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In this article Tarot Card Symbols, we will discuss the symbols depicted in the Rider Waite Tarot deck.

Glance through the Major Arcana and you will quickly discover symbols drawn from astrology, alchemy, mythology and religious text.

The more you study the Rider Waite, the more you will discover. Few Tarot deck creators were as esoterically well-informed as Arthur Waite as to the multidimensional aspects of symbols. As an influential member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, he was versed in a wide range of occult sciences, including cartomancy, shamanism, Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah, divination and scrying and Enochian ceremonial magic.

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Why Are Symbols Important in Tarot?

The symbols and imagery used in the Rider Waite deck were influenced by the 19th-century magician and occultist Eliphas Levi, as well as by the teachings of the Golden Dawn.

When you study the symbols in these Tarot cards, you are learning the inner meaning of the cards, and by that, I refer to the occult, mystical and hidden meaning, as opposed to the ordinary divination or fortune telling meaning.

As Eliphas Levi wrote, “an imprisoned person, with no other book than the Tarot, if he knew how to use it could in a few years acquire universal knowledge.”

Understanding the inner meaning, will help you connect with the universal source of knowledge, sometimes called the Akashic Records or universal conscious.

The teachings of the Tarot are, essentially teachings about Godliness, and about how we can manifest God and His power in our lives. Each symbol in a card contains advice, at some level, on how to either handle change, embrace change or drive change.

What Are The Most Popular Symbols in Tarot?

In the Rider Waite deck, you will notice that certain symbols appear more frequently, and therefore deserve special attention. Those symbols include:

10 Most Common Tarot Card Symbols

  1. Angels (guides and helpers)
  2. Animals, such as horses, lion, cat and dog
  3. Crown (achievement)
  4. Infinity (lemniscate, symbol of eternity)
  5. Red roses (love)
  6. Moon (subconscious)
  7. Mountains (obstacles to overcome)
  8. Sun (God)
  9. Star (hope)
  10. Water (memory and deep-rooted feelings)

Complete List of Tarot Card Symbols


Amulet: Charm carried to ward off evil
Anchor cross: Christian cross symbolic of salvation and hope
Angels: Four archangels appear in the Rider Waite: Raphael, angel of air (The Lovers); Michael, angel of fire (Temperance); Gabriel, angel of water (Judgement); and Uriel, angel of earth (The Devil)
Ankh cross: Ancient Egyptian cross and symbol of life
Anubis: Ancient Egyptian god with the head of a jackal, represents the evolution of consciousness


Bird: Message from the spirit world, also symbol of the soul
Blood: Sacrifice
Bridge: Symbolizes a way forward, from one state to another, like an ascension process
Blindfold: Turning a blind eye


Caduceus: Winged wand entwined by two serpents, symbol of Mercury, messenger of the gods
Castle: Represents home and safety
Cat: Witch’s familiar, magic and luck
Child: Innocence, the future
Cliff: Obstacles to overcome
Clouds: The spirit world, and all that is mysterious and sacred
Crab: Symbol of the astrological sign Cancer
Crescent Moon: Symbol of Isis, the ancient Egyptian Queen of Heaven
Cross: Protection
Crown: Achievement and mastery
Cup: Emotions


Devil: Subconscious desires, and materialism
Desert: Clarity of thought, a landscape void of distraction
Dog: Faithful companion, messengers of spirit
Dolphin: The need for playtime, take a break
Door: New opportunity, barrier through which only initiates in the Golden Dawn or Masons may unlock
Dove: Peace, holy spirit


Eye of Horus: Symbol of the watchful Egyptian lord of the skies


Feather: Angel sign, spirit message. See also: Meaning of Feathers
Flag: Victory
Fleur-de-lis: Royalty; the trinity of body, mind and spirit


Garden: Cultivation of the human soul
Globe: The world is your oyster; expansion
Glove: Protection
Goat: Symbol of the astrological sign Capricorn
Grapes: Abundance and celebration


Halo: Glowing sphere around the head chakra, to signify saints, holy people and enlightenment
Hammer: In the Freemasons, the Hammer symbolizes willpower and a person’s willingness to obtain
Hexagram: 6-pointed star; combination of material and spiritual
Horse: Symbol of forward momentum


Ibis: Ancient Egyptian bird, symbolic of thought and inspiration
IHVH: Hebrew initials of the holy name of God; also symbolic of the four Minor Arcana suits
Ice: Isolation and separation
Infinity sign: Eternity


Jewels: Spiritual truths


Key: New opening, change
King: Expresses the highest qualities of the Tarot suit
Knight: Events start moving, picking up pace


Lemniscate: Infinity sign, eternity
Lightning: Flash of illumination; a bolt from the blue
Lily flower: Virgin Mary, purity of thought, afterlife
Lion: Symbol of the astrological sign Leo, ego, pride and courage
Lotus flower: Spiritual awakening


Moon: Inner world, intuition, subconsciousness, passage of time, cycles of life
Mountain: Obstacles to overcome, meeting of heaven and earth, ascension


Nimbus: A halo or aura, sign of spiritual enlightenment


Ocean: Reflects emotions and how you feel at the time of a Tarot reading


Page: Messages and news; and young people related to the Tarot suit
Pentacle: Money, earthly values, materialism
Pentagram: Symbol of perfection and wholeness. Each point symbolizes the four elements plus ether
Phallus: Power, life force and propagation
Pyramids: Symbolize ancient magic, in particular forms of divination like prophecy and selenomancy
Pillars: Duality, choice, balance
Pomegranate: Fertility


Queen: Expression of the highest feminine qualities of the Tarot suit


Rain: Cleansing, healing
Rainbow: Good luck, God’s protection
Ram: Symbol of the astrological sign Aries
Ribbons: immortality, victory, fulfillment
River: Change, passage of time
Rock: What is stable in your life
Rose: Love, appreciation
Rota: Latin for wheel, anagram of tarot


Salamander: Favorite symbol of alchemists and was used to represent the element Fire
Scales: Justice, balance and symbol of the astrological sign Libra
Scarab: Renewal and regeneration
Scorpion: Symbol of the astrological sign Scorpio
Scrolls: Hidden mysteries, divine and universal law
Ship: Represents a journey of education, faith, business or personal development
Sphinx: Combination of four creatures – human head, a bull’s body, lion’s feet, and eagle’s wings. Represents all four elements and symbolizes the riddle of human existence
Star: Cosmic order and radiant energy of life.
Sun: God, illumination, in astrology, the self and ego
Sunrise: New beginnings, initiation
Sunflower: Happiness and attraction


Three: Body, mind and spirit; birth, life and death; past, present and future; holy trinity
Throne: Monarchy, divinity and wisdom
Tomb: Gateway to another life
Tower: Man’s creation
Trees: Symbolize growth and prosperity


Veil: Hidden emotions, actions, thoughts and ideas
Wand: Channel for spirit, creative powers
Wolf: Sign of the Devil, violence
Wheat: Abundance, growth and harvest
Wreath: Victory
Yod: Hebrew letter; the hand of God, represents the world to come and completeness

Tarot Card Symbols in The Major Arcana

Here is a list of all 22 cards in the Major Arcana, and their symbolism:

0 The Fool Symbols
Mountains, cliff edge, tunic, red feather, white dog, white flower, bag

The Magician Symbols
Wand, infinity symbol, serpent belt, red gown, white robe and flowers

The High Priestess Symbols
Tora scroll, moon crown, white cross, veil, black and white pillar, B and J and blue robe

The Empress Symbols
Crown, wreath, scepter, gown, pearl necklace, heart shield, wheat, trees, waterfall, yellow sky

The Emperor Symbols
Rams heads, crown, infinity sign, armor, ankh cross, globe, orange sky, mountains, river

Hierophant Symbols
Crown, letter W, blue scarf, scepter, benediction, crossed keys, monks, pillars

The Lovers Symbols
Angel Raphael, sun, couple, trees, apple, snake, mountain

The Chariot Symbols
Moon sign, star crown, victory wreath, skirt, belt, amulet, wand, chariot, angel wings, town, moat

Strength Symbols
Woman, lion, flower belt, white dress, infinity sign, blue mountain, yellow sky

The Hermit Symbols
Old man, gray cloak, lamp, star, gold wand, snow, mountain top

10 Wheel of Fortune Symbols
ROTA, alchemy symbols, angel, eagle, bull, lion, sphinx, snake, orange jackal

11 Justice Symbols
Sword, scales, pillars, veil, crown, white shoe, yellow background, blue square, brooch

12 The Hanged Man Symbols
Tree, crossed legs, Tau cross, halo, right foot, crooked elbows

13 Death Card Symbols
Grim reaper, black horse, white rose banner, red feather, bishop, king, child, woman, rising sun, towers, river, boat

14 Temperance Symbols
Angel, golden disk, square, red triangle, cups, water, path, mountains, sun, irises

15 The Devil Symbols
Bat wings, horns, donkey ears, inverted pentacles, man and woman, tails, chains

16 The Tower Symbols
Tower, 3 windows, falling man and woman, lightning, yods, crown

17 The Star Symbols
Maiden, stars, jugs, tree, bird, mountain, pool, rivulets, meditation

18 The Moon Symbols
Moon, moon-rays, moon-face, crayfish, dog, wolf, pillars, blue land, green fields, pool

19 The Sun Symbols
Sun, sun-face, child, sunflowers, banner, red feather, horse, brick wall

20 Judgement Symbols
The occult symbolism of the angel, red angel wings, trumpet, flag, people, coffins, sea, mountains, trees

21 The World Symbols
Dancer, purple sash, wands, laurel wreath, man, lion, eagle, bull

Tarot Card Symbols in The Minor Arcana

Cups Symbolism

Ace of Cups SymbolsChalice, 5 streams of water, yods, dove, hand and cloud
Two of Cups SymbolsChalice, Caduceus of Hermes, snakes, wings, Yin and Yang
Three of Cups SymbolsDancing maidens, flowers, grapes, apples and blue sky
Four of Cups SymbolsHand of God, tree, mountains and blue sky
Five of Cups SymbolsSpilled wine, river, bridge, castle, cloak, gray sky symbolism
Six of Cups SymbolsChildren, white flower, village, inscription X on pillar
Seven of Cups SymbolsHuman face, laurel wreath, ghost, snake, castle, jewels, dragon and swirling clouds
Eight of Cups SymbolsMountains, moon eclipse, river and darkness symbolism
Nine of Cups SymbolsMan in red hat, cups on display, curtain, bench, yellow color
Ten of Cups SymbolsFamily, rainbow, cottage, trees and river symbols
Page of Cups SymbolsCup, blue fish, ocean, lotus flowers, blue feather symbolism
Knight of Cups SymbolsArmor, horse, wings, fish, river, mountain and trees.
Queen of Cups SymbolsOrnate chalice, crown, throne, angels, cherubs, cliffs, stones and sea
King of Cups SymbolsThrone in the sea, scepter, chalice, dolphin, fish, red ship and stormy sea

Wands Symbolism

Ace of Wands SymbolsWand, hand, clouds, leave, yods, river, trees, mountains and castle.
Two of Wands SymbolsCastle, globe, flowers, sea, forest and mountains.
Three of Wands SymbolsChalice, Caduceus of Hermes, snakes, wings, Yin and Yang.
Four of Wands SymbolsArchway, flowers, grapevine, castle, moat, bridge and yellow sky.
Five of Wands SymbolsBattle, blue sky and barren landscape.
Six of Wands SymbolsHorseman, laurel wreaths, horse, gauntlet gloves and ribbon.
Seven of Wands SymbolsAttackers, mismatched shoes, green tunic, mountain summit.
Eight of Wands SymbolsWhy are there no people in this card? Plus meaning of hills, river and castle.
Nine of Wands SymbolsUpright wands, hills, white bandage and yellow boots.
Ten of Wands SymbolsWhy is the man bent over? Symbolism of the trees and castle.
Page of Wands SymbolsEgyptian symbolism of the pyramids, red feather, explorer’s hat and salamanders.
Knight of Wands SymbolsArmor, gloves, yellow cloak, salamanders, red horse, pyramids and arid desert.
Queen of Wands SymbolsSymbolism of the lion, sunflowers, black cat, wand, crown, throne, pyramids, red shoe and yellow dress.
King of Wands SymbolsCrown, posture, facing right, yellow throne, red gown, salamanders and lions.

Pentacles Symbolism

Ace of Pentacles SymbolsClouds, hand of God, garden, rose, lily of the valley, archway, path, mountains.
Two of Pentacles SymbolsInfinity symbol, juggler, raised left foot, sea, ships and tall hat.
Three of Pentacles SymbolsSculptor, dark interior, apron, bench, tools, arches and engravings.
Four of Pentacles Symbols: Pentacles, city/village, crown, tetragrammaton, untied shoes.
Five of Pentacles SymbolsChurch window, cripple, crutches and snow.
Six of Pentacles SymbolsScales, red cloak, 4 coins, castle, benediction, bandage, red ticket.
Seven of Pentacles SymbolsHoe, gray sky and grapevine.
Eight of Pentacles SymbolsHammer, chisel, apron, bench, castle.
Nine of Pentacles SymbolsEstate, snail, falcon, yellow glove, Venus symbol, two trees.
Ten of Pentacles SymbolsOld man, child, couple, Tree of Life, scales, tower, dogs.
Page of Pentacles SymbolsTalisman, red hat, plowed fields, yellow sky, trees and mountains.
Knight of Pentacles SymbolsHorse, farmland, field, mountains, trees, armor, glove, green plume.
Queen of Pentacles SymbolsPentacle, throne, cherubs, ram, flora, crown, veil, rabbit, roses.
King of Pentacles Symbols: Face of Edith Craig, battlement, bulls, armor, crown, scepter and grapes.

Swords Symbolism

Ace of Swords SymbolsHand of God, crown, yods, olive branch, barren landscape, crown chakra.
Two of Swords SymbolsCrossed swords, blindfold, crescent moon, sea, rocks and bench.
Three of Swords SymbolsPierced heart, no people, thunder, rain, clouds
Four of Swords SymbolsTomb, stained-glass window, armor, hanging swords
Five of Swords SymbolsSmiling champion, stormy sky, clouds, mountains, sea
Six of Swords SymbolsFerryman, upright swords, boat, sea and trees
Eight of Swords SymbolsRopes, blindfold, upright swords, cliff, castle and sea
Nine of Swords SymbolsHanging swords, hands over eyes, bedspread, roses, bed carvings
Ten of Swords SymbolsChakra alignment, hand gesture, sky, sea, mountains
Page of Swords SymbolsSword in left hand, foreground, storm clouds, mountains, tree, birds, green feather
Knight of Swords SymbolsWhite horse, heart, yellow butterflies, falcon, birds, gloves, red glove, trees, sky
Queen of Swords SymbolsSword in right hand, yellow butterflies, cherub, crown, red veil and storm clouds
King of Swords SymbolsThrone, cherub, butterflies, moon cycle, nymphs, cherub and bird

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