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People often ask me, what is the best way to develop my psychic abilities? Undertaking a program of psychic training is always exciting, and there are many pathways to development. Here are my suggestions.

What Does It Mean To Be Psychic?

First, lets address the question, What does it mean to be psychic?

If you start thinking about someone and then they telephone, you may be using your psychic ability. That is, the ability to read someone’s energy and to connect to their feelings and intention. Have you ever felt a shiver down your spine when you enter an old building? If so, you may have been psychically reading the energy of the people who used to live there (clairsentience). Using your psychic abilities means you are sensing things – not just by the five senses we know exist for sure (touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing), but also by an unseen sixth sense (your mind).

While most people are psychic to some degree, others are naturally more skilled. In some cases, psychic abilities are only be triggered by an emotional or physical stress later in life.

While you may have natural talent, you still need to work at training and developing your skill in order to make practical use of it.

How Do You Know If You Are Psychic?

You will most likely have experienced some ‘knowings‘ already, although it is not necessarily a daily occurrence. In my experience, I find that those who are fascinated by the area, are usually the ones who are supposed to work in it. There is a reason for your interest, it is not coincidence. If you would like more specific personal advice, then consider booking a life purpose reading with me. We can have a chat about your abilities, hopes and dreams.

Psychic Training Tools

Some psychics like to use tools to help focus their intuition. Typical divination tools include Tarot cards, crystal balls, pendulum, oracle cards (such as Angel cards), palmistry and even tea leaf reading. It should be mentioned that these tools do not contain some mysterious ‘power’ – the Tarot cards for example are just a deck of cards with images.

However, they, like other psychic tools are very useful for cranking open your intuition. They act like a key which unlocks the door of another world. Personally, I recommend you start with Tarot cards and my book Tarot in 5 Minutes, which will make it all very easy.

Psychic Careers

So before you start developing your psychic abilities, you may wonder where will it all lead to? I recommend you see your psychic ability as a foundation – something you need to master and from which you can then launch into many different possible areas. Just which area you will end up enjoying the most, is yet to be discovered. But that’s half the fun – there’s no rush, enjoy the journey! Eventually you may end up doing a little bit of everything, or focusing in one specific direction, such as:

Psychic: Using Tarot cards or other forms of divination to assess a person’s life and where they are going (sometimes referred to as fortune telling, but the possibilities are much more). The ability of telepathy, or mind reading is particularly useful here.

Mediumship: Using your sixth sense to contact people who have passed over. Some psychics never go down this route, but for others, it is a natural progression.

Past Life Regression: Using your sixth sense to tune into a past life for a client, and to discover if there are any issues from that past life which they have brought into their current life. If you were particularly interested in this route, you can train as a past life regressionist, which involves hypnosis.

Automatic Writing: Using your psychic abilities to tune into spirits and channel words of wisdom from the ‘other side’. Some psychics have published books channeled through ‘dead’ people.

Pet Psychic: Using your abilities to tune into animals. Pet psychics communicate with animals and pass on messages to their owners. If they have mediumship abilities, they can communicate with pets who have died.

Healing: Using your sixth sense to uncover emotional and physical problems in clients, and to heal (also known as energy healing). This area has huge potential; some healers even channel dead surgeons to perform psychic surgery.

Angel Reading: Using Angel cards to contact Angels to deliver messages for clients.

Psychic Artist: This is where the artist goes into a light or deep trance and channels artists who have passed into spirit life. The artist allows their hand to be guided by the spirit – to produce psychic art. Some psychic artists claim to channel famous artists such as Monet and Van Gogh. Other psychic artists use their clairvoyant vision (sight) to draw people’s angels, loved ones and guides. To be a good psychic artist you need to have some technical knowledge yourself, but some artists claim they have been taught how to draw by their spirit guides.

1. Sharpen Your 5 Senses

In this section I recommend some basic exercises.

You are aware of your 5 senses – seeing (eyes), hearing (ears), touching (sense of being touched), smell (nose) and taste (mouth). Our sixth sense (mind) is also known as the psychic sense. However, before going on to develop your sixth sense, you need to first look at developing the first 5 senses because our sixth sense utilizes all 5 of those senses.


At night, with no lights on, look around your bedroom and identify the shapes you see. As you identify each shape say “this is what a (name the object) looks like in the dark. I am sensitising my sight to recognise objects accurately in the dark and under any lighting situation”. In so doing, you are training your psychic mind to accurately observe your environment. You are instructing your subconscious mind to alert you to everything you need to know so that your psychic capacity can function fully. Perform this exercise once a night for 7 days.


When you go to bed, lie quietly for a few minutes. In bed we usually tune out sounds unless they are so loud or unusual we are forced to hear them. Instead, concentrate on all the sounds you hear and try to identify them. If you hear a vehicle passing, work out if it is a car, truck, or bike. Can you hear voices outside, do they sound male or female, young or old? Be aware of sounds, instruct your ears to pick up everything. Perform this exercise once a night for 7 days (but only exercise one sense at a time. So start this exercise once you have completed the seeing exercise).


For one week, make a conscious effort to be aware of smells around you. Open a few containers of spices in your kitchen and sniff them. Sniff the air when you put petrol in your car. When you are in the office, be conscious of smells in your environment. Say to yourself “I am sensitising my sense of smell for use in my psychic development”.


You are more likely to make psychic use of your sense of touch if you go on to develop mediumship or work with psychic (energy) healing. The best way to open your awareness is to spend an hour touching different objects and mentally noting how they feel – glassware, furniture, food and so on.


You may have read about psychics/mediums who develop a taste in their mouth while working with a client. For example, if they suddenly develop a taste of stale cigarettes it may be a message from the other world that the client needs to give up smoking. Or, if you working as a medium, it could be that the deceased person is letting you know they smoked. For a few days, make a mental note every time you eat and drink something – “I am now tasting (name the food) and am sensitising my sense of taste for my psychic development”.

2. Open Your Sixth Sense

To be psychic, you need to open your sixth sense, otherwise known as psychic sense. Your sixth sense is the part of you that acts like a finely tuned radio receptor. Once it is working properly you can tune into a higher vibrational radio wave and gleam lots of knowledge from it. It connects to the psychic energy of people around you, as well as those in the world of spirit. So how do we heighten our receptivity and tune in? By practising a form of meditation called Sitting in the Power. If you put this search term into YouTube, you’ll find plenty of options.


Before meditating, I recommend saying the Our Father as an opening prayer. I don’t necessarily recommend this for religious purposes, but rather because the words are soothing and help calm your chakras. Here are the words of the prayer:

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

3. Learn How To Use a Divination Tool

The best way to boost your psychic development is to master a divination tool. Personally, I believe anyone undergoing psychic training should begin with Tarot cards.

4. College and Study Courses

Psychic Training Courses

There are a number of excellent colleges that offer psychic training including:

The world renowned Arthur Findlay College, in London.
Courses on: Trance mediumship, platform mediumship (on stage), physical mediumship, psychic training, dream interpretation and more.

College Of Psychic Studies, also in London.
Courses on: Art and divination, psychic development, trance, energy healing and meditation; as well as channeling angels, spirit guides and other celestial beings.

Omega Center, New York
Courses on: Reiki, mindfulness, yoga, tapping, mediumship and intuition development.

Spiritual Radio Stations
These are two stations I enjoy listening to, you might also enjoy:
Hay House Radio
Conscious Talk

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