Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz Spiritual Meaning |

Color: Pink quartz
Chakra: Heart chakra
To Buy: Cheap, and widely available online and in crystal stores
Zodiac Sign: Taurus and Libra
Tarot: The Lovers
Aids: Love, trauma
Heals: Infertility, grief, heart conditions

Spiritual Meaning of Rose Quartz

When you are drawn to the Rose Quartz crystal, it means you crave peace on a deeper level: in your mind, body and spirit.

This pink crystal is associated with unconditional love, and promotes healing of the heart, through the heart chakra. It attracts love to you, if you are feeling lonely; and helps to heal broken relationships, including love, family and friendships. Where your heart seeks peace and quiet, this stone draws what, or who, you most need, near.

This pink crystal is the most powerful emotional healer.

What are the Properties of Rose Quartz Crystal?

The Rose Quartz is a form of quartz, consisting of silicon dioxide. You can buy this stone as a raw crystal, tumbled stone or sometimes even filed into the shape of a heart. Elestial Rose Quartz, a rarer form of this crystal, has an even higher healing vibration. Most Rose Quartz on the market today comes from South Africa, Brazil, USA and Japan.

4 Keys Benefits of Rose Quartz

1. Heal From Heartache

This crystal is classically used to mend a broken heart. The stone soothes by absorbing negative energy from your aura. As the toxic energy is taken away, you are able to release pain and heal faster. It promotes forgiveness, acceptance and the openness to trust again. More importantly, it helps you to trust yourself.

2. Attract Love

The Rose Quartz recognizes your energy, and knows which energy will match your energy. When your energy is good, you’re more likely to attract your soulmate with this crystal. This crystal will only draw a lover to you, when the time is right. If healing is necessary, the healing must first take place.

3. Overcome Trauma

This stone is a perfect soother if you have experienced an emotional trauma, such as the death of a loved one, or a physical trauma, like a car accident or you were the victim of a crime. Squeeze a large Rose Quartz in your hand when you need to get through a particularly rough day.

4. Overcome Fear of Commitment

If you would like your partner to commit to your relationship, or propose, then place a Rose Quartz in their bedroom. This will help them release any emotional issues which are holding them back from committing to a loving relationship.

Note: If you wish to understand yourself better, and what motivates you at a heart-level, then you may find the Green Fluorite crystal a better option.

When Should You Use Rose Quartz Stones?

I recommend you only use a Rose Quartz when you require one of it’s specific healing qualities. You can use the stone for days, weeks or months at a time, but there should come a day when you know it is time to put it away. When you are finished with the crystal, store it in a dark place until you next need it, or gift it to someone who needs it. A pre-loved Rose Quartz packs twice the punch of a regular Rose Quartz.

Where Should You Place Your Rose Quartz?

I recommend you only keep a Rose Quartz in your bedroom. This stone heals very personal issues, and is therefore best kept in your most private room for that reason. The bedroom is typically the most private room in most homes.

You can place the stone on your bedside table or under your pillow, whichever is most convenient.

What are the Healing Benefits of Rose Quartz?

This crystal can aid:

  • Infertility
  • Grief
  • Heart problems
  • Vertigo
  • Alzheimer’s
  • High blood pressure
  • Parkinson’s

The Rose Quartz helps to draw anxious energy out of your body, and fills you with loving vibes. It does this by working through your Heart Chakra, which is located in your chest area. If you enjoy meditation, lie down and place a Rose Quartz on your heart. Here, it will act as a channel, absorbing negative energy from inside you, and directing healing light into you.

Diagram of 7 Chakras |

Instant Meditation with a Rose Quartz Crystal

If you don’t have a Rose Quartz to hand, you can still absorb some of it’s wonderful energy remotely with this instant meditation. Download the image below to your phone, and meditate on it in the morning for a minute.

Tell the Crystal what you wish to happen ….

Rose Quartz Meditation|

How to Set Intentions Using Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is a perfect crystal to use with an intention candle, or more specifically a Love Candle to attract marriage. Use one large Rose Quartz, or a few smaller ones to attract:

Love. Especially unconditional love, the sort of person who will walk through flames to be with you.

Forgiveness. If want to find forgiveness in your heart, or if you want someone to forgive you.

Healing Abilities. If you are a healer who works from love, and wants to heal others, this stone can purify your powers, making them stronger. You should combine this stone with an Amethyst, which is known as the Master Healer crystal.

In all instances, use a Clear Quartz crystal in your intention candle to amplify the effect of the Rose Quartz.

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