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"It's So Easy"

“No book in 20 years of trying to learn tarot has ever made it this easy.”

Amazon Review Karina Collins

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So Simple

Read your own cards in less than 5 minutes, it’s truly that simple with my new method. 

If you need advice, perhaps to do with family issues, love, work, spiritual development, business or career, then you need to start reading your own cards.

No matter how old you are, or where you live in the world, this book will become your personal guide.

Tarot in 5 Minutes will show you how to read your own cards faster and easier than you ever imagined. That’s why people – even experienced readers – are raving about my book. 

"I’ve learnt more from this book than the 3 tarot courses I've taken over the last 3 years."

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Inside you will Find Your Tutorial, plus 78 card meanings

Tarot in 5 Minutes Major Card

Full Page Coloured Images

Beautifully illustrated in colour and large size.

Tarot in 5 Minutes Major Card Explained

Full Page Explanation

Each card explained on one page.

Plus 2 Bonus Advanced Sections

Tarot in 5 Minutes Lessons

23 Lessons

Designed to help you read like an expert.

3 Card Spreads

Designed to add more depth to your readings. Includes example readings.

Your Questions

Yes. You don’t need any experience, and yet you’ll be reading your own cards within a few minutes. How exciting is that! 

That said, many people who buy Tarot in 5 Minutes have already tried to learn tarot in the past but found it difficult or struggled to get clear answers.

In both cases, this book has improved the quality of their readings and boosted their confidence as a reader. 

I recommend you use the Rider Waite Tarot deck. You can buy this deck in most bookstores or online. 


Everyone can and should be reading Tarot, it’s like having a personal guru on speed dial!

If you are a breathing human being, and have questions about your life. Then tarot will help you navigate the choppy waters.

You can buy Tarot in 5 Minutes at any major online bookstore  including AMAZON.  

BOOK DEPOSITORY is also a great source because it ships to anywhere in the world for FREE. 

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Karina’s book is a good foundation. I would go as far as writing: the card interpretations could be all one would ever need. And this statement is not frivolous: the idea is based on reading Karina’s ideas behind the meanings of the cards.  Tarot in 5 Minutes should be by every Tarot students bedside. It is a great book and combined with a deck of Rider Waite cards could become the foundation of becoming a professional reader.
Amazon Review
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No book in the last 20 years of trying to learn tarot has ever been easier. I just took to this one like a duck to water. Simple, easy to learn. Thank you.
Charolotte Douglas
Charolotte Douglas
Reiki Healer
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Your book has worked like magic. I ask the question and each time the answer comes clearly, sometimes I just need one card. I’m a Reiki Master and often get messages coming through when I’m doing a treatment, but between the cards and your book I am now developing another way to share these so important messages. It’s so easy to read and has boosted my confidence no end.
Amazon Review
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I've done 3 tarot courses over the last 3 years and I’ve got to say I’ve learnt more from this book. Karina has made it so easy to understand and de-mystify the cards. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, hope you write more books.
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I absolutely loved that .. it's easy to follow and I didn't have to spend hours and days on it. And the way cards are explained - there is no painful need to memorize them, because you understand them. Yay to large illustrations, I've noticed so many details like never before. Of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't test it back and forth - but seeing the results, seeing how things unfold, play out is magical!

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