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What is the spiritual meaning of crows? What do crows cawing at night or in the morning mean? Or what do crows fighting mean? Discover this and more below. Note, all of the messages apply also to blackbirds and ravens.

Sources of symbolism: animal symbolism, shamanism, druidism, meaning when a bird visits, dream interpretation and new age philosophy.

3 Spiritual Meanings of Crows

When a crow, blackbird or raven appears, here are the main messages:

1. Something Wonderful is About to Happen – Dreams Manifesting

The crow is a powerful spirit guide animal – you can see their intelligence when you look in their eyes. Crows have a connection with the hidden universe. If a crow stares at you, it is a sign that something wonderful is about to manifest in your life. Maybe you created an Intention Candle to attract something specific? Either way, this bird is a messenger of the spirit world and he delivers the message: keep going and remain hopeful.

2. Your Soulmate is Coming

If love and romance is on your mind, when the crow tries to get your attention, it may be a sign to say your soulmate and true love is about to manifest. Crows are romantic creatures, and when they mate, they often stay together for life, separating only at death. 

3. Keep an Eye on Your Child

Crows are very good at stealing eggs, kidnapping other bird’s offspring. If you are in a crowded situation with a young child, and the crow is trying to get your attention – it may be a warning to keep an eye on your child. Stay vigilant at the time.

What do Crows Cawing Mean?

Additional Spiritual Meaning of Crows: Crows make a distinctive ‘caw-caw’ when they sing and communicate with other birds. If you hear a cawing in the morning or evening, here are additional spiritual meanings:

Crows Cawing In The Morning

You wake up to the sound of crows cawing in the morning and you sense the timing is significant, but don’t know why. Curious, you search the internet for the meaning and discover my page here. Congratulations, your instincts were correct. This is the right website for you.

The morning time is when you are closest to the spirit world, because you were on the astral planes during dream time. When the crow calls to you in the morning, it is Heaven reminding you to remember them in your wake time. Most likely, they are reminding you that you have a gift for mediumship and that you can sense the hidden world.

They are guiding you to study mediumship and psychic development. If you are already on this path, then the advice is to try harder. You have a spiritual gift, and it is important to dedicate yourself. 

Crows Cawing In The Evening

Crows cawing in the evening are a sign that you should go to sleep with the intention of remembering your dreams. Assume that you will have an important dream tonight.

The best way to remember your dream, is to be more aware as you fall asleep. Repeat to yourself, I will remember my dream tonight, as you close your eyes. Repeat for 5 to 10 minutes before finally relaxing into a slumber.

What do Crows Fighting Mean?

It means that you are trying to navigate your way through a difficult patch in a relationship with a loved one, friend or work colleague. The road is bumpy and the blackbird wants to caution you to stay alert. You should watch your back because the person cannot be considered reliable, at least not yet.

Is a Crow, Raven or Blackbird a Symbol of Death?

Yes and no. The crow or blackbird generally does not predict a death coming, but it can announce the arrival of someone who is ‘dead’. In other words, a spirit of some sort. In most instances, this is not the spirit of a loved one – a robin or butterfly is associated more with loved ones who have passed over. Rather, it is a spirit of higher rank, like a spirit guide. When you peer in the blackbird’s eyes, you may see the eyes of the spirit who has arrived.

Worth Knowing: A black cat, crow and frog deliver the luckiest news from the animal kingdom. Interesting, they are all witches familiars!

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