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What is The Meaning of The Suit of Swords?

There are four Tarot suits in a deck of Tarot cards, of which one is the Suit of Swords. The suits form the Minor Arcana, also known as the pip cards in Tarot. Associated with the classical element Air, Swords concern matters of the mind. They express our thoughts, and how rational our thinking process may be (or not!). Swords also rule communication, so how we express our thoughts with in the written and spoken word. Swords also deal with conflict and arguments.

Sword cards show us what we are thinking and why we are thinking it. The energy of the Suit of Swords in divination is masculine and rational.

Swords can be depicted as spades, daggers, arrows, athames (ritual daggers used by witches), axes, scythes and knives in other Tarot decks. The occultists Etteilla and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers equated Swords to Spades, in traditional playing cards. Like the other tarot suits, the Swords Suit contains 14 cards: ace (1), 2 through to 10, Page, Knight, Queen and King.

What Does It Mean When Your Tarot Reading Is Mostly Swords Cards?

When Sword cards dominate your Tarot reading, it means pay attention! This is a good time to think about your life or whatever is on your mind at the time of the reading. Swords are sharp, and encourage us to cut through illusions and face reality. They often appear when your life is in turmoil or you’re not getting on with other people. You may be guided to look for solutions to problems, or maybe to find better ways to express yourself in your relationships or job. This is reminder that in order to live well in the world and use good judgement, we need a critical mind, and not always give way to our emotions or fears.

That said, Swords can also reference the part of your mind that holds brilliant inventions. By pushing through your difficulties, you may spark some great ideas in the process, perhaps discover a new way to live, love or work.

When there are NO Sword cards in your reading, it can sometimes indicate confusion or uncertainty.

However, if you are feeling clear about your path ahead, and you are not generally having disagreements with people around you, then the lack of Swords in a reading can simply mean you are focused on other elements of your life, like making money or putting your ideas into action.

Astrology Signs and Element

All cards within the Suit of Swords are associated with the element Air. In astrology, Swords correspond to the Air star signs Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

In Kabala, the Swords Tarot Suit corresponds to Yetzirah (the Formative World). This is the world of order and structure, where there are repetitive patterns, sequences, self-organization and continuity.

List of Suit of Swords Tarot Cards

Swords Tarot card meanings:

Ace of Swords
The birth of a new idea. This card is the proverbial Ace up your sleeve.

Ace of Swords SymbolsHand of God, crown, yods, olive branch, barren landscape, crown chakra.

Two of Swords
You are undecided about which is the best course of action to take.

Two of Swords SymbolsCrossed swords, blindfold, crescent moon, sea, rocks and bench.

Three of Swords
Feeling sad or disappointed. Let the tears flow.

Three of Swords SymbolsPierced heart, no people, thunder, rain, clouds

Four of Swords
Take time-out to rest and recharge your batteries.

Four of Swords SymbolsTomb, stained-glass window, armor, hanging swords

Five of Swords
Are you feeling angry with someone?

Five of Swords SymbolsSmiling champion, stormy sky, clouds, mountains, sea

Six of Swords
Better days are coming, and you are heading in the right direction.

Six of Swords SymbolsFerryman, upright swords, boat, sea and trees

Seven of Swords
Someone is behaving sneakily behind your back.

Seven of Swords SymbolsThief, red fez hat, yellow sky, holding sharp end of swords

Eight of Swords
Feeling caged in by negative thoughts or a victim mentality.

Eight of Swords SymbolsRopes, blindfold, upright swords, cliff, castle and sea

Nine of Swords
Feeling anxious, depressed or lonely.

Nine of Swords SymbolsHanging swords, hands over eyes, bedspread, roses, bed carvings

Ten of Swords
Represents a devastating loss and the end of a situation.

Ten of Swords SymbolsChakra alignment, hand gesture, sky, sea, mountains

Page of Swords
The arrival of news, which may be unexpected.

Page of Swords SymbolsSword in left hand, foreground, storm clouds, mountains, tree, birds, green feather

Knight of Swords
Full steam ahead, events take off at great speed now.

Knight of Swords SymbolsWhite horse, heart, yellow butterflies, falcon, birds, gloves, red glove, trees, sky

Queen of Swords
Inspire us by your words or actions. Shine your Light.

Queen of Swords SymbolsSword in right hand, yellow butterflies, cherub, crown, red veil and storm clouds

King of Swords
Assert yourself, tell us what you feel and really think.

King of Swords SymbolsThrone, cherub, butterflies, moon cycle, nymphs, cherub and bird

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