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What is the spiritual meaning of swallows? What does it mean when you are visited by the swallow bird?

Sources of symbolism include: animal symbolism, shamanism, druidism, dream interpretation, and new age philosophy.

Key Meaning of Swallows

Your home and family are protected by angels

What is The Spiritual Meaning of Swallows?

Are swallows good luck? When a bird acts in an unusual way around you, for example, is particularly friendly or appears to be looking for attention, or it appears repeatedly, at least three times in a short period of time, it is trying to convey a message from the spirit world.

When the swallow appears, it is a good omen and a sign from the spirit world that your home and family are protected. You should acknowledge this spiritual sign with gratitude and thank your loved ones in Heaven for your message, and for the protection they are sending you.

If you have moved into a new home, the presence of a swallow means that there is a kindly spirit in the house who wants to welcome you as the new occupant.

4 Spiritual Meanings of Swallows

Here are the four additional symbolic messages of the swallow:

1. Let Go of The Past

It is time to let go of past hurts and allow old wounds to heal. The swallow advises you to move on with your life and exchange pain for peace. This may also mean parting with or spending less time with someone who is causing you anxiety or pain.

2. Abudance after Upheaval

Life is about to get a little turbulent, so buckle up. Things may suddenly become very busy, and there may be a few challenges or hiccups along the way. Try not to worry; you are well able to deal with whatever life throws at you. Following this period of upheaval, there is a surprising period of abundance. Everything that happens will happen for a reason. Go with the flow and have faith.

3. New Love and Baby

If you are single, you are likely to attract a new love by the next swallow season (8 to 12 months from your sighting of the swallow). This new love will be the romance of a lifetime.

The swallow can also indicate a successful full-term pregnancy.

4. Channeling Wisdom

Your intuition is developing, and according to the swallow, you are even channeling wisdom from long-dead ancestors. The swallow often appears to those who are seeking knowledge from Higher Powers and who are on a spiritual journey to meet their spirit guides or angels. It is proof that you are on the right track.

What is The Biblical Meaning of Swallows?

In the Bible, the swallow is a symbol of God’s love for all His creation. No creature is too small for His attention.

Even the sparrow has found a home,

and the swallow a nest for herself,

where she may have her young—

a place near your altar,

Lord Almighty, my King and my God.

(Psalm 84:3)

Birds are portrayed as spiritual messengers in both the bible and Tarot. This is because they fly high in the sky, connecting mankind below with the heavens above.

The swallow essentially is a reminder that God loves you, and sees you. He is aware of your wordly struggles like finding a place to live/nesting and your responsiblities in caring for others.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Swallows?

When you dream of a swallow, it is a sign to go on a spiritual pilgrimage. This may mean visiting a holy place, or some location that is renowned for its spiritual healing or teachings.

You may read lots of different dream meanings for swallows online, but this is the key meaning that I channeled from spirit guides for this article. If you have dreamed about a swallow, or the word ‘swallow’ keeps popping into your head, please pay attention to this channeled dream interpretation.

What is The Meaning of a SwallowTattoo?

Every person who gets a tattoo of a swallow may have their own reason for doing so. However, in my experience, I find that people who are attracted to swallow tattoos, are often very good mediums. They have an ability to talk to the spirit world. This spiritual gift may be dormant, but it is waiting to be discovered through psychic training.

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Also: What does it mean when a bird visits you?

Spiritual Meanings of Swallows: Derived from mythology, astrology, dream interpretation, and universal archetypes that have entered the collective unconscious psyche.

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Spiritual Meaning of Swallows – Symbols of Birds

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