Striped Feather Meaning

Striped Feather Meaning

What It Means When You Find A Striped Feather

If the angels bless you with a striped feather, it is a sign that unexpected change is coming.  Here are the 3 specific messages associated with this feather:

Stripes On Feather Meaning

Striped Feather Meaning 1: Unexpected Change

A striped feather is a sign of unexpected change coming. And soon!

This could involve a change in:-

  • Career 
  • Location
  • Relationship
  • Health
  • Talent (a hidden gift emerges)

Most likely you have felt change in the air for a while, but were unsure how it would ‘hit’.  Even if you are intuitive, you are unlikely to have sensed the direction. Most likely this thought makes you nervous, scared and excited all at once. Trust me. It’s good news.

Striped Feather Meaning

Striped Feather Meaning 2: Read The Colors For Guidance

Notice the colors of your striped feather. What colors are they? The colors give an indication of where the change is likely to hit. For example, if you received a mixed white and grey feather, you should read the message of the white feather and a grey feather, for extra guidance. The white indicates that the spirit world is drawing close. Grey indicates calmer days and you can be more confident about what you are doing and your future.

Stripped Feather Meaning

3: Healing

If you need healing, check the feather meaning color chart and read the meanings of each color of your feather. If any of the colors mention healing, note what sort of healing it refers to. What resonates with you, is where the healing is necessary and occurring.

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Feather Meanings

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