Can You Read Your Own Tarot Cards?

Can you read your own Tarot cards? |

In this article, we answer can you read your own Tarot cards? In other words, is it safe to read Tarot for yourself? Discover the rules of divination and cartomancy.

Is it Safe to Read Your Own Tarot Cards?

Yes, it is safe to read your own Tarot cards. Tarot is a wonderful tool for connecting to your soul, your spirit guides and the world of spirit.

The cards act as a divination tool enabling you to take decisions and receive guidance about your spiritual and daily life.

Nevertheless, some people have superstitious beliefs about Tarot cards. Some still question, for example, is it unlucky to buy your own Tarot cards? And others wonder if Tarot cards are evil or dangerous to use.

If you are worried in any way, all I can suggest is that you relax, and use a little common sense. As a starting point, take a few minutes to read about the history of Tarot. Rather than forming opinions based on superstition and old wives tales, a little knowledge and understanding of the origins of cartomancy can go a long way to resolving your worries.

Can anyone read Tarot cards?

Yes, Tarot is open to every soul on this planet. You do not need to be psychic, clairvoyant or telepathic to read Tarot cards. If you are prepared to study, then you can become a proficient card reader.

If you are interested in learning more, check out: How to read Tarot cards, or order my book Tarot in 5 Minutes.

Can You Read Tarot Cards Daily?

One popular method for learning Tarot, is to draw a daily card for guidance. Drawing a daily card helps you to become more familiar with the 78 card meanings in a Tarot deck. The more times you draw a card, the more likely you are to remember the meaning. Many beginners find it helpful to write down their observations and lessons in a Tarot journal.

At the same time, some beginners still ask, is it bad to read tarot cards everyday?

Firstly, when it comes to reading Tarot cards, there are no ‘bad’ things to do. If you feel like drawing a daily card for inspiration or guidance, then that is exactly what you should do. Doing so not only helps you to master the meaning of each card, but also helps you to forge a relationship with the cards.

Along the way you will end up combining traditional meanings with unique personal understandings. Tarot meanings, although well defined, are endless. Each reader brings their own perspective to a reading.

Be Aware of Timing

The only thing you need to be aware of when reading you cards everyday, is the matter of timing.

The Death card for example, means the end of a situation. If you asked the Tarot, what will happen to my business in the next year? And you draw Death, it can signify your business shutting down. However, if you asked, what will happen in my business today? Death is more likely to refer to a more minor incident. Perhaps a business meeting does not go ahead, or the contract you pitched for does not come through.

In conclusion, it is perfectly fine to read your cards everyday. However, you must be aware, that the more frequently you read your cards, the less likely they are to refer to bigger events.

When I first studied Tarot, I used to draw daily cards for myself all the time. This really helped me to master my understanding of the cards. However, now that I am an experienced cartomancer, I only tend to ask the cards about my own life two or three times a year.

When Not to Read Your Own Tarot Cards

There are certain times when it is sensible not to read your own Tarot cards. Those situations include:

1. When Emotions are High

If you are very emotional about a situation. For example, your boyfriend has just ended your relationship, you have been made redundant or someone close to you has died. In such painful circumstances your kinetic or psychic energy will be shooting out uncontrolled in all directions.

You may very well end up influencing the way in which the cards fall in a reading. Literally your emotional energy can attract the cards you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear. This is why most professional Tarot readers try to avoid reading for a client during a crisis. It is always better to approach the cards when events have calmed down.

2. You Feel Impatient

In a similar manner, when you are impatient for an answer, this can also adversely affect your reading. You are more likely to disregard guidance you do not want to hear, and over-emphasis the predictions which are not particularly significant.

3. Your Judgement is Impaired

If your judgement is impaired because of tiredness, alcohol or drugs, then your Tarot reading may not be particularly accurate. Conversely, I have known readers who say that their best inspirational readings came after a few glasses of wine, so this is not an exact rule. We are all adults here, so do what works best for you, in moderation.

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Can you read your own Tarot cards?

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