Red Feather Meaning

Red Feather Meaning

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What does it mean when you find a red feather? If the angels bless you with a red feather, then it is a sign of good luck and fortune.

Here are the 4 specific messages associated with red feathers.

Red Feather Meaning

1: Red Feathers Are a Sign of Good Luck

The red feather is a sign of lucky times ahead. Perhaps you have been waiting for a specific event to occur, or you are looking for a reversal of fortunes – simply for things to start going right. 

The message of the red feather is simple and straight forward – your wish is granted.

In some cases it may be that your wishes are granted in a different way than you imagine. If that happens, have faith and accept what flows to you without judgement and with a grateful heart. 

Red Feather Meaning

2. A Red Feather Signifies Archangel Uriel

Red is the color of Archangel Uriel and you have just received his calling card!

Uriel is the angel of wisdom. He is channeling wisdom through you – in order to help you take some important decisions about your life. Pay attention to those niggling thoughts at the back of your head which urge you to move in this or that direction.

In time, Uriel will also channel guidance through you to help other people. At first, you may choose to pass this wisdom on to friends and family – help them find their way in life. But when Uriel sends you the red feather, it means he wants you to be of service to a wider audience. Chaneling the angelic realm and clairaudience is your spiritual gift.

When You Find a Red Feather

3: Help Save The Planet

This message is only for a few of you. Although green is typically seen as the color of the environment – red is the color of survival. Environmental issues have become about survival now, and so the red feather is the new calling card of Planet Earth.

You have just received instruction from the angels – play your part in saving the planet. You are destined for a great leadership role. If this particular message is meant for you, you will already be involved in conservation activism.

Red Feathers Archangel Uriel

4: Sign of Healing For Certain Illnesses

The red feather brings healing for back problems, rheumatism, neuralgia, depression in later years, infertility and headaches.

If you suffer from one or more of these conditions, know that you are receiving some celestial angelic help.

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