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Simply pick the planet which speaks loudest to you, for this reading. Each planet is connected with a special angel message.

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Sacred Planets

Guardian Angel of Vision

The Guardian Angel of Vision is watching over you right now.

Trust the visions you’ve been having about the future, even if you doubt them or yourself. Your Guardian Angel is showing you how good life could be, if only you follow the path she shows you. Don’t worry about failure, it doesn’t matter if you fumble down the path or stride, you are still on the path.

Additional Messages

  • For those of you practicing mediumship, your clairvoyance and ability to ‘see’ spirit energy will improve this year.
  • If you’ve been experiencing vision problems, you will be led to the right healer soon.
  • Be prepared to admit you are wrong when it comes to relationship issues with people who are close to you.
Yellow Planet Symbolism |

Guardian Angel of Listening

The Guardian Angel of Listening is watching over you right now.

Hear, sense and listen. In any relationship, be it with loved ones, friends, or work colleagues, it is important to pay attention to what the other person is saying. All too often, we’re already planning our response while the other person is still talking. We make assumptions about where the conversation is going, plan our part of the conversation, and even end up leading it in the direction we assume it is going.

When this happens, we don’t hear what the other person is saying. If this has happened to you recently, it means you were not ‘present’ at that time. To truly listen, you need to observe the other person’s body language, you need to stop talking and hear their words and the tone they use.

In so doing, you will also activate your intuition and end up better sensing so much more.

Listening if a gift – it is something you do with your mind, body and soul. If you feel you are already doing this, perhaps it is a sign that you should extend your listening ability to help other people, perhaps by becoming a counselor, tarot reader or coach.

Pink planet symbolism |

Guardian Angel of Guidance

The Guardian Angel of Guidance is watching over you right now.

You are gaining a renewed sense of direction and purpose. Sweet child of God, I know that you have been feeling a little lost or uncertain about the future. I am the Angel of Guidance, and I have heard you. Please follow my guidance now. I want you to close your eyes and visualize a golden path before you. The pathway is edged with beautiful trees and flowers. The path leads towards a sunrise on the horizon. As you walk along the path, trust that you are being guided in the right direction. Experience what it feels like to trust and to journey along the path without questioning your direction. You are enjoying the experience of the journey.

In the coming weeks, I want you to visualize this path. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face and know everything you are doing is right. There is no need for doubt. As you do this, you will become aware of the direction you are heading, and a new sense of purpose will gather within you.

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