Pennies From Heaven

What it means when you find pennies and dimes

Here you will learn about pennies from Heaven. Why finding a penny, a cent or dime may be a sign from the spirit world.

Please note: This information has been passed to me by the spirit world. You won’t find these specific meanings circulating the internet yet, but no doubt they will spread in time. The more people who understand the language and code of the spirit world (through coins, feathers and animals signs), the more the spirit world can communicate with us.

So, read on!

Pennies From Heaven

One of my followers called Jane, sent me this message on Facebook recently:

When you find pennies
Finding pennies symbolism. Pennies from heaven.

I have no doubt that her dad left her that penny. But why a penny?

A few reasons:

1. Pennies Are Small

Pennies are a light enough objects to move around. If you have ever read about seances, and how objects can drop out of thin air in front of the sitters, you’ll understand. The penny has not come from another dimension. Rather it has been teleported from one location to another (maybe just from another room). When this phenomena happens, the moved object is called an apport. It dematerializes from one place and rematerializes in another (in this case, in Jane’s pocket). All of this takes great effort and energy for the spirit, which is why apports are usually so small. Mostly apports are small objects like coins, jewellery and pieces of paper.

2. Pennies Are Not Feathers

A penny is not a feather. Feathers are associated with angels and your loved one may not want to confuse you. So they send you something more unusual. Like a penny, cent or dime. They want to make sure you know it is them. You’ll instantly feel your loved one near because they will pop into your head.

3. A Sign of Reincarnation

Let’s take the value of the coin, it is one penny. In numerology, the number 1 represents ‘new beginnings’. Starting again, a fresh cycle. If may be that your loved is saying: ‘I’m coming back.’ They are reincarnating.

(Note: Dimes are 10 cents, which reduces to the number 1. Thus the meaning is the same in this case. Ten is also associated with completion of a karmic cycle).

Very often we choose to reincarnate in a close circle.

When you find a penny or dime – ask, is a baby coming in the family or extended family? If not, then maybe soon.

There are thousands of documented cases of children who claim to have been born again into the same family. For example, this excerpt is taken from the book Babies are Cosmic by Elizabeth and Neil Carman, PhD:

This is Sara’s Story:

“My grandfather Pete was the father figure in my life. Three years after he passed, he came to me in a lucid dream. It was so real, and I was 7 months pregnant at the time. Shortly after, my little boy called Pete Junior (PJ) was born. PJ didn’t meet his grandmother until he was two. When he saw her for the first time, he crawled on her lap and said “I have missed you so much.” He said “I really liked your black hair more.” You see, after grandpa Pete died, she stopped coloring her hair and let it grow. Grandma was in tears most of the time she held PJ. A few hours later when PJ spotted a picture of Grandpa, he singled him out and said “That was when I playing in the band.” Grandpa had played in a military band.

As the years past, PJ would make lots of other little remarks. He had never been told that his grandfather was a master sea wall builder. He said “I used to build big walls.” He also remarked, “My trucks licence plate isn’t funny like my old one.” He was talking about his toy truck. His grandfather’s licence plate read DRCWALL, meaning ‘Doctor Sea Wall’, it was a great source of laughter at the time.

When Grandma was dying on her deathbed, she telephoned each of her grandchildren.
PJ asked, “Are you happy to be leaving Earth?”.
She said, “I am so looking forward to going to Heaven and seeing our family.”
PJ said, “Oh Annie, you are going to be so happy to be back!”
Annie is not a common nickname we used for Grandma, only Grandpa ever called her that. After we hung up, I asked PJ why did he call her that. He replied “I don’t know. I just wanted to.”

4. Pennies From Heaven Can Signify A Fresh Start

If a baby is not on the agenda, it could be that you are going through a transformation period. The penny/dime is a sign that your loved one is with you, while you go through this process.

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