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The Truth About Spirit Guides – Busting Myths

This is the truth about spirit guides, and I’m going to tell you things you won’t hear anywhere else.

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Hi, I’m Karina and I am a Tarot reader and spiritual teacher. I have read for thousands of people all over the world, and when someone comes to me for a reading, I very often end up connecting with their spirit guide. So, I have met, many of your guides.

In this article, I am going to distil all that knowledge, into one powerful little training for you.  We are going to bust some myths about spirit guides, and you are going to be left – hopefully – much clearer about how to how to connect with your guide.

First, Let’s Deal with What is a Spirit Guide?

Who the heck knows?

I’m going to be really honest with you. Despite having connected with so many of your guides over the years – or perhaps because I have connected with so many – I can honestly say, I do not know for sure who or what they are. And I’m not sure that anyone living really does know.

The only the thing I know for sure, is that spirit guides really exist. Trust me on that.

And as you read this article, I want you to know, you do have a spirit guide. Everyone has a guide.

Guides are like ghosts – they’re here, but you can’t see them. You can only sense them. Some people believe guides can be a relative like a great-great grandmother; or perhaps someone you knew in a past life. You don’t remember them, but they know you.

So when you were born, your guide came into this life with you, as your companion and guide.

The reason why there is confusion about who or what guides are – is that, the question itself is not relevant. Spirit guides have no interest in telling us about themselves. They don’t want us to fixate on them, they want to focus on YOU. You are the reason for their presence. They are here to help YOU. Think of it like being a kid in school, and you have a really inspirational teacher. I remember, I had an English teacher, who used to tell stories about ghosts, and I was glued to every word that fell from her lips.  In fact, she was partly responsible for sparking my career direction. I never knew anything personal about her, she was teacher, and that was enough.

You see, her purpose, her reason for being, was to help young souls find their purpose. That is the job of a guide.

So, What’s the Point of Spirit Guides? What Does Your Guide Do?

The giveaway is in the word ‘Guide’. A spirit guide, guides you. They are the quiet thought, the whisper at the back of your mind that says, don’t do that, do this instead. Or, don’t say that, say this. They direct you.

What Spirit Guides Do | KarinaCollins.ie

But more than anything, guides help you to remember. Well, remember as much as you need to remember. They help you to remember certain skills and spiritual gifts you’ve mastered in previous lives, and that you want to use again in this life. For example, when I first picked up a deck of Tarot cards and started to learn how to read them, it felt like I was remembering a skill, rather than learning for the first time. That’s why my development was so fast. When you learn something new and it feels so natural, that is your guide, working behind the scenes, lifting the veil a little bit, helping you to remember.

Of course, this begs the question – why not just let us remember everything? Why not just allow us to come into this life, with complete memories of past lives?

The answer is probably quite simple. If we remembered everything, then we’d also remember that life is ever-lasting. We wouldn’t fear death. We wouldn’t be conscious of time, and rushing around to achieve all those things we want to do before we die. There would be no motivation, why bother, what’s the hurry if life is ever-after?

If They lifted the veil between us and the spirit world tomorrow – and you saw Heaven with your own eyes – not through a medium, psychic, or spiritual guru – but with your own eyes. How would that make you feel? Wouldn’t it take the seriousness out of this life? And wouldn’t it be tempting just to quit this place and hop over to Heaven when the going got tough?

We are meant to forget for a reason. But there are some skills that we have learnt in past lives, that we are meant to carry over. When the time is right, your spirit guide lifts the veil and starts planting ideas into your head.

How Many Spirit Guides Do We Have, And What Do They Look Like?

Who the heck knows!

Some people claim to have several guides, even 20 or 30 over a lifetime, coming and going, depending on what’s happening in their life. In my experience, I find people tend to only have one guide, maybe two in a life time. Your guide is pretty smart and flexible, he or she can handle the different needs you’ll have in this lifetime.

That said, and I feel this is where the confusion about numbers comes from – your guide can change appearance. And usually, they only change appearance if that is what you expect them to do.  So, let’s say you’re trying to develop your spiritual side, and in a meditation, you see a Native American in your mind. And you’re excited, and you think, wohayyy I’ve got a new spirit guide, I must be developing spiritually.  And then a few months later, you see a monk or a little wise old lady in your meditation. And you’re excited again, because you think it means you’re developing even more.

Chances are, it’s all the same spirit guide. But your guide is using different faces, as a way of signalling your progress – because they think, that is what you will understand. They’ll use any tool they can to communicate with you. They can shape-shift.

Personally, I’ve only ever felt one guide around me, and he has a male energy. I know this is strange, but I’ve never wondered who he is or what he looks like, which is perhaps why I’ve only had one guide. Of course, it is the human condition to want to put a face to a name. But guides are spiritual energy, they don’t have a physical form or even necessarily a personality type that we humans can understand.  

So don’t worry too much about who your guide is, just be with them.

Interesting Note: A Course in Miracles is a famous spiritual thought system channeled through Helen Schucman between 1965 and 1972. A voice, which never identified itself, dictated the course to Schucman, and to this day, the voice has chosen to remain anonymous. Even Schucman herself wished to hide her identify, and her name was only revealed after her death in 1981.

How Do You Communicate With Your Spirit Guide or ‘Be’ with Them?

Chances are, you’re already connecting with your guide, but you don’t know it. Because you’ve been doing it since the moment you were born.

We connect to guides by FEELING them. By FEELING their presence.

Signs that your Guide is present include:  

  • Tingling down one arm.
  • Cold breeze
  • A sudden shift in your mood.
  • Ringing in your ears, like a distant radio signal.

They can manipulate your energy to cause a physical or emotional reaction.When you start to become more aware of what your guide feels like, you’ll become more aware when they are near you. In other words, to recognise their calling card, by how they make you FEEL.

The best way to master this, is to be more aware of how people make you FEEL. Let’s say you’re standing in your kitchen and someone walks in, that you really don’t like. Note your instant reaction. Not the thoughts flying through your head. But that HIT you instantly feel of their energy. It might FEEL dark. Black. It may feel like you stomach is churning, or the hairs on the back of your neck are standing up. You are connecting with their energy. Sensing them, rather than SEEING them. Do you understand?

Now, imagine someone you really love, who you haven’t seen in years, walks into your kitchen. What FEELINGS rush through you now? Maybe a warm shiver down your spine. Maybe a warm feeling that rises from your heart area, your heart chakra, into your neck and face. Again, you are connecting with their energy.

What I want you to do, is get used to sensing people in this way. Using feelings rather than just your eyes to see them. It’s a useful talent anyway and makes you more intuitive.

But it will also help you sense when your spirit guide arrives. To understand what reaction, you have to being in their presence.

Is Your Spirit Guide With You Every Day?

This is a question I get asked regularly, and people can get quite anxious about missing the signs of their spirit guide.

Do I feel my guide around me every day? No. I don’t.

In my experience your guide will be around you when you have big decisions to make – like about college, your career, and relationship decisions.  When you feel on path, and you’re doing your thing, then you don’t need their guidance. They can take a vacation. Go wherever spirit guides go. Who knows, maybe we share the same spirit guide, you and I. When I need him, he’s here with me, and when you need him, he helps you.

Your spirit guide can also turn up when you least expect it. For example, you’re driving along in the car, and a thought pops into your head. And the thought is quickly followed by your guide’s calling card, in my case, that’s a tingling down my neck. This is your guide’s way of saying – yes, that was me! Listen to the thought, I sent it to you.

Your Guide is Magic, but He’s Not a Magician

Finally, it’s worth mentioning what your guide can and cannot do.

So remember, your guide’s main purpose is to help you remember your gifts when the time is right. They also help guide you, when your faced with some important decisions.

However, your guide is not a magician. He or she can’t magic up a new house or love for you. But what he can do is GUIDE YOU to the resources or uncover the talent you need to get that house or find that love. He can inspire you to keep going, when the going gets tough. He is the Light in Darkness.

Your guide is your life companion and teacher. And for that reason, it’s a truly special bond.

Karina Collins Author

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