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What is The Meaning of The Suit of Pentacles?

There are four Tarot suits in a deck of Tarot cards, of which one is the Suit of Pentacles. The suits form the Minor Arcana, also known as the pip cards in Tarot. Associated with the classical element Earth, Pentacles express everything we can see, feel and touch.

They represent material objects like land, property and money. They represent the human body, practical issues around health, and how we feel about materialism – do we require lots of ‘stuff’ to make us feel good, or are we more thrifty.

Pentacle cards show us what we want and why we want it. The energy of the Suit of Pentacles in divination is feminine, secure and stable. The Pentacles call for realism and facts.

What Does It Mean When Your Tarot Reading Is Mostly Pentacles Cards?

When Pentacle cards dominate your Tarot reading, it usually means money and practical issues are dominating your thoughts at this time. That is, health, property, inheritances or other practical concerns, the things that we need on this earthly plane.

When there are NO Pentacle cards in your reading, it can sometimes indicate financial problems or sickness.

That said, if you are feeling financially secure and in good health, then the absence of Pentacle cards can simply mean your attentions are focused on other areas of your life, such as spiritual development, creating something, romance or raising children.

Suit of Pentacles Powerful Magical Seal

Pentacles can be depicted as diamonds, coins, discs, spheres, shields, shells, crystals, deniers and stones in other Tarot decks. It corresponds to Diamonds, in traditional playing cards. Like the other tarot suits, the Pentacles Suit contains 14 cards: Ace (1), 2 through to 10, Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The Pentacle suit began its career as diamonds and coins, and then early occult Tarot authors imbued them with more magic. In the Rider Waite deck, the Pentacle is charged with a five-pointed star, a design famed by the19th-century occultist Eliphas Levi. This star is a symbol of the human being, and the Spirit’s domination over the elements. It is thought to be one of the most powerful magical seals ever created.

It is worth remembering that coins are stores of potential energy. We must invest time and labor to accrue them, and we can store them for future needs. We can spend them now or later. Money is not ‘evil’ as some would have it, money is a valuable tool to help us survive and thrive on this earthly plane. How we earn our money, and how we spend our money, is perhaps our opportunity to express our soul values.

Astrology Signs and Element

All cards within the Suit of Pentacles are associated with the element Earth. In astrology, they correspond to the Earth star signs Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

In Kabala, the Pentacles Tarot Suit corresponds to Assiah (the Material World). This is the world of making and doing, where everything is real, you can touch, feel or see it.

List of Suit of Pentacles Tarot Cards

Here is a list of all cards in the Pentacles Tarot Suit:

Ace of Pentacles
This is a beginning of prosperity.
Ace of Pentacles Symbols: Clouds, hand of God, garden, rose, lily of the valley, archway, path, mountains.

Two of Pentacles
Managing a busy life, juggling several things at once successfully.
Two of Pentacles Symbols: Infinity symbol, juggler, raised left foot, sea, ships and tall hat.

Three of Pentacles
Reward and recognition for a job well done.
Three of Pentacles Symbols: Sculptor, dark interior, apron, bench, tools, arches and engravings.

Four of Pentacles
Taking a longer-term view and building for your future.
Four of Pentacles Symbols: Pentacles, city/village, crown, tetragrammaton, untied shoes.

Five of Pentacles
This card represents hardship, struggle and worries.
Five of Pentacles Symbols: Church window, cripple, crutches and snow.

Six of Pentacles
This is a time of good fortune, and giving to others.
Six of Pentacles Symbols: Scales, red cloak, 4 coins, castle, benediction, bandage, red ticket.

Seven of Pentacles
A reminder that hard work pays off, eventually.
Seven of Pentacles Symbols: Hoe, gray sky and grapevine.

Eight of Pentacles
Making progress through hard work and dedication.
Eight of Pentacles Symbols: Hammer, chisel, apron, bench, castle.

Nine of Pentacles
The good life. You have enough money to do what you want.
Nine of Pentacles Symbols: Estate, snail, falcon, yellow glove, Venus symbol, two trees.

Ten of Pentacles
Signifies wealth, health and happiness for the entire family.
Ten of Pentacles Symbols: Old man, child, couple, Tree of Life, scales, tower, dogs.

Page of Pentacles
The court card delivers good news of an opportunity, award or financial boost.
Page of Pentacles SymbolsTalisman, red hat, plowed fields, yellow sky, trees and mountains.

Knight of Pentacles
You are making steady progress in one or more areas of your life.
Knight of Pentacles Symbols: Horse, farmland, field, mountains, trees, armor, glove, green plume.

Queen of Pentacles
This is a good time for action, push yourself gently a little more.
Queen of Pentacles Symbols: Pentacle, throne, cherubs, ram, flora, crown, veil, rabbit, roses.

King of Pentacles
This royal card signifies success and worldly power.
King of Pentacles Symbols: Face of Edith Craig, battlement, bulls, armor, crown, scepter and grapes.

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