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What Does Virgo Rising Sign Mean?

What is a Rising Sign? Is our rising sign important? Our rising sign is one of three main components that makes up our birth chart and relates to the zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the exact moment we were born. The other two important elements are our Sun Sign and Moon Sign. When astrologers say someone is ‘Virgo Rising’ or Virgo Ascendant, it means that Virgo was the astrological sign rising in the Eastern horizon at the moment of their birth.

What’s the Difference Between Virgo Sun Sign and Virgo Rising Sign?

Does our Rising Sign in Virgo have an impact on our physical appearance? What characteristics are defined by our Rising Sign? Our internal self, our passions, ego or life purpose, are determined by our Sun Sign. While our external self, the image we project to the world, the way we socialize, our physical appearance are all based on our Rising Sign, or Ascendant.

Virgo sun sign tends to be self-critical and will constantly question themselves as they never feel quite good enough. This is intensified with Virgo rising in your chart and can lead to an almost paralyzing lack of self-confidence. Meticulous, industrious and logical are just some of the traits associated with Virgo rising and this earth sign would benefit from learning how to relax and not try to control everything.

What Is Virgo Rising Physical Appearance?

What sort of body shape and facial features are linked to Virgo Rising? Physical appearance is one of the few areas in astrology that is contradictory and, therefore, difficult to define. However, there are some physical attributes associated with Virgo rising that most agree on. Virgo rising tends to be tall, lean and elegant and because they are ruled by the planet Mercury, their movements are quick and agile. This zodiac sign if often sporty and, like everything Virgo do, they work hard to keep fit and healthy.

Virgo rising is symbolized by The Virgin and this zodiac sign tends to look younger than their years, perhaps due to the ‘virginal’ aura of innocence which they possess. Reserved, kind and somewhat of a perfectionist, Virgo rising is attractive both physically and Intellectually.

Virgo Rising In Love and Relationships

Are Virgo rising signs good lovers? Virgo rising is probably one of the most difficult zodiac signs to share your life with as this astrological sign tends to be extremely self-contained and keep their feelings bottled. Virgo rising has a fear of being seen as vulnerable and is uncomfortable dealing with their own feelings and emotions. Ideally, they prefer to bury their insecurities in work.

Once Virgo rising finds love, like everything they do, they give it their all. This earth sign is slow to commit but once they do, there is no going back. Virgo rising is self-critical and with their propensity for perfection, they can persuade themselves they are not good enough for their partner and miss out on connecting with their true soulmate. The zodiac signs most compatible with Virgo rising are Taurus and Capricorn, but the more emotional water signs, Pisces and Cancer are also a good match.

How do You Behave at Work?

What are the sort of careers where Virgo rising excel? This mutable earth sign will succeed in just about any career or work environment that involves being of service to others. Driven to succeed, Virgo rising are dedicated, hard working and have excellent administrative skills. This rising sign’s sharp intellect and analytical skills make them excellent administrators, analysts, researchers, editors or accountants.

However, Virgo ascendant is often pulled in the direction of community work and anything that involves being of service to others gives them a greater sense of fulfillment than the amount of money they earn. Any area that involves health is also a good choice for this rising sign – counselor, mediator, community liaison, doctor, nurse, vet, dentist and all areas of alternative medicine are worth pursuing.

How Does Virgo Rising Affect Family and Friends?

Are people with Virgo rising in their chart easy to live with? Discipline is the order to the day in the Virgo rising home and you will be hard pressed to find something out of place. Virgo rising women are often tempted to work full-time in the home in order to satisfy their need for order and to ensure they live up to their own high standards of perfection. This can make living with people born under this sign stressful, and it’s important that Virgo takes time out to relax and smell the roses.

Virgo rising’s tendency to criticize can cause friction and have a negative impact on family and friends so, when you find yourself about to put someone right, take a deep breath and count to ten before you open your mouth! Not big into socializing, this rising earth sign prefers to spend time with friends on a one-to-one basis. Virgo rising are born givers and their heart is in the right place, making them a great friend and partner.

How can Virgo Rising Maintain a Healthy Balance?

Can Virgo rising find ways of leading a more balanced life? All work and no play will make Virgo rising a dull girl (or boy!), so the need to make an effort to include some rest and relaxation in their day-to-day life. Also, curbing their innate desire to judge and criticize, no matter how ‘constructive’ they may think they are being, will help them to chill. Bear in mind that a word of encouragement and a pat on the back can be far more constructive and make everyone, including Virgo rising, feel a whole lot better.

What Famous People were Born Under this Sign?

Celebrities born under Virgo Ascendant include:

Steve Jobs, Uma Thurman, Dolly Parton, Kurt Kobain, Emma Watson, Renee Zellweger, Sharon Stone, Olivia Newton-John, Shirley McLaine, Keanu Reeves, Paul McCartney, Donna Karan, Chris Martin, John Cleese, Rachel Ray, Kris Jenner, Elizabeth Banks, Tom Hanks, Mozart

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