Spiritual Meaning of Caterpillars

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What is the spiritual meaning of caterpillars? What does it mean when a caterpillar crosses your path, or turns up in your house?

Sources of symbolism: animal symbolism, shamanism, druidism, dream interpretation and new age philosophy.

Key Meaning of Caterpillars

Positive changes are coming

What is The Spiritual Meaning of Caterpillars?

What does it mean when a caterpillar catches your attention? Is a caterpillar lucky?

If the caterpillar has a spiritual message for you, then you will notice that it acts in such a way to get your attention. Perhaps it crawls on top of you, or crosses your path. You instinctively feel it is trying to tell you something, and may even grab your phone to take a picture or video of it.

If this happens, don’t ignore your psychic sense. Trust your intuition, because it led you to this page for an answer.

In general caterpillars are a good omen, and predict the winds of positive change and better fortunes.

3 Spiritual Meanings of Caterpillars

Here are three key symbolic messages of the caterpillar:

1. Fortunes Improving

Caterpillars only live two or four weeks before transforming into a butterfly or moth. When you see a caterpillar then it means you can expect major positive changes in your life within the next 2 to 4 weeks. In the meantime, you are guided to cocoon yourself from the world while you wait for this transformation. Find ways to relax, regain your energy and smile, all in preparation for exciting days ahead.

2. Trust Your Intuition

The caterpillar has twelve eyes, but it cannot see images. Instead, it must rely on light and intuition for direction. In such a way, the caterpillar is symbolic of psychic sight, clairvoyance and clairsentience. This little creature is a sign to trust your intuition and feelings. When you have a decision to make, trust the answer that feels right.

3. Don’t Reveal Your Hand

The caterpillar guides you to keep your expectations and plans of the future to yourself for the moment. Other people may not initially be as positive as you, but they will in time. The best way to stay positive about the future now, is to rely on your own counsel.

What is The Meaning of a Hairy Caterpillar?

Is your caterpillar very hairy?

If a caterpillar is hairy, the general rule is, don’t touch it because it can sting you. It’s hair may contain toxins for self-protection.

In spiritual terms, a hairy caterpillar emphasizes the need to keep your guard up.

As you enter a period of transformation, it is important that you create a positive inner world, in your mind, and don’t share your hopes and dreams with other people for the moment. The reason is, if they are not as enthusiastic as you, it may dampen your enthusiasm.

You are responsible for your inner world of manifestation. Protect that world while you grow and expand.

What is The Meaning of a Black, Brown, Yellow or Orange Caterpillar?

In addition to the meanings already mentioned above, the color of your caterpillar contains an additional message.

The color of a caterpillar is connected with angelic guidance. A black caterpillar, for example, is associated with the meaning of black feathers. An orange caterpillar with orange feather meanings, a brown caterpillar with brown feather meanings and yellow caterpillars with yellow feather meanings.

Putting It Altogether

If you come across a black hairy caterpillar, combine all of the messages above, with the black feather spiritual guidance.

See List of Feather Meanings for more colors.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Caterpillars?

When you dream of a caterpillar, it means the caterpillar has become your animal spirit guide (or totem animal guide) while you go through a personal transformation.

This spirit animal will help unblock deep-rooted fears, helping you to manifest more in your life.

Dreaming of caterpillars also means your intuition and spiritual connection is improving. This is a good time to clarify your goals and use the Law of Attraction.

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