Pink Feather Meaning

Pink Feather Meaning

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Crystal: Rose Quartz
Topic: Pink Feather Meaning

Pink is a symbol of love and passion. If the angels have blessed you with a pink feather, it is a sign that something lucky is about to happen. A deeply felt, emotional wish is about to be fulfilled. Whatever you were wishing for, around the time the feather arrived – is where your wish is fulfilled.

Small Pink Feather by Karina

1. Pink Feathers Represents New Passion

A new passion, concerning work or your life purpose is emerging. An opportunity or person will appear that clarifies your path ahead.

finding feathers in yard

2. A Pink Feather Means Love is Coming

If you are single, your soulmate is coming. 
If you are in a relationship, problems are repaired, and love deepens. 

found a feather in my yard

3. Children or Grandchildren

A child or grandchild is coming.

When you find feathers

4. Pink Feathers Represent a New Home

Pink feathers are strongly associated with house moves. But not any old house move. Rather, a move to a home in the location of your dreams.

My Pink Feather Story

About 2 years ago, I was looking for my ‘dream home’. Every obstacle possible was in my way. I won’t overload you with all the details – only to say, that it could easily be taken as a ‘sign’ that I was on the wrong path. I had a dream location in my mind, but realistically it was out of my price range. Eventually, I settled on a second-best option and put an offer in on a lovely house in that area. It was accepted. I was delighted. But then a few days later, the seller withdrew because someone had offered a higher price. I was so disappointed. But hidden beneath the disappointment was a feeling ‘everything happens for a reason.’

A month later, as I was shopping in a supermarket, as I was waiting to pay at the cashier desk, I looked down and found this pink feather at my foot:

What it means when you find a pink feather
Karina’s pink feather and dream house.

I live in Ireland. We don’t have exotic birds here with pink feathers. This was a sign!

One week later – a house turned up in my dream location. The seller was in a hurry to sell and I was ready to buy – so she knocked the price down to meet my price point. And hey presto, I had my dream home, in my dream location.

Lesson: Keep the faith. No matter how windy the road may be.

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