Mystical Healing Reading Cards: Review

Mystical Healing Reading Cards Review |

Oracle Deck: Mystical Healing Reading Cards
Author: Inna Segal
Artwork: Jake Baddeley
Publisher: Rockpool
Published: 2020

This is a review of the oracle deck Mystical Healing Reading Cards by Inna Segal. I have to be honest, this is one of the nicest decks I’ve reviewed in a long time. The language is practical and down-to-earth, which makes it perfect for someone who is interested in spiritual development, but who does not want something too ‘religious’. While there are references to angels, I would consider this deck more in the Mind, Body, Spirit area.

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Mystical Healing Read Cards: Review

The author has designed this deck specifically for the purpose of healing and personal development.

The deck contains 36 glossy cards, which are stored in a beautiful durable box with magnet fastener. The cards are larger in size than most traditional oracle decks, but still fit comfortably in the hands when you shuffle.

The guide book is particularly impressive. It is much larger than the books in traditional decks, which makes it easier to browse and read. Each page contains a card meaning, and opposite, a full-size colored picture of the card. Each card is explained fully, in simple language and is relatively jargon free (big bonus). An action box is also provided, with suggestions on how to further your self development.

How To Use The Cards

The guide book contains lots of suggestions on how to use the cards. For example, the author explains how to carry out a 1-Card Reading, 3-Card Reading, Future Reading, and Decision Reading; as well as how to use a pendulum with the cards. I particularly like her suggestion on how to perform an Energy Reading, by laying the cards out and moving your palm over the card until you feel a sensation.

When you are guided to a card, stop and meditate on the image. How does the picture make you feel? After you explore the card, refer to the guide book for an in-depth message.

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Card Example with Reading from The Guide Book

Example: Card No. 23 Practice Positivity

Mystic Healing Card: Positivity

Stop judging and start looking for the good.

“It’s time to focus on everything in your life that is positive. Positivity adjusts your point of view and allows you to see every situation through the lens of optimism. Part of the challenge that this card presents is to encourage you to cease any judgement or harsh behaviours with others and particularly with yourself. You are being asked to become vigilant not only with what you say, but also with every thought. Each positive thought has the power to heal and uplift, whilst each negative thought can harm and drown you.

You will find that as you practice positivity, you will attract more positive thoughts, people and opportunities. You will also start to enjoy your life more, opening up the possibility of activating your intuitive abilities and awakening your spiritual gifts. Over time, no matter the challenge, you will be able to experience life with equanimity and an open heart.”

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