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What Are Sagittarius Moon People Like?

What does it mean if someone is born with Sagittarius Moon Sign in their birth chart?

This moon sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which according to astrologers, is the most favored and good luck planet in the Universe. Jupiter also happens to be the planet of adventure so it’s no surprise to learn that Sagittarius moon has an innate desire for freedom and are known as the adventurers and explorers of the world.

This fun-loving fire sign prides themselves on being ‘unique’ and likes nothing better than to shock others with their daring escapades. Don’t be surprised to see them bungee jumping on their 80th birthday!

What Does Being Sagittarius Moon Sign Mean?

What are the distinctive personality traits of Sagittarius Moon? If you are looking for one word to describe this larger-than-life zodiac sign, it might be gregarious. Outgoing, assertive and a little bit ‘loud’, you will find them at the centre of a laughing group, telling funny stories and dominating the conversation.

Being a mutable sign means they are flexible, adaptable and, sometimes, described as insensitive. It is true that they don’t dwell on emotions but rather on action and they have no difficulty in calling a spade a spade!

Sagittarius moon are natural born philosophers and, ruled by the element fire, they are passionate and positive about their views and can be quite abrasive in their defense. Perhaps this is one of their few weaknesses of this zodiac sign as they tend to bulldoze a discussion and nobody else can get a word in.

What Are The Best Careers For You?

What type of job is Moon in Sagittarius attracted to? Clearly, their love of adventure, travel and prehistoric culture means working in any of these areas is a no-brainer for this zodiac sign. Travel agent, tour guide, explorer, archaeology, artifact analyst, museum curator are all a good fit. This moon sign is never at a loss for words and, with their outgoing, bubbly personality, sales and marketing are also a good choice.

Despite their quirky personality and, sometimes blunt manner, those born with Sagittarius moon in their chart are intelligent, passionate and analytical, making them great listeners. This makes them excellent therapists, counselors, social works, lawyers and psychologists, to name but a few of the careers that benefit form good listening skills.

Caring and empathetic, this zodiac sign is often drawn to charitable work, whether as a career or on a voluntary basis. Given their excellent communication skills and organizational capabilities they will excel working in fundraising, public relations or project management.

Who Is The Best Partner For Sagittarius Moon?

What zodiac sign do astrologers say is most compatible with Sagittarius Moon? One thing this moon sign can be sure about is that there will never be a shortage of willing partners. Confident they have got what it takes (and usually they do!), this fun-loving and outgoing personality is a born seducer and likes to be the center of attention. In a relationship, this trait can, in fact, lead them into trouble as their partner may find it difficult being ignored while they enjoy flirting with just about everyone in the room.

Sagittarius moon values their freedom and it’s essential that their partner understands this aspect of their character. Despite their flirty nature, they tend to take a pragmatic rather than romantic approach to their relationship and, some would say, that a platonic relationship with a fun-loving fellow-traveler works just fine.

Many people born with their moon in Sagittarius have difficult in committing to a just one person, perhaps because they worry about losing control (something they fear greatly) or perhaps it is simply the dread of losing their independence. The best relationship for Sagittarius is with one of the other Fire signs – Leo, Aries or, of course, another Sagittarius.

What Famous People Were Born Under this Sign?

Celebrities born under Sagittarius Moon Sign include:

Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Steven King, Al Pacino, Charlie Sheen, Adele, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Dakota Johnson, Emma Watson, Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake, Picasso, van Gogh, Albert Einstein, Beethoven

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