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Pick a spiritual number. Simply decide which number you are most drawn to!

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Spiritual Number: 639

Angel number 639 means: Your Divine life purpose is watched over and helped by ascended masters (powerful spirit guides) who support your desire for spiritually based work. How do you know if you are destined for spiritually based work? Because you feel the need to make a difference as you go about your daily life, and not just pass away the time to pay bills. Don’t forget, for some, your spiritual work will be based at home if you are caring or supporting others.

Spiritual Number: 754

Angel number 754 means: As you change your life for the better, your angel walks beside you, protecting and guiding you. It doesn’t matter how big or small the changes are, make them a priority. The results will lay the foundation for your future happiness.

Spiritual Number: 566

Angel number 566 means: See yourself as strong and powerful. Take charge of improving your life. This is not a time to wait for others to help you or notice you, but rather to grab the reins and lead. This is your life, your responsibility.

Spiritual Number: 171

Angel number 171 means: You deserve the happiness and success you are experiencing (or will soon experience). It is safe for you to be happy and successful, so relax and enjoy it. You are walking with the angels now.

Spiritual Number: 123

Angel number 123 means: Simplify your life by letting go of anything unnecessary. If you feel life is rushing by and you’re not enjoying it – then it’s time to step back and ask what activity can I let go of? Even if that means changing your lifestyle or relationships. Sometimes we need to be willing to let things go in order to allow the new to enter.

Spiritual Number: 1234

Angel number 1234 means: You may notice this time on the clock 12:34. This is a very significant message. It means an ascended master (powerful spirit guide) is directing you towards a lifetime opportunity. Pay attention to whatever opportunities come your way in the next few weeks.

Spiritual Number: 547

Angel number 547 means: Congratulations, you are connecting with your angels – you may even be finding white feathers to confirm this (or will after reading this). You are hearing their guidance in the form of gut feelings and are acting on it. Trust your instincts more than ever, particularly in the coming two months.


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