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Spiritual Meaning of Frogs | KarinasTarot.com

What is the spiritual meaning of frogs? What does it mean when a frog jumps on you or enters your house? Do frogs bring good luck or are they a symbol of love?

Sources of symbolism: animal symbolism, shamanism, druidism, dream interpretation and new age philosophy.

Do Frogs Bring Good Luck?

When a frog appears, good fortune draws near.

The presence of a frog is closely linked to a positive shift in your financial situation. Frogs and toads possess a mystical witchy energy, acting as auspicious messengers of blessings from higher realms. This stroke of luck could manifest as a sudden financial gain, improved job prospects, a promising business venture, or any other serendipitous event that aligns with your individual circumstances.

The frog conveys a message from the Universe: Your intentions have been heard for a considerable time, but only now, are the conditions ripe for their realization. Expect happy changes within 6 weeks of seeing a frog.

Worth Knowing: A black cat, crow and frog deliver the luckiest news from the animal kingdom. Interesting, they are all witches familiars!

Feng Shui Money Frog | KarinasTarot.com
Feng Shui Money Frog with coin in his mouth.

What Is a Feng Shui Frog?

In China, people place little ornaments of toads in their house to attract wealth. Also known as the feng shui money frog, this symbol is also belived to attract good health and a long life. According to feng shui principles, you should place your frog on your desk if you want to attract career success, and near the front door of your house if you want to attract more money into your home. If you are a student or living in shared accomodation, place it facing your bedroom door.

What Does a Frog in The House Mean?

When a frog rambles into your home, it is a sign that some sort of abundance is coming to your household. This abundance is likely to lead to a transformation in your daily routine and way of life.

The most common changes the frog predicts are:

1. New Baby: Frogs Symbolize Fertility

Since ancient times, the frog has been considered a messenger of pregnancy within the family.

The frog held great significance for the Egyptians as it embodied the concepts of life and fertility. This association stemmed from the abundant birth of millions of frogs following the yearly inundation of the Nile, which transformed the otherwise infertile lands into productive ones. As a result, the ancient Egyptians developed a mythological figure known as Heqet, a frog-goddess symbolizing fertility.

2. Romance and Love

In folklore and occultism, the frog also came to be associated with witchcraft and the creation of love potions. When a frog enters your home, it can forecast good news in your love life. That may mean that you meet someone, or you take an existing relationship to the next level, by moving in together, or becoming engaged or married.

Frog as a Spirit Guide or Animal Totem

Call on the frog as a spirit guide or animal totem if you need help to:

Conceive a baby or boost the health of your love life.

Call on the brown frog as an animal spirit guide if you need healing for:

Gambling addictions, eating disorders, or skin conditions.

Call on the green frog as an animal spirit guide if you need healing for:

Gynecological problems, heart conditions, or anxiety.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Frogs?

When you dream of frogs, it can carry various symbolic meanings, including:

  • Transformation, renewal and rebirth. Higher powers are advising you to make changes in your life.
  • Fertility and abundance, your soul is ready to ‘give birth’ to something. This may literally be a child, but very often it refers to a creative idea.
  • Emotional healing and cleansing. The spirit world are sending you healing during dreamtime.

Please note that these interpretations are general and may differ based on individual experiences and personal associations. It is important to consider the specific details and emotions within the dream to gain a more accurate understanding of its meaning.

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