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Page of Pentacles Meaning |

Suit: Suit of Pentacles
Card Type: Minor Arcana
Tarot Element: Earth
Star Sign: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Planet: Earth
Angel: Archangel Uriel

Key Meaning: An Offer

The Page of Pentacles court card delivers good news of an opportunity, award or financial boost.

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Page of Pentacles Keywords

🥰 Upright: News of an offer, study, prize
😒 Reversed: Delay, lack of focus, laziness

Page of Pentacles Description

This description is based on the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. A young person stands in a lush meadow on a bed of flowers. The yellow sky reflects the hope and optimism of youth, or the excitement of starting off on a new path. The Page gazes with curiosity at the Pentacle in his hand, transfixed and can hardly see anything else. Often this card represents the early stages of a job, study or gaining new skills.

Court Card Personality Traits

As a court card, he or she is a young person with a down-to-earth nature. He or she may have little money but has great prospects for the future. They are sensible with money, hard-working and have a sense of duty. This Page may be a good student, but they will learn best by doing. Pentacles are associated with practical action.

This Page is associated with earth signs in astrology, so this person may have Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo in their birth chart.

LOVE: What does The Page of Pentacles Mean when You Ask About Love?

When the Page of Pentacles turns up in a love reading, the meaning will depend on whether or not you are in a relationship.

❤️ If you asked will I find love? – then this card means, yes. However, it may take up to another year before you meet your love. You are most likely to meet through work, study or a shared hobby.

❤️ If you have just met someone, then this Page means that they will contact you again for another date. This relationship is likely to be a slow-burn rather than instant fireworks. Be patient and don’t judge too quickly.

❤️ If you are in a relationship, this card means that you are both loyal and faithful. The spark of excitement may not be there, but you do have security and companionship.

CAREER: What does This Card Signify when You Ask About Work?

If your question relates to work, business, career or study and you receive the Page of Pentacles, then here is your guidance:

⭕ This card announces messages by mail or email – concerning job offers, finance or college offers.

⭕ This is a good time to work hard and learn all you can. What you focus on now, delivers greatly in the future.

⭕ You win an award or prize for your efforts.

Jobs associated with this card include: teacher, librarian, production assistant, intern, childcare, bookkeeper, social worker, personal assistant, chemist, researcher, florist, farmer and mindfulness coach. If you are a student, it can suggest working part-time as a delivery person (like with Deliveroo or DoorDash for example).

Money Cards in Tarot

MONEY: What is the Meaning of The Page of Pentacles in a Money Reading?

If you asked the Tarot about money and finances, and you receive the Page of Pentacles, it can mean:

💲 A cheque arriving in the post.

💲 Legal paperwork comes through, such as a contract, court settlement, passport or visa application.

💲 An offer on a property is accepted.

Tarot Card Combination Meanings

“Page of Pentacles combined with The Tower” – Insurance offer after an accident

“Page of Pentacles combined with Eight of Pentacles” – Successful internship application

“Page of Pentacles combined with The Star” – Your dream opportunity

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HEALTH: What does The Page of Pentacles Mean when You Ask About Health?

In a health reading, the Page of Pentacles generally signifies good health. When this card appears, it encourages you to pursue a fitness and healthy eating regime. Don’t take your health for granted, regardless of your age.

This Tarot card is also associated with practicing meditation and mindfulness.

Health conditions associated with the Page of Pentacles include: ear and throat problems, as well as brain fog (caused by pregnancy, hormones or menopause).

YES/NO: Does The Page of Pentacles Mean Yes or No in a Reading?

❓ When you ask a Yes or No question and this Tarot card turns up, then the answer is YES.

TIMING: Does The Page of Pentacles Predict any Particular Timeframe?

🕔  This card is only a timing indication when you specifically asked a timeframe question. For example, if you want to know if something will happen, and when, then you need to draw two separate cards. These are in fact, two separate questions. This is a fundamental principle to understand if you want an accurate tarot reading – and it is core to my teaching in my book Tarot in 5 Minutes.

🕔 Using my timing method, the Page of Pentacles is about 11 years. If the card is reversed, timing will be slightly longer – so up to 16 years.

Karina’s Timing Method:
Swords are days. Wands are weeks. Cups are months and Pentacles are years. Please note this is my personal timing method. Feel free to adopt it (or not).

What is the Meaning of The Page of Pentacles Reversed?

When the Page of Pentacles is upside down then the coin falls out of our Page’s hands. This can mean:

✔️There are delays, an offer does not come through as quickly as you hoped.

✔️ You lose money on a venture, but it does provide a learning experience.

✔️You are not putting enough effort into your studies or job. This may be due to laziness or lack of interest.

✔️Other keywords associated a reversal include: fear of rejection, aloofness, narcissism, withdrawal, depression, escapism and distraction.

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