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What Does Pisces Rising Sign Mean?

Is there a difference between my Rising Sign and my Ascendant Sign? How important is it for me to know my Rising Sign? Our Rising Sign, also called our Ascendant, reflects the astrological sign that was ascending on the Eastern horizon at the exact time of our birth. If your birth chart shows that you are a ‘Pisces Rising’ it means that Pisces was the zodiac sign rising in the Eastern horizon at the exact moment of your birth.

What’s the Difference Between Pisces Sun Sign and Pisces Rising Sign?

What does my Rising Sign in Pisces say about me? Does my Rising Sign in Pisces have an impact on my personality? Our sun sign refers to our inner character, our motivation and ambition. Our ascendant or rising sign determines our physical presence, the image we present to the world. The rising sign is what people first encounter and can often be misleading. Pisces sun sign are sensitive, dreamy and altruistic and prepared to ‘martyr’ themselves for the good of others. When Pisces is rising, this characteristic is more exaggerated and anyone born under this rising sign is in danger of losing their sense of ‘self’ and, as a result, becoming invisible to others.

What Is Pisces Rising Physical Appearance?

Could I recognize someone with Pisces rising by their facial features or body shape? Even though quite a lot has been written about the distinguishing characteristics of the different zodiac signs, personally, I think it is one of the few areas in astrology that is unclear and appearances can be quite diverse. However, astrologers suggest that Pisces rising is one of the most attractive signs in the zodiac. With very expressive eyes, perhaps showing the very deep emotions they are known to possess, dark hair and a dreamy look.

There is a gentle, almost ethereal aura around this astrological sign which makes them easy to be around and their pliable character means they adapt to both situations and people with ease.

Pisces Rising In Love and Relationships

How do people born with Pisces rising deal with love and relationships? Pisces rising, romantic and sentimental, tend to take a passive role in relationships. After the initial flush of sexual intimacy, interest in the physical often dwindles and that is when romance and a more ‘fluffy’ partnership takes over.

Pisces rising has a rather innocent and idealistic image of their partner and while they can maintain this, all goes well. However, should reality dawn and they discover their partner is in any way flawed, their sense of disappointment can be overwhelming.

Given the right circumstances and a partner who encourages and supports them, Pisces rising are generous, caring and loving and when they commit to a relationship they do so for life. Other water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and indeed Pisces are a good match for someone born under this star sign. However, water signs can create very strong bonds with those any of the earth signs, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.

How do You Behave at Work?

What careers are the best choice for those born with Pisces rising in their natal chart? Pisces rising are both innovative and artistic so it’s important that they choose a career where they can make the best use of these natural gifts. Clearly anything that involves the arts, acting, singing, painting, photography, will all appeal to this creative astrological sign.

The worst job for Pisces rising is anything that involves routine and lacks variety. Give this zodiac sign a project that inspires them and they will blossom.

Compassionate and empathetic Pisces rising are drawn to the caring professions as nurses, carers and counsellors. They also perform well working in the hospitality industry.

How Does Pisces Rising Affect Family and Friends?

How important is family to Pisces rising? Does Pisces rising make a good parent? This zodiac sign’s romantic nature extends to family and friends in just the same way as to a partner. They work hard to make relationships function happily but need to avoid the tendency of insisting everyone shares their views or, if they don’t, they will sulk!

Pisces rising will do anything to avoid confrontation and, as a parent, this can lead to trouble controlling children. A born ‘fence-sitter’ with an innate inability to make a decision is the single most annoying and frustrating trait as far as family and friends are concerned. If Pisces can overcome this weakness, they make wonderful, caring and understanding friends.

How can Pisces Rising Maintain a Healthy Balance?

Finding ways to develop their natural creative talents is essential for Pisces rising, as doing so will give them confidence to face the ‘real’ world. Don’t stress about making the ‘right’ decision, remember that any decision is better than none!

What Famous People were Born Under this Sign?

Celebrities born under Pisces Ascendant include:

Ryan Gosling, Whitney Houston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, Demi Moore, Laura Dern, Lourdes Maria Ciccone, Richard Pryor, Ashlee Simpson, Gertrude Stein, Dean Martin, Mary Tyler Moore

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