Super Attractor Affirmations

Super Attractor Affirmation Cards |

Super Attractor Affirmations. Cards by Gabrielle Bernstein: Tell the Universe your deepest hope and dream, and then allow yourself to be guided to an oracle card. Scroll down for your affirmation and spiritual message.

Card 1: Super Attractor Affirmations

The Freedom to Keep Dreaming Affirmation Card |
Believe you are being helped

Help the Universe to help you, by reading your affirmation carefully:

“Believing in spiritual guidance gives me certainty and the freedom to keep dreaming, even when I can’t yet see the result”

The Universe says you have received trusted spiritual guidance from someone – or perhaps through a few sources over time. Your spiritual awareness is good. However, you still doubt what you have learnt occasionally. You can yo-yo back and forth. When you finally trust that whatever guidance you have received is true, when you trust that the spirit world does exist and can help you, it makes it much easier for the Universe to help you. Why? Because being more spiritually aware, noting signs and believing the guidance you have received, will keep you on the right path, until your dream comes true.

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Card 2: Super Attractor Affirmations

I Let The Universe Catch up with my Dreams card |
My dream will come true

Help the Universe to help you, by reading your affirmation carefully:

“I let the Universe catch up with my dreams”

The Universe says it has heard your wish, your deepest desire, loud and clear. Do not doubt it. But in order for your wish to come true, there are many tiny steps involved, which the Universe must organize. This takes time. If you have changed your mind a few times, or your priorities have changed, the Universe needs to catch up with you. When you are truly settled in your heart, without any change of mind, your dream will begin to manifest.

Card 3

I Believe I'm Worthy Affirmation Card |
I am worthy of love

Help the Universe to help you, by reading your affirmation carefully:

“I believe I’m worthy of feeling good”

We can’t feel negative about our-self, while hoping that the Universe will miraculously turn our life around. It doesn’t really work that way. There is a better version of your life waiting, but it starts in your head. You can’t ‘pretend’ to be positive by repeating affirmations or prayers, the Universe hears the truth. The Universe reads your feelings, not the words you say. Feelings are power, to the Universe. When you feel unworthy, you drain the power. When you feel worthy and hopeful, you power up.

Whatever your situation, the fastest way to ‘power up’ is to see every situation, as a glass half full. If you fall off your diet, remind yourself how well you were doing, and start again. If you have a health problem, think of the days you felt a little better, and use those thoughts to inspire you again.

Remember, the mind can be a convincing liar, don’t believe everything it tells you.

Card 4

Super Attractor Affirmation Highest Truth |
I know

Help the Universe to help you, by reading your affirmation carefully:

“Each time I choose to tune into spirit, guidance of the highest truth shows up for me”

The Universe reminds you that you have had evidence of the spirit world. You know Spirit exists. You know Spirit can help you. When you make time for Spirit by meditating or praying regularly (not hit and miss), you know you feel better. You know you feel more guided. You know, with regular contact, that they can help your dreams manifest. Will you make time for them now?

If you’re already doing so, then take this as a huge confirmation that you are on the right path.

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