What Is Your Spiritual Gift?

What is Your Spiritual Gift? | KarinasTarot.com

You have a spiritual gift, even if you don’t know what it is. Knowing what your gift is, can help you achieve a sense of purpose and peace in your life. Take the test below to learn more about your natural talent.

In order to complete this test, ask your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel to help you choose a number between one and eight.

Spiritual Gift Test | KarinaCollins.ie

Now – Read About Your Gift

1: The Gift of Healing

You have the Spiritual Gift of Healing. This is the ability to channel supernatural healing to others. How you heal, or who you can heal, will be part of your journey of learning. It may take you a while before your true abilities emerge, but if you are persistent, the journey will be worth it. As a healer, you must not worry about choosing the ‘right’ healing therapy. Whether you practice Reiki, massage, meditation, acupuncture, hypnotherapy or something else, all therapies are simply a tool to express your core power. Learn what you can, and in the practice, the magic will reveal itself.

Please be aware, greater healing knowledge will soon be available to those who are dedicated to developing their gift. This knowledge is new and revolutionary and will be made available by the Universe, as a download. Think of the Universe as one big computer, and it is launching a new program on advanced healing. It believes we are evolved enough now to handle this next level of knowledge. The healers with the right access code can access this miraculous new program. To be eligible, you simply need to have proven your dedication by persistent effort. If you are chosen, it will feel like a spark of inspiration, out of nowhere, and suddenly you know – this is what I must do, to become a super-healer.

2: The Gift of Prophecy

You have the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy. This means, you can sense events before they happen. You may receive knowledge as a feeling, called clairsentience or in your dreams as a vision, known as clairvoyance. Imagine, you share the same gift as Nostradamus, the French astrologer and seer.

While at first you may deny this truth, I’m sure it won’t take you long to remember a time when you did predict an event. It won’t be a common occurrence, of course. That is not how the gift of prophecy or fortune telling works. No psychic knows everything, all of the time. If they did, we would call them God. However, with proper psychic training, you can certainly access and use your gift more frequently.

Remember, never be scared of a natural talent. You are, what you are, for a reason.

3: The Gift of Wisdom

You have the Spiritual Gift of Wisdom. This means you have a natural talent for saying the right thing, at the right time – just when someone needed to hear those words. You are, in fact, a messenger of wisdom. This wisdom does not come from you, it flows through you. Higher Powers, like angels, spirit guides and ascended masters use you as a vessel to communicate their guidance. You may have helped family, friends, colleagues with your words of wisdom, or perhaps you even use your talent in your job.

When someone is not aware they have this gift, it is usually because they have blocked the flow. As children we are taught to ‘think before we speak’, which as a general rule of thumb, probably isn’t bad advice. However, in your case, the opposite is true. It is better that you speak first, and think after, leaving you to wonder in awe where that divine nugget of guidance just came from.

4: The Gift of Faith

You have the Spiritual Gift of Faith. It is easy to have faith when life is going well, but faith is never real until it is tested. Your faith has been tested, and you have held on tightly. You have the sort of faith “which removes mountains, casts out devils (Matthew 17:19–20), and faces the most cruel martyrdom without flinching”.

Your faith is a gift, because it reassures the rest of us that there is a Heaven. You guide us to the Light with your faith. Everyone is searching for someone like you in their life. You are the One that stirs hope and courage. Simply being in your company, inspires faith.

5: The Gift of Teaching

Your have the Spiritual Gift of Teaching. You have a great capacity to inspire people by what interests you. Just read that sentence again. What inspires you, is what you should be teaching others.

The Gift of Teaching does not mean you have to become a teacher in the traditional sense – although some of you will. It really means, you are supposed to take your experiences and lessons- and pass on that knowledge. For example, if you are a good healer, you may be inspired to teach healing. If you enjoy painting, you may feel an urge to teach art. If you had a difficult experience in your life, you may be inspired to write about it.

6: The Gift of Leadership

You have the Spiritual Gift of Leadership. You have the energy, personality and organizational abilities to bring people together and make things happen. People with this gift are campaigners, fundraisers and administrators. Society can only function in a healthy way because of those with the gift of leadership. While some may feel this gift is outside the spiritual realm, in reality, this gift is just as important as being a healer or teacher.

7: The Gift of Shepherding

You have the Spiritual Gift of Shepherding. This means you are encouraged to care for the welfare of others. You may feel guided to help the elderly or homeless, for example. Or maybe your heart goes out to animals or environmental issues. Whatever your heart leads, is where you should follow. This gift is sometimes called ‘the pastor gift’, as the pastor is the person who helps those in need.

If you were to extend this gift to a career, you could end up working in social work, counselling, animal welfare, activism or charity, for example.

8: The Gift of Miracles

You have the Spiritual Gift of Miracles. This means you can perform deeds beyond what science presently considers ‘normal abilities’ in people. Some examples of these deeds include, mediumship (speaking to deceased people), psychic readings (Tarot or astrology), manifestation (attracting what you focus on) or magick (witchcraft for example). You are likely to have lived many lives, which means you’ll have learnt many karmic lessons. Those with the Gift of Miracles tend to be Old Souls.

Take the Karma Test and see which karmic lesson you are dealing with right now.