Monthly Horoscope for October

October Star Signs |

Here is your monthly horoscope for October 2022 by star sign.

Capricorn Star Sign 2022 Horoscope|

October Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn:
Rest and Prepare

Sometimes goals take time to formulate, and this is one of those times Capricorn. You are the ultimate ‘doer’ so it frustrates you when you feel aimless or if the ground keeps shifting beneath you.

This month, be gentle with yourself and actively use any spare time to relax and get away from routine. Meet friends, take a road-trip, do things that aren’t necessarily practical, but just fun. Everything will come to you at the right time. An idea or new way of doing something is coming and it is worth it’s weight in gold.
Ps: Don’t worry about your health.

Lucky Day This Month: 12th
Lucky Crystal For Capricorn This Month: Gold. This precious stone illuminates lingering problems and inspires you with a solution. Wear something colored gold, or gold jewelry this month. If you wear a gold ring, give it a little cleaning to boost the illumination.

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Aquarius 2022 Horoscope

October Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius:
Change is Coming

Aquarius have been going through huge emotional shifts this year, mainly in response to what is happening in the world around you. All this shifting has triggered a deep longing for more meaning in your life. Can you sense that niggling urge, to make more use of your time? To make your days count. In your heart you know there is more ‘out there’ for you, and whatever that is, will require making changes.

If you have tried to avoid change recently, it comes anyway, with or without your permission. A magical new adventure is waiting, so don’t be scared. Say YES to the Universe this month and admit you are ready.

Lucky Day This Month: 25th
Lucky Essential Oil For Aquarius This Month: Ylang, ylang. This ultimate spiritual awakening oil, helps you see more clearly. It invokes your spirit guide to clear any mental fog which prevents you from making decisions.

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Pisces Star Sign |

October Monthly Horoscope for Pisces:
Health is a Priority

As the healer of the zodiac you have a habit of neglecting your own needs, and right now, you are running on empty. Be ruthless this month, take a knife to the parts of your life or people (not literally of course 😊), who are not essential to your happiness. Cut them out.

If you can’t avoid a situation or person, at least shut yourself off mentally so you can’t be drained.

The last few months of 2022 promise to be a major turning point in your life, with lots more wonderful things to look forward to. We just need to make sure you’re still standing upright to enjoy it! 

Lucky Day This Month: 22nd
Lucky Flower For Pisces This Month: The Tulip. The tulip was an ancient Persian symbol of love. The tulip has been given to you this month by your spirit guide, as a symbol of permission to make yourself a priority.

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Aries Star Sign 2022 Horoscope |

October Monthly Horoscope for Aries:
You’re on Fire

Change has been sweeping through your life for a while. It may be scary and even leave you feeling slightly jittery, but now, all the pieces of the puzzle start coming together. As a fire sign Aries, you are happiest when you feel passionate about what you do and who you spend your time with. You always like to have a clear direction, so that you can make exciting plans. Fortunately, that is coming.

This month delivers an opportunity which sparks a series of events that end up truly igniting your fire. 

Lucky Day This Month: 17th and 22nd
Lucky Crystal For Aries This Month: Amazonite. I was drawn to the amazonite crystal for you this month! If you need courage to say something, make a call or text someone this month, just say “Amazonite, sprinkle me with your magic”.

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Taurus Star Sign |

October Monthly Horoscope for Taurus:
Seeing Clearly

It may seem like life is on pause this month as events slow down. Perhaps you escape the usual rush by going on vacation or heading off on a road-trip. Or maybe work, and other responsibilities that usually keep you busy are a little quieter than normal.

Either way, this pause affords you space to reflect on the future. Expect some interesting insights, most likely out of the blue. Remember those out of the blue thoughts are ideas from your angel!

You end the month feeling much clearer about your place in the world going forward, and excited by what the future will bring.

Lucky Day This Month: 17th
Lucky Flower For Taurus This Month: Marigold. Known as the herb of the sun, the Marigold brings you news of good health, energy and motivation.  It is a symbol of life force and passion and is gifted to you today by your spirit guide as a way of telling you to keep moving forward. No looking back.

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Gemini Star Sign |

October Monthly Horoscope for Gemini:
Get Active

Things seem out of balance this month as you juggle all the busy elements of your life, personal, home and work. Gemini, you are a gifted multi-tasker, and are more than able to cope.

This really is the best time to do all those things you’ve been putting off doing. Meet that friend, try that special diet, start that meditation practice, finish that lingering project. Clear your To-do-list, so that you can free yourself for more exciting things towards the end of the year.

Lucky Day This Month: 27th
Lucky Crystal For Gemini This Month: Tiger Eye. Your spirit guide recognizes that you’ve been feeling a little lost recently, and gifts you this crystal. The Tiger Eye will help you focus. Simply repeat “Tiger eye, sprinkle your magic on me.”

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Cancer Star Sign |

October Monthly Horoscope for Cancer:
Little Surprise

An unexpected gift or opportunity knocks this month and it makes you smile. Perhaps you have been giving and giving, and receiving little in return. Not that you are one to complain Cancer, but a little recognition is nice sometimes, isn’t it!

You receive your reward this month. The angels have been watching and deliver a little surprise for you in October (or early November for some Cancerians).

Lucky Days This Month: 12th, 18th, 28th
Lucky Crystal For Cancer This Month: Celestite. Your spirit guide gifts you this stone, because you have the ability to hear spirits. This is inherited from a past life which you spent as a medium.

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Leo Star Astrology 2022 Horoscope|

October Monthly Horoscope for Leo:

People come and go this month and it upsets your routine and causes some stress. Yet, a routine-buster is exactly what you need at this time.

You have been craving more out of life and ‘excitement’ for a while. The Universe has listened and a shake-up is in motion. October shines a light on your life and illuminates exactly what needs to change.

Lucky Day This Month: 24th
Lucky Essential Oil For Leo This Month: Rose oil. This ultimate spiritual oil helps you feel joy. It invokes your spirit guide to clear out any lingering feelings of disappointment. If you don’t have any rose oil, simply repeat “spirit guide, sprinkle me with your rose oil.”

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Virgo Star Sign |

October Monthly Horoscope for Virgo:

October is a magical month for you Virgo as your one heart-felt wish is granted. It may seem that you are lucky, but actually this happy occasion is a reward.

Your reward for being the kind heart that you are. The angels recognize your need for less stress and more laughter. It has taken some time to manifest this wish, but the wait will have been worth it. 

Lucky Day This Month: 30th
Lucky Crystal For Virgo This Month: Moldavite. Millions of years ago a giant meteorite struck the earth, and moldavite crystals formed from the impact. Your spirit guide sends you this crystal as a symbolic message. Your guide says, cast your gaze upward, and look at the stars and dream this month.

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Libra Star Astrology 2022 horoscope |

October Horoscope for Libra:

There is a situation which has worried you and you have felt unable to make a decision. Now suddenly this month, everything becomes completely clear to you. This is a moment of awakening and it both excites and scares you! Remember, nothing changes without making changes. 
Lucky Day This Month: 9th

Crystal For Libra in October: I was drawn to color amber, and the amber crystal for you this month. The amber clears stagnant energy, and kick-starts a rejuvenation, emotionally and physically in your body.

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Scorpio Star Sign 2022 horoscope  |

October Horoscope for Scorpio:
Good Luck

Lucky you this month Scorpio! There is cause for celebration as you receive recognition for past efforts. This could mean a new job, promotion, winning an award or competition, or passing an exam.

For some of you, it means finally hearing good news about an outstanding issue.

Whatever your circumstances or needs, the angels find a way to send you an appropriate Heaven-sent gift.

Lucky Day This Month: 23rd
Lucky Essential Oil For Scorpio This Month: Orange oil. This ultimate healing oil, inspires happiness and the memories of lazy summer days. It invokes your spirit guide to deliver happy news and blessings.

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Your 2022 horoscope:

October Horoscope for Sagittarius:
Change of Direction

Perhaps you are in the middle of making some changes, or maybe you are still in the thinking phase. Either way, events are unlikely to turn out as you expect, in fact you end up heading in a different direction.

This is not something you can logically plan, your role is simply to follow the path as it opens before you. Don’t worry, everything will work out so much better than you could ever have anticipated.

Lucky Day This Month: 14th
Lucky Crystal For Sagittarius This Month: Rose Quartz. Love, a happy family, home and emotional stability. These are all within your reach now.

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