Spotted Feather Meaning

Spotted Feather Meaning

What It Means When You Find A Spotted Feather

If the angels bless you with a spotted feather, it is a sign to to let go of the past .  Here are the 3 specific messages associated with this feather:

Spotted Feather Angels Meaning

Spotted Feather Meaning 1: Let The Past Go

When the angels leave you a spotted feather, it is a sign that you should let go of the past in order to make space for the future. Holding on to the past is tiring your soul.

This may mean:-

  • Releasing an ex-, a friend or toxic relationship
  • Releasing feelings of hurt, resentment or revenge
  • Moving on from a job, location or situation which has drained you

It does you no good, at this point to hold on. Even if you are in the right! Make your peace, do what is necessary to cut the cords (practically and emotionally), and start focusing on what is to come instead. 

But perhaps you have already done this? Congratulations, say the angels – they want you to know they proud of you. Now you have freed them to introduce new experiences and people into your life.

Spotted Feather Angels Meaning

Spotted Feather Meaning 2: Read The Colors For Guidance

Notice the colors of your spotted feather. What colors are they? The colors give an indication of what part of your life you need to release. For example, white could mean moving beyond grief for a loved one. Most likely your loved one will send you a sign to show that they are still very much alive. The brown could signify moving past a feeling of being ‘too old’ to start again or try something new.

Spotted Feather Angels Meaning

Meaning 3: Healing

If you need healing, check the feather meaning color chart and read the meanings of each color of your feather. If any of the colors mentions healing, note what sort of healing it refers to. What resonates with you, is where the healing is occurring.

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