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What is the spiritual meaning of foxes? What does it mean when a fox crosses your path or you dream of foxes?

Sources of symbolism: animal symbolism, shamanism, druidism, dream interpretation and new age philosophy.

Are Foxes a Sign of Good or Bad Luck?

Foxes are associated with good luck. If a fox crosses your path, catches your eye or appears at night time, then you are likely to ‘feel’, that he has a message for you. The message is: stay alert to whatever opportunities present right now. Whatever happens will turn out lucky if you say ‘yes’.

4 Spiritual Meanings of Foxes

What does it mean when a fox crosses your path? One of the following messages is meant for you:

1. Be Flexible

It is important to be flexible and adaptable right now. Use whatever resources are available to you and keep moving forward, step by step. Now is the time for practical action rather than long-term planning.

2. Ignore Negative People

Don’t allow the negative things others say affect you too much. Keep to yourself as much as possible for the moment and avoid confrontation with others. Just get on with your own thing and a new path will emerge.

3. Ease Up on Self-Guilt

The spirit world wishes you to know that you are a good and nurturing parent, so ease up on the self-guilt.

4. Trust Your Intuition

Foxes are associated with intuition and prophecy. You are guided to listen to your gut feelings at this time – if something doesn’t feel right or is niggling at the back of your mind, listen.

Fox as a Spirit Guide or Animal Totem

Call on the fox as a spirit guide or animal totem if you need help to:

Train abilities in mediumship, psychic healing or any type of divination art, such as Tarot reading, astrology or crystal ball reading.

Call on the red fox as an animal spirit guide if you need healing for:

Migraines, vision problems, or recovery from stroke, heart attack and brain injury.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Foxes?

When you dream of foxes it means you should not feel guilty about out-foxing someone. Or acting as sly as a fox.

An occasion will occur where it is necessary to put your needs first, at the risk of hurting someone else’s feelings. For example, you may need to sell yourself over a colleague for a promotion. Or you may need to say ‘yes’ to that offer of a date, even if your friend also likes the person in question.

In other words, the fox says, don’t allow guilt hold you back. Not now, at least. Sometimes we must fight for what we want.

You should be aware of what situation this refers to, when you dream of a fox. If you are not aware, then the occasion will follow shortly after the dream.

What it Means When You See a Fox After Someone Dies

When you see a fox after someone dies, you may feel like the fox has a special message from your friend or loved one in Heaven. And you are right. Heaven can speak through foxes because foxes are highly intuitive animals, and open to psychic manipulation.

When the fox looks at you intently, you may see the soul of your loved one in his eyes. Your loved one is using the fox momentarily, to ‘view’ you on the earthly plane. The eyes of a fox are like a window between this world and the next, facilitating a fleeting connection.

Allow yourself to feel comforted. I say ‘allow’ because it is important not to dismiss the moment as wishful thinking.

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