Psychic Readings by Karina Collins

Private one-to-one readings options with Karina.

Phone Readings

60- Minute Call


about $148 or £125

30- Minute Call


about $94 or £80


Specialized reading, if you need guidance about work, or help understanding your life purpose, including spiritual gifts. Includes 30- minute phone chat with Karina.

€150 ($148 or £125)


Tarot Email Reading |

Ask 1 Question

This Tarot reading is ideal if you need an answer to a specific question.

Ask about:
* Work
* Career or business
* Hobbies or spirituality
* Moving house
* Finances or family

Price: €50 
About $50 USD or £42
Waiting time: 1 week

Love Reading by Email |

Will I Find Love?

This 6 card Tarot reading is for singles ready to find love. 

* Why haven’t I found love?
* How can I overcome any blocks?
* When will I find love?
* How will I recognize them?
* What will they think of me?
* What does the future hold?

Price: €75 
About $74 USD or £62
Waiting time: 1 week

Email Relationship Reading

Do We Have A Future?

This 6 card Tarot reading is perfect if you need guidance on your current relationship:

* Your karmic lesson together
* How they currently feel about you
* How you feel about them
* If there are hidden influences
* Where the relationship is heading at this time
* How or if, you can fix it

Price: €75 
About $74 USD or £62
Waiting time: 1 week