiritual message for today, may not be what you expect, or even answer your current questions. Please just accept the guidance, even if you don’t understand it for now.

Now, scroll down for your message.

What Do You Need To Know? If your birthday falls in March, September or October this message is for you.

Your Tarot Card: Magician

Magician Tarot Card | KarinaCollins.ie

You are entering a very important time of manifestation. So it’s important that you understand how to use this energy.

In the coming days, think about the one thing that will make you happiest going forward.

Think carefully. Don’t carelessly say ‘money’. Money doesn’t make anyone happy. What do you want that money for? For example, maybe you need a new home. So, it is the home you need to focus on.

But let’s say you have a health issue that is holding you back. Even if you wished for a new house, that house would not bring you joy – without your health. So it is better that you focus on health as your single wish.

Dig deep, be honest with yourself. The Universe is listening.

If your birthday falls in February, June or July, this is your message.

Your Tarot Card: The Fool

The Fool Tarot Card | KarinaCollins.ie

The Tarot says expect the unexpected in the weeks ahead. Anything could happen with this sort of energy!

Also, be aware that the change in direction can come from within you. Where you suddenly change your mind about something. For example, you might have thought ‘oh no, I don’t want that at this stage of my life,’ – only to find you suddenly do when the opportunity arises.

What Do You Need to Know? Your birthday falls in January, November or December.

Your Tarot Card: The Empress

What do I need to know?

Mother Earth, also known as the Empress or Gaia, will work with you in the coming weeks. She primarily works with communication and children. If you are hoping to conceive, adopt or are pregnant, she will help and protect you.

If you are worried about children, she will guard your family and guide you to the right help if necessary.

If you are writing, teaching or making a presentation (including job interview), she will be by your side, inspiring you to say and do the right thing. Talk to Gaia, say her name aloud and thank her in advance for the work she will do for you.

Even if you are not sure WHY Gaia is here to help you, it will become clear in the coming weeks.

Repeat: “Thank you Mother Earth for your love, attention and help. I love you.

Your birthday falls in April, May or August.

Your Tarot Card: Ace of Pentacles

What do I need to know?

The angels are watching over you, helping you with your finances and helping you to move on with the next stage of your life. This could mean a new source of income, either for you or your partner (or a new partner who is financially stable). Or in some cases, a little windfall may be expected – or a loan comes through.

Can you feel the excitement in your stomach, like butterflies?
Your solar plexus – which is located in the stomach area – is activating.
Something or someone wonderful is coming …

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