Souls Journey Oracle Cards

Soul Journey Cards Review |

This is a review of Soul’s Journey oracle cards by the medium James van Praagh.
First, try a reading with the cards, and at the end of the page, there is a review.


Think of your Loved One in Heaven. Now take the first letter of their name and receive a message below.
For example, if your loved one’s name is David, then read the letter D card.

Souls Journey
Letter E, F, O, P, C

Soul Journey Cards |

You were guided to REGRET.

This is the message from your Loved One:

Never regret a single moment of your past, because it has made you who you are today. The good, the bad and the in-between.

You are perfect in my eyes.

Of course you can always learn from mistakes. Learning is always good, and it will help heal situations and bring you happiness in the future.

Souls Journey
Letter Q, R, D, S

Soul Journey Cards |
You were guided to: PRIDE

This is the message from your Loved One:

I want you to see yourself, as I do. I want you to recognise that you have changed the world in some little way.

I want you to remember how you have made a difference and to whom. It is time to stop underestimating yourself.

The future is now. Live it. And be brave.

Have pride.

Souls Journey
Letter G, H, T, U

Soul Journey Cards |

This is the message from your Loved One:

I want you to persevere with your hopes and dreams. You are stronger, more capable and determined than you think.

Life doesn’t just happen, we make it happen. It is natural to shy away from what is difficult, or to think ‘I’m not that special’. We are all afraid of failing or seeming silly.

Your soul is on a journey, and it does not want to give up. It wants to preserve. It wants to show the world how special you really are.

Souls Journey
Letter I, J, V, W, Z

Soul Journey Cards |

This is the message from your Loved One:

The easiest way to be happy is to follow your bliss. By that, I mean, do what excites or stimulates you. The signposts are always there, but you have to acknowledge them. Just remember, you don’t need to know the destination. Just take the next step. Always, just the next step.

Are you holding back happiness by not acknowledging blocks? See those blocks as something to overcome, rather than a dead-end.

Souls Journey
Letter K, L, X, B

Envy Spiritual Message |

This is the message from your Loved One:

It is human nature to look at another person’s life, and to envy whatever good fortune they appear to have. But you have not walked in their shoes, or seen the effort they have made behind close doors. All souls are the same, but we have different challenges.

It is time for you to be authentic, to listen to your inner voice. It is time to follow your soul path in this life.

Don’t waste time looking at anyone else.

Souls Journey
Letter M, N, Y, A

Mediumship Message |

This is the message from your Loved One:

So much doubt in your head, when there is so much guidance. The signposts are there, and it is called your intuition. That little voice in your head that says, it’s time to do this or that.

The only problem is, when you second guess yourself after making decisions.

Please stop wasting time worrying about what the future may or may not hold. Just get on with living without a backward glance.

Review of Cards – How The Deck Looks

Soul's Journey Review |

The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards by James van Praagh contain 44 glossy cards. The cards are a lovely thick quality, and the color scheme quite delightful to work with. The deck includes a comprehensive guide book, which offers in-depth guidance. This deck is useful if you wish to receive a message from a loved one in the spirit world, perhaps they can shed some light on your soul journey. It is also a way of discovering what life lessons you are experiencing at this time. While you might not use the deck everyday like Tarot Cards, the cards are a lovely addition to any oracle deck collection. I highly recommend this set in particular, if you are a life coach or offer spiritual guidance to clients.

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