Snake Spiritual Meaning

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What is the snake spiritual meaning? When you see or dream of a snake, it means (at least) one of the following:

1. Transformation

🐍You are about to go through a major personal change. The changes are so dramatic and intense it feels like the old you is dying and a new you is emerging. This process has not been easy, perhaps you have resisted change until now, even though you knew it was what you needed. Mostly the change is internal. Where you are prepared to act and think differently. You are ready to let go. It really was just a matter of timing.

2. Let Go Of The Past

🐍An issue which has dragged you down for a long time is about to be resolved. You can finally let go of the past. It is time, like the snake, to shed your skin and leave your old identity behind.

3. Healing

🐍You are about to experience a physical or emotional healing. This will help you transform all areas of your life. What was not possible before, will now become possible in the future. This healing may come from an unexpected source or person.

4. Past Lives

🐍This is a good time to spend time meditating or learning about past lives. You have shed skins over many lifetimes and some of those lifetimes are affecting you today. You have developed gifts and knowledge in those past lives, and that knowledge is ripe to be explored. Or it may be, that someone you knew in a past life is about to re-enter your life again.

This Snake Crawled Out Of The Garage!

What it means when you dream of snakes

One of my client’s sent me this picture recently. He had been going through a huge personal transformation and was seeing the world through fresh eyes. His transformation was deep and I’m quite sure will prove life transforming. Blocks will lift and his dreams will finally come about. No surprise then, when he sent me this picture of a snake emerging from his garage. What did it mean? He asked. I replied that it was a confirmation of his transformation. He was finally ready to grab life and live it.

Sources of symbolism: animal symbolism, shamanism, druidism, dream interpretation and new age philosophy.

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