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What Does Scorpio Rising Sign Mean?

What does it mean when astrologers refer to our Rising Sign and how important is it to understanding ourselves? Our Rising Sign, or Ascendant Sign, together with our Sun Sign and Moon Sign, is one of three main elements that make up our natal chart. Our rising sign refers to the zodiac sign that was rising in the Eastern horizon at the precise time we were born. So, when astrologers say someone is an ‘Scorpio rising’ it means that Scorpio was the zodiac sign rising in the Eastern horizon at the moment of their birth.

What’s the Difference Between Scorpio Sun Sign and Scorpio Rising Sign?

How important is my Scorpio Ascendant sign? Are Rising Signs more accurate than Sun Signs? In astrology, our ascendant or rising sign in focused on our external image, our physical appearance, our outward personality – in short, it is how we want the world to see us. On the other hand, our sun sign refers to our self-image, our personal goals and deep held beliefs. Scorpio sun sign has a reputation for jealousy, being obsessed with privacy and a driving desire to succeed in everything they do. When Scorpio rising is in your astrological chart, all of these characteristics are even more prevalent.

What Is Scorpio Rising Physical Appearance?

Could I recognize someone born with Scorpio rising by their outward appearance? Overall, facial features and body structure associated with a sun sign or a rising sign in astrology is less definitive than other traits and can often be inconsistent.

However, many people with Scorpio rising in their chart tend to have hooded, deep-set eyes, giving them a mysterious and seductive appearance. Dark, thick hair and a muscular, symmetrical body gives this rising sign an appearance of power and strength.

Scorpio Rising In Love and Relationships

How difficult is it for Scorpio rising to find love? It is difficult to speak of Scorpio sun sign or rising sign without first mentioning that predominant characteristic, jealousy. When Scorpio is your rising sign, this trait tends to be even stronger and it is essential that a partner approaches the relationship with the same intensity and commitment. Scorpio rising has no problem expressing their thoughts and feelings to their loved one and, if they feel ignored, look out for a major eruption!

Scorpio rising has difficulty trusting and this applies to everyone, not just a partner. In a relationship their possessive nature means they can see ‘danger’ everywhere and constantly fear that their partner is comparing them unfavorably with their friends, their work colleagues, even the person who serves them in a restaurant. Learning to trust is the road to happiness for Scorpio rising.

How do You Behave at Work?

What are the best career choices for Scorpio rising? It is said that this sun sign and rising sign makes the best criminals and a good example of this is Lucky Luciano, who is credited with being the father of American organized crime. However, I don’t suggest going down that road and, indeed, the other side of the coin, law enforcement is an excellent choice of career for this zodiac sign. Detective, FBI agent, private investigator, crime scene investigator (CSI) and, of course, the military will satisfy the mental energy and imagination of Scorpio rising.

Scorpio rising is blessed with being able to turn their hand to any number of careers and their attention to detail and efficiency makes them brilliant researchers, stockbrokers, investment bankers and engineers. Science and technology is also an area where Scorpio rising excels and Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, is a perfect example of what this zodiac sign is capable of achieving. Of course, Scorpio rising loves to be in control and their love of money means starting their own business is always worth considering.

How Does Scorpio Rising Affect Family and Friends?

Are people born with Scorpio rising good parents? Does this rising sign get on well with friends? Even though those born under this rising sign are reluctant to share their feelings and can come across as loners, they are happier when they are part of a close-knit family with shared interests and who do things together. Scorpio rising is supportive and encouraging to friends and family and takes pleasure in their success. However, the elephant in the corner is always your old friend jealousy and families can be split apart by this negative and destructive emotion. Finding interests outside the home will help to use up some of your abundant energy and relieve any tensions in the home. Scorpio rising is slow to show their true self but once they relax and feel safe, they will be a loyal and trustworthy friend for life.

How can Scorpio Rising Maintain a Healthy Balance?

How difficult is it for Scorpio rising to create a healthy work/life balance? Let go of the jealousy and you will change your life. Because you have such a vivid imagination almost all your ‘reasons’ for being jealous are, literally, all in the mind! Finding ways of using up all that mental and physical energy is the road to a happy and fulfilling life.

What Famous People were Born Under this Sign?

Celebrities born under Scorpio Ascendant include:

Gloria Steinem, Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Margaret Thatcher, Lily-Rose Depp, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, Clint Eastwood, Hilary Clinton, Martha Stewart, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Vanessa Paradis, Imelda Marcos, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Gianni Versace

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