Pick a Butterfly

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Pick a butterfly for a little message from your angel.
Go with your first instinct, don’t overthink this angel reading.

Karina Collins Author

Pick a Butterfly
Light Blue Butterfly

Spiritual meaning light blue butterfly

This message comes from: YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL

The Light Blue Butterfly Symbolizes Your Guardian Angel.

Some people find it hard to trust a Power outside of themselves, like angels.
While you might say ‘I love the angels’, but are you really listening to your angel?
If you find yourself stressed or anxious regularly, then you are not listening.
Talking at angels and listening to angels and two different things.
I say this with love.
When you listen to the angels, you automatically feel relaxed.
You automatically feel reassured about the future.
You don’t react to other people, or get stressed so easily.
Because when you listen to angels, you FEEL more love around you.
And when we feel loved, we feel happy.
When you feel happy, you smile more and people are nicer to you.
Life is better.
Your health is better.

Are You Read to Listen To Your Angel More?
All you need to do, is sit in the quiet and listen to some gentle music for a few minutes.
Soon you will feel your angel sending you love. It feels like a gentle hug, shiver or goosebumps.
Your angel talks the language of love, when you feel the love, then you are listening.

Pick a Butterfly
Dark Blue Butterfly Spiritual Message

Spiritual Meaning bright blue butterfly

Your Message: MOTHER

This blue butterfly symbolizes mother.
If your mother is in Heaven, she wants you to know that this is the sign that she is watching over you.

 Mother Mary is watching over you at this time.

This butterfly is also the calling card of Mother Mary.

Life can be hard sometimes, but Mother Mary says there will be reasons for you to smile soon.
Trust her when she says, ‘find a reason to say yes, when a new situation turns up.’
Be prepared to open your heart, and allow yourself to change.

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Pick a Butterfly
Orange and Black Spotted Butterfly
Spiritual Message

Spiritual meaning black and orange spotted butterfly

Your Message: LIGHTEN UP

Laughter is the best medicine

The bible tells us:

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”
Proverbs 17:22

Your angel guides you to relax a little, and stress less about the little things.
People can do silly things which annoy us, but equally we can annoy them too.
The little things are a fact of life, and tomorrow they are no big deal. Unless we make them a big deal.

One of the best ways to stop stressing, is to write your stress down on a piece of paper and THROW it AWAY.
Throwing it away, is symbolic of tossing away the annoyance.

Writing a note to relieve stress

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Spiritual meaning of butterflies, what it means when a butterfly lands on you!

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