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What Does it Mean When There is a New Moon in Aquarius?

In astrological terms, the new moon always aligns with the zodiac sign the Sun is currently moving through. So for example, when a new moon falls between January 20 and February 18, which is Aquarius season, it is called a New Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius is associated with thinking outside of the box. And a New Moon is associated a fresh start. You can see how this could be a winning astrological combination if you are looking for inspiration and new ideas. At this time, don’t just do what everyone else does. Rather, ask: how can I do it differently or better? The ideas will start to flow when you start asking the questions. You can literally download from the Universe.

It’s also a good month to spend a little extra time alone in meditation or long walks to tune into your soul. You can ask questions like, What are my biggest talents? and What can I do next to pursue the path of my life purpose?

It doesn’t matter what star sign you are, when a new moon occurs in Aquarius, you will feel influenced by this energy.

What it Means When Your Moon Sign Falls in Aquarius

While your Sun Sign is what everyone sees about you, your Moon sign rules the hidden parts of you, like your secret desires, emotions and motivations. It also shows how you get along with people in a relationship, so it is useful to know someone’s Moon sign in love. Aquarius Moon Sign can be very sociable but cool in love. You are the charmer that people fall in love with at first sight, but your partner will spend the next phase of the relationship wondering what you really feel about them. You don’t necessarily provide the reassurance they need, mainly because you don’t like to be rushed in love.

The best way to make an Aquarius Moon Sign to fall in love with you, is to stimulate them mentally. They love smart thinkers and savvy, streetwise people. While you may struggle to get them to fall in love with you – if you do, you’ll have a strong partner for life.

Your best love match: The best choice is one of the other air signs, Gemini, Libra, or another Aquarius although Sagittarius can also fit the bill.

If your Moon sign falls in Aquarius, you are like a chameleon. You can change color to adapt yourself to any work environment. Everyone likes you, and you leave a vacuum behind when you move on. While you can work at ‘normal’ jobs, in time you will feel a deep need to earn money in a meaningful way. Money for the sake of it doesn’t inspire you, but how you make your money does.

If this sounds like you, you might enjoy this reading: What is my life purpose?

Celebrities with This Moon Sign

Interestingly, there are not many famous people with a Moon in Aquarius. It’s a pretty unique chart sign!

Jesus Christ (based on suggested dates in ancient manuscripts), Eminen (singer) and Marilyn Monroe.

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