Self Care Tarot Reading

Self Care Tarot Reading |

In this Self Care Tarot Reading, discover what one thing you should do now, to better take care of yourself.

Decide: Which card are you most drawn to?

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Karina Collins Author

Self Care Tarot: Knight of Wands


Knight of Wands Meaning |

You were guided to the Knight of Wands as you Self Care Tarot card.

The most important person to love in the world, is you.
Loving yourself, does not make you selfish.
It simply means that you respect your own time and the efforts you make, as much as you value other people.
When we don’t value our time or talents, then we can’t blame others for not appreciating our worth.
People are instinctive.
When you don’t feel you’re worth it, others will instinctively agree with you.
This is true in love, work, and every other relationship you have in life.

The Tarot wants you to know, that it’s time to really start believing in yourself.

Lack of self-love has held you back from expanding your life – and doing more exciting things with your time.

The best way you can care for yourself right now, is to do something that makes you excited – explore your potential.

It could be to learn something new, apply for a new job, try a new haircut … Whatever ‘exciting’ means to you, big or small. Honor yourself by daring to live a little more.
Pretty soon, you’ll have no problem believing in – and loving yourself.

Note: If you have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes – read the Knight of Wands (page 83) for even more guidance.

Self Care Tarot: 9 of Wands

Card B

Nine of Wands Meaning | Self Care Tarot Reading

You were guided to the 9 of Wands as your Self Care Tarot card.

This card shows that you feel a little bruised by life, and yet there you are – still standing! What didn’t kill you, made you stronger. You’re stronger than you know.

At this time, the Tarot guides you to keep going with something. You may be tempted to stop or get distracted from an important goal.

The best way to practice self-care right now, is to keep going or get back on track, until you feel like you’ve made progress. You will achieve your goal, and feel amazing, if you keep going.

What this goal is, will be personal to you – it could be to do with health, weight loss, emotional healing or something else.

Note: If you have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes – read the 9 of Wands (page 77) for even more guidance.

Self Care Tarot: 5 of Swords

Card C

Five of Swords Meaning

You were guided to the 5 of Swords as your Self-Care Tarot Card.

This card is connected with conflict with other people. You are guided to deal with an issue, which has been making you increasingly anxious. The Tarot senses that you are having problems with certain people – and it is causing angry words, or feelings to bottle up inside.

How you resolve this situation, will depend on the people involved. If you can’t walk away from a situation, then you must find a way to co-exist more peacefully. One of the best places to start is by relaxing more yourself. Smile. Speak your concerns, and then let go.

Note: If you have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes – read the 5 of Swords (page 129) for even more guidance.

Self Care Tarot: The Lovers

Card D

The Lovers Tarot Card |

You were guided to the Lovers as your Self-Care Tarot Card.

Depending on your situation, one or more of the following messages is for you:

The Tarot says, that the best way for you to self-care right now, is to TRUST love.

If you have been hurt in the past, trust that your heart will still open like a flower with the right person.

If you are worried that certain people like you less than they used to, know that this is not true. You are cherished. The problem has been, that you have not felt good about yourself. But perhaps you are starting to recognize this and learning to self-love again?

This card will mean for some of you, that the best way to honor yourself at this time, is to spend your time working on a project, job or hobby that interests and inspires you.

Note: If you have my book Tarot in 5 Minutes – read the Lovers (page 27) for even more guidance.

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