Strange Things That People Do

Strange Things That People Do |

Humans are curious creatures, and in this article we chat about the strange things that people do. Here are 7 psychology tips to help you understand people and get what you want.

Psychology Tips You Should Know

1. Know Who Likes You

When a group of people break out into laughter, each person instinctively glances at whoever they feel closest to in that group. This is a good way to spot who has a crush on who.

2. Eye Contact Makes you Seem Friendlier

People who make eye contact appear friendlier and more confident. If you’re a bit shy about doing this, instead focus on searching for a person’s eye color. It’s not that you plan on writing them a love poem, but it’s one way to help you make eye contact without feeling weird!

3. Use The Power of Silence

If you want to know what someone is really thinking, stay silent and maintain eye contact. They are likely to feel pressurized into talking and revealing more.

4. Pacify Your Enemy

If you know someone is going to attack or give out to you in a meeting or even at a social occasion, deliberately sit or stand next to them. The closeness will make them less comfortable with being aggressive.

5. Ask For Favors

By asking people to do small favors for you, they are more likely to believe you like them.

6. Remember Names

As hard as it is, try to remember people’s names. They’ll find you very charming as a result!

7. Parting The Crowds

If you are walking through a crowd of people, keep your eyes focused on the gap between them rather than making direct eye contact. They are more likely to part way and allow you through.

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Strange Things that People Do

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