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Learn how to make a Wealth Candle to attract money, career success, property and even a lottery win.

Wealth candles are also known as prosperity candles and money candles.

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What Is a Wealth Candle?

If you are serious about attracting more money and opportunities into your life over the next 12 months, then you need to make a Wealth Candle. It is a candle created with the specific intention of attracting more money and abundance into your life.

This candle is for you, if you want to earn more money, get a promotion, boost your business, land your dream house or maybe even win the lottery.

I recommend you read about Intention Candles, and how they work before creating a money candle.

Ingredients For a Wealth Candle

Candle Color
– Red or green candle, in a jar or tin

Clear quartz
Tiger eye

– Coin (choose the highest value coin in your currency)

Charms and Symbols
Choose charms or symbols which represent what you want to attract. For example:
to attract a new home:
– Key
– House (I used one from my monopoly boardgame)

to attract success in your career or business:
– Sewing needle (to point success in your direction)

Use your imagination when it comes to symbols and charms. In the process of thinking about suitable charms, you are beginning the manifestation spell.

Anointing Oils

Choose any essential oil which makes you feel uplifted. I love orange blossom, or anything with a citrus scent.


– Dried lavender
Note: not an essential ingredient.

Steps: How to Create a Wealth Candle

Step 1: Write Your Intention

In one or two sentences, define what it is you wish to attract.

“I attract a new home and more success in my career.”
“I attract enough good fortune to own a new home and car.”
“I attract enough money to pay for my college tuition fees for the next four years.”

Note: Do not limit your spell by dictating WHERE the money should come from, like a lottery win for example. Allow the Universe to deliver your heart-felt wish in whatever manner it considers best for you.

Step 2: Place Ingredients on Candle

Place your crystals, charms, money and other items on top of the candle. Take your time with this process, enjoy it, and allow the excitement and expectation to build.

Step 3: Anoint your Candle

Place a few drops of oil on the candle, or on your wrists. Breathe in the scent.

Step 4: Ask Spirit Helpers To Help You

When your candle is ready, ask your Spirit Guide or spirit helpers (such as Guardian Angel or loved ones in spirit) to join you, and bless your candle.

You can repeat this simple prayer:

Blessings from Above on this Candle and my Wealth Intention.

Step 5: Light the Candle

Now you can light your candle, and release your Intention out into the world.

You can light your candle once a day, for an hour or two at a time. Every time you light the candle, repeat the prayer:

Blessings from Above on this Candle and my Wealth Intention.

When your candle is finally burnt down, scrape the ingredients out and bury in the garden or a plant pot. This will ensure your wish continues to grow.

How Long Will My Candle Take to Work?

There is no time limit, your life is different to the next person. You may experience a sudden success, or a gradual build up. Generally speaking, you should be aware of your new-found abundance within 12 months.

If you can hold it in your hand, then you can see it in your mind and the manifestation begins.

Karina Collins