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Repetitive numbers, sometimes called angel numbers.

What does it mean when you keep seeing repeating numbers like 111 or 222? Is an angel or some Divine power out there in the Universe trying to tell you something?

In this article, we are going to get to the root of this hugely common phenomena.  

Is it Just a Coincidence When You See Repeating Numbers?

When you first start to see repetitive numbers, you might wonder if it’s just a coincidence that say every time you look at the clock, it says 11:11. But after a while you begin to suspect that somethings up, right?

Your instincts are right. Repetitive numbers are not a coincidence, they are a confirmation.

A confirmation that you are not alone and that an angel or some higher being, is looking out for you. It is easy, to feel small in this world, especially when you start to think about how big the Earth is, and then the solar system, and the galaxy, and the Universe and possibly even a multiverse beyond that. On the scale of things, we are a grain of sand on an infinite beach.

Feel small yet?

Well, this is where repetitive numbers come in. Repeating numbers are a confirmation that you are seen, and you are heard. Someone is watching over you. You matter, your life matters, and how you spend your time here on Earth matters.

So no matter what repetitive number you see – 1111 or 8888 or 9999 – take comfort from knowing that your angel is watching and helping you out in the background. Something good will come from it.

What to do When You See Repetitive Numbers

When you see repetitive numbers – stop – and acknowledge something has just happened.

Acknowledge that a Divine power or angel is communicating with you. Say ‘Thank You’ to them for taking the time to talk with you about your life.

Take a moment to stop and raise your thoughts from the mundane. It’s so easy to get bogged down in living, that we forget to take a breath and look up to the stars. When you see repetitive numbers, stop your mental chatter – forget about your boss, your kids or your parents or whatever you need to do that day. Sit in silence for a few seconds. Don’t ask for anything. Just BE with whoever is connecting with you at that moment.

Every time you stop to say Thank You when you see a repetitive number, you deepen your relationship with your angels and guides.

Why Numbers? Because The Universe is Built on Mathematics

When everything else is stripped away, mathematics is the language of the Universe. It is a common language that can be understood everywhere in every galaxy and by every species. It is not English, French or Spanish, it is mathematics.

Nearly everything living can be broken down into an equation. Recurring shapes and patterns which seem to be built into Nature itself. Bee hives consist of perfect 6-sided hexagon. Everywhere you look there are symmetries, spirals and waves. From the shape of galaxies, crystals and snowflakes. Even the human body, our DNA correlates to numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci is a mathematical pattern which is seen throughout nature, from you and I, to the shells of snails and the spiral of a hurricane. [Source: Patterns in Nature]

The great astronomer and physicist Galileo said that our Universe is a ‘grand book’ written in the language of mathematics.

Humans are a part of nature too. At a subatomic level our body responds to mathematics.

Bottom line: Math is a great way to talk. At a cellular or spiritual level, your body computes the message.

Why do Higher Powers Use Numbers to Communicate With Us?

Numbers are something we humans made up, to help us understand and explain the world. In such a way, numbers are symbolic and they have become so embedded in our psyche, it makes sense for evolved beings, like angels, to use them as a delivery mechanism for messages. Repeating numbers are like the UPS delivery van of the Universe. It is the Divine’s way of sending you instructions in the form of a support package.

“Repeating numbers are like the UPS delivery van of the Universe. It is the Divine’s way of sending you instructions in the form a support package.”

Karina Collins

What is The Message of Repeating Numbers?

When you understand that numbers are the most natural way for unseen forces to communicate with us, the next question is, what do the numbers mean? What is the hidden message or code behind, say 111, 222 or 333?

Often a client will turn to me during a reading and say, “I keep seeing 11:11, what does it mean, it’s driving me nuts!?”

The first thing to remember is, you actually don’t need to know what the number means. Numbers strip away the baggage, and represent pure encoded messages, which go directly into your core being. Your body, at a DNA level knows what to do with it. So you don’t need to worry, that you’ll miss the message.

At the same time, people’s curiosity is understandable. It would be nice to know what coded message our body is receiving, when you see 111, 777, 555 or any other repetitive number.

The Number Sequence is Important

When you see a repetitive number, you should consider the sequence. The lower the number, the bigger the transformation.

What normally happens is that you start to see 11:11 first. Which is the big awakening. It’s likely to be the first time you realize that angels are trying to contact you.

After that, you might see other repetitive numbers, like 222 or 444. This is a sign of progress. The angels are sending you more opportunities to change and grow.

Each number sequence brings a new opportunity.

If you struggle with any level, you can end up going back a few numbers, and seeing 11:11 again. We are constantly going up and down the numbers scale, like a game Snakes and Ladders.

Your Body Understands Repetitive Numbers

So, remember, you don’t need to know exactly what that number you keep seeing on your clock or your phone means. Your body understands the frequency and pattern of the numbers you are receiving.

The main thing is:

You stop what you are doing for a few seconds,
And say thank you for watching over me.

Appreciate the moment. Someone very special out there in the grand Universe is thinking of you right now, and sending you a support package.

When You See Numbers or Code in Your Dreams or Meditation

Even if you are not seeing repeating numbers, you may have been exposed to number sequences in other ways.  

Dreaming in Binary Code

Not long ago, I woke one night suddenly from a deep sleep. In my half-dream and half-wake state, I was aware of binary code streaming behind my eyelids. That’s lots of 0s and 1s, the raw language of machine coding. The experience lasted about 10 seconds before I was fully awake. It felt like my mind was plugged into the mainframe of a computer. If you have seen the Matrix films, you will know what I mean.

In fact, many people have reported similar experiences of seeing binary code in their dreams or meditation. A quick search on the internet and you’ll find questions like this: “Dreaming in Binary Code. Are we living in a simulation? I took nap today and dreamt the usual dreams but then I began to see a 1s and 0s on a black background. What the heck? I don’t have any reason to think (much less dream) about binary code.”

There is a suggestion that such experiences are connected to the activation of the pineal gland, or Third Eye. Alternatively, it may be explained by quantum mechanics, which dictates that everything in our world can be broken down into information, for example, a string of 0s and 1s. [Source: Hawking: Black holes store information. BBC]

Perhaps this gives credence to the theory that we are living in a computer simulation. [Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50–50. Scientific American]

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Repetitive Numbers

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