Tiger Eye Crystal

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Color: Brown crystal with orange or yellow stripes
Chakra: Third Eye
To Buy: Cheap, and widely available online and in crystal stores
Zodiac Sign: Leo and Capricorn
Tarot CardStrength Tarot Card
Aids: Life purpose awareness, exams
Heals: Fatigue, broken bones, sprains

Spiritual Meaning of the Tiger Eye Crystal

If you are attracted to the Tiger Eye crystal, it means you crave more direction and purpose in your life. We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and this is what you are perhaps lacking a little bit. Fortunately, the Tiger Eye stone has magical properties which help you identify your life purpose at this time, and to recognize your natural talents. Whatever age you are, it’s important to feel you have something to look forward to. If you been feeling lost or unmotivated, this is the best crystal to trigger an understanding of what to focus on next.

What are the Properties of the Tiger Eye Crystal?

The Tiger Eye is brown in color and has orange and yellow stripes, like the stripes of a tiger. It is sourced in the grounds of Mexico, Australia, South Africa, India and USA.

5 Key Benefits of Tiger Eye Crystals

1. Motivates

This stone works on your energy field, triggering a flow of positive feelings, which in turn, helps to boost your motivation. In the wrong frame of mind, not much happens. But in the right frame of mind, you’ll find it much easier to over-come self doubt and stick to the path which leads to success and happiness. Consider combining with a Green Fluorite crystal for maximum impact!

2. Protects

Roman soldiers wore a Tiger’s Eye for protection when going into battle; and to ward off evil spells. If you have a ‘battle’ coming up, such as a legal situation or difficult meeting or conversation with someone, this stone acts as a talisman protection. Imagine it casting a magic protection bubble around you, keeping you safe within. It also helps to ward of negative colleagues in work.

3. Improves Self-Worth

This stone helps heal issues of self-worth and self-criticism. It is excellent if you are prone to feeling ‘spaced out’, or disconnected from people and life in general. It gently works on your energy at a deep level, nudging your towards lightness.

4. Assists Goals

The Tiger Eye crystal can help you achieve your goals, by boosting your motivation levels. It does this by interacting with your energy aura field, cleansing ‘impure’ or unhealthy thoughts. For example, if you want to lose weight, attract more money or do well in your job or business, this golden stone is perfect for you.

5. Exams and Study

If you are wondering what is the best crystal for exam success, look no further! Students should keep a Tiger Eye near them to aid concentration while studying. Take a stone with you into your exams, or wear a Tiger Eye crystal bracelet during the exam to calm your nerves and attract clarity of thought.

When Should You Wear or Use a Tiger Eye?

Only use a Tiger Eye when you need the stone’s service. For example, if you need an extra boost of motivation to stick to your diet after a bad day, grab your Tiger Eye and rub it for a few minutes. Once you are back on track, wash the stone in cold water, dry and put away until you need it again. In other words, don’t use the stone continually, because it will lose power with continued use. Roman soldiers used the crystal in battle for protection, but stored it away afterwards in preparation for the next battle. Think of your Tiger Eye like a battery which needs recharging between uses. As a general rule, I recommend you limit the use of a Tiger Eye to a few days a month only.

Where Do You Place Tiger Eye Crystal?

You can wear the Tiger Eye in a bracelet or necklace. Alternatively, you can buy the stone and place it in the room where you spend most of your day. For example, place it on your desk in the office, or in the car if you travel a lot. If you don’t have an obvious place to put the stone, place it next to your bed, and you’ll absorb the energy as you sleep. Remember, only use a Tiger’s Eye for up to 7 days a month. It will lose it’s effectiveness after a few days.

Feeling nervous? If you have a difficult conversation coming up with someone, or a job interview, hold the Tiger Eye in your hand for a few minutes beforehand. This will help calm your energy and give you confidence at a deep level.

What are the Healing Benefits of Tiger Eye?

This crystal is known to heal:

  • Fatigue or depression
  • Eyes, sight and night vision
  • Broken bones and sprains
  • Reproductive organs
  • Sore throat and issues to do with the neck area

The Tiger Eye is most effective for healing when you place it on your third eye chakra. This chakra is located between your eyebrows. Set the stone on your third eye while lying in bed. You can do this when you wake in the morning, or last thing at night. Relax and allow it to heal you for a few minutes and then place it on your bedside table for the next day. Do this for about 7 days in a row. Then wash the crystal and put it away. Allow time for the healing to occur. You can always repeat this exercise once a month for a more persistent illness or condition.

Third Eye Chakra | KarinaCollins.ie
Third Eye Chakra Location

Instant Meditation with Tiger Eye Crystal

If you don’t have a Tiger Eye crystal, you can still absorb some of it’s wonderful energy remotely with this instant meditation. Download the image below to your phone, and meditate on it in the morning for a minute. Do this for 7 days only.

Tell the Crystal what you wish to happen ….

Tiger Eye Healing Meditation | KarinaCollins.ie

How to Set Intentions with Tiger Eye Crystals

The Tiger Eye is a perfect crystal to use when setting intention, using an Intention Candle or setting up an altar. Use one large Tiger Eye, or a few smaller ones to attract:

Wealth. This crystal is associated with earned wealth – rather than winning money. So use it when you want to attract success in your job or business.

Health. Only however, if you have one of the conditions outlined above in the health section.

Happiness. Only use this crystal in an intention candle if you are seeking happiness related to life purpose. It’s not a general happiness stone, but rather it promotes happiness related to job, hobby, and business pursuits.

Not sure what an intention candle is? Check out my video: How to make an intention candle for wealth.

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