Monthly Horoscope for November

November monthly star signs |

Here is your monthly horoscope for November 2022 by star sign.

Capricorn Star Sign 2022 Horoscope|

November Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn:
Your Reward is Here

Capricorn, it feels like everyone is relying on you emotionally and practically at the moment. It can all get a bit much sometimes, can’t it. Especially, when you need to take care of yourself as well.

Heaven has been watching and listening – and the good news is, the angels have decided to send you a little reward to raise your spirits before the new year. This month, you have a spot of good luck, and generally fortune will favor you.

Lucky Day This Month: 17th

Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “I am a magnet for positivity and blessings.”

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Aquarius 2022 Horoscope

November Horoscope for Aquarius:
Wow, watch out!

Watch out, Aquarius! November is going to deliver some eye-watering changes in one area of your life. The change is likely to occur in the area where you have been wishing for a bit more progress, but haven’t been sure how to bring it about.

The angels have been listening and formulating a plan in the background. And now they are activating that plan! It is the dawn of a new golden era, and sets you up for even bigger success in 2023. Seriously, you are heading into something spectacularly amazing.

Lucky Day This Month: 25th
Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “Today is going to be the best day.”

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Pisces Star Sign |

November Horoscope for Pisces:
Use it or lose it!

A great boost of angel energy is firing your way dear Pisces this month. Use it or lose it! Don’t stand in your own way by doing nothing. Plant seeds for the future this month. Whatever you feel inclined to pursue in November, leads to a more exciting 2023.

This energy gives you an extra boost of motivation – you may want to use it to apply for a new job, start a business, finish or begin a personal project, stick to that diet or really push your health regime. Whatever has been on your mind for a while, that thing you felt you should do – that’s what the angels want you to focus on this month.

Lucky Day This Month: 17th
Affirmation for November to repeat to yourself: “My past does not define my future.”

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Aries Star Sign 2022 Horoscope |

November Horoscope for Aries:
Angels are helping you

This is going to be a fortunate month for you Aries. Expect some good news, which depending on your situation, could be to do with work, study, health, home or even a court settlement.

In addition to this, the angels will send you help, in the form of another person. Whoever this person is, will appear in your life before Christmas, and what they offer you, will be a blessing from the angels. Again, depending your situation, this person could be offering anything from love, to mentoring or timely advice.

Lucky Day This Month: 24th
Affirmation for November to repeat to yourself: “I am a positive person who attracts positivity.”

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Taurus Star Sign |

November Monthly Horoscope for Taurus:
With a little help from your friends

Taurus, you are the heart of humanity, with an endless capacity to give and love. No other star sign comes close to you! Your energy is so strong that it is remembered through the ages.

This month, Archangel Metatron, is drawing close to you. He is the angel of past life connections. Recently, or in the coming weeks, you will encounter people and situations which help you fulfill your reason for being here. You have known these people in past lives, and now they arrive to help you out, to pay you back for your kindness in a past life.

Depending on your situation, these people could end up triggering some sort of change in your life, by opening your eyes to new possibilities. As the song goes, with a little help from my friends …

Some of you will find love, some of you will realize your spiritual gifts, and some of you will end up doing a task which is directly related to your life purpose.

Lucky Day This Month: 6th and 15th
Affirmation for November to repeat to yourself: “Today I choose to make myself happy.”

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Gemini Star Sign |

November Monthly Horoscope for Gemini:
Time to heal

Archangel Gabriel draws close to you this month Gemini. Gabriel protects you and your family. He helps children, grandchildren, and supports healing between family members.

Gabriel encourages you to focus on your health, and relationships this month. The two are very much connected. How you feel about yourself, is reflected in your relationships with other people.

This powerful angel will support you by helping you to heal any area of your life that has held you back from progressing out there in the world. Please help Gabriel, to help you, by practicing meditation for a few minutes everyday this month. Make the extra effort, this is your life.

Lucky Day This Month: 19th
Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “Today and everyday I release all the negativity.”

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Cancer Star Sign |

November Monthly Horoscope for Cancer:
No excuses

This is a no-excuses month, Cancer. Your future happiness relies on what you do this month. It is time to say what you mean, and do what you say. Finish what you start. If you find yourself losing motivation, re-boot and start over again. No quitting on yourself. It’s important for your confidence, that you know you can see things through. This is why it is a make-or-break month. Time is passing, and you must seize the moment.

Next year could be extremely fortunate for you, but you must invest time and energy in yourself and your goals this month.

Lucky Days This Month: 26th
Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “I have the power to create the life I desire.”

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Leo Star Astrology 2022 Horoscope|

November Monthly Horoscope for Leo:
The big push

Trust the feeling within that tells you ‘I want more out of life’. No matter what age you are or where you live Leo, the angels agree with you. They agree, that there is another adventure waiting for you, you just need to say out loud: “Angels, I am ready for more adventure and I am willing to be pushed out of my comfort zone to get it.”

Then wait for the big push.

Even if you don’t know what that is yet, the seed of desire has been planted. The angels encourage you in self discovery this month – perhaps do a workshop, meditate or go for long walks alone. By freeing your mind, you create space to plant the seeds of your next steps.

Important: Try not to make promises to the angels unless you are willing to keep them. If you tell them you are willing to be pushed out of your comfort zone, you mustn’t complain or panic when it happens.

Lucky Day This Month: 26th
Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “My possibilities are endless.”

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Virgo Star Sign |

November Horoscope for Virgo:
Major spiritual shift

Virgos are the hottest star sign this month! You are literally stepping into your power, and it’s the start of a whole new you. Your confidence soars and you find that whatever has alluded you
in the past, now occurs with ease.

It may even feel like someone has taken over your mind, because what worried you before, doesn’t trigger the same stress levels now. What has happened, is that knowingly or unknowingly, you have allowed Spirit to enter your mind and body, and this gives you a sort of faith or confidence that people can only pray for.
Time to dream big Virgo. A huge shift has occurred within you, and now anything is possible.

Lucky Day This Month: 15th
Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “I believe in the person I am becoming.”

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Libra Star Astrology 2022 horoscope |

November Horoscope for Libra:
Forgive and move on

Forgiveness is a powerful healer, Libra. The angels ask for your permission, to help you to release energy of past disappointments and conflicts. If you agree, the angels want to perform a powerful spiritual detox on you. Please say: “Yes angels, I am willing to let go. Please help me detox.”

It is important that you play your part in this detox, by actively practicing forgiveness where it is necessary this month. Forgiveness is not to help others, but it is to help you feel peace, so you can move forward.

Everything in your life, right now, is as it is meant to be. You are where you are, for a reason. Over the next few months, the angels have beautiful plans for you and they want you in the right frame of mind to make the most of them.

Lucky Day This Month: 19th

Affirmation for November to repeat to yourself: “I am manifesting my dream life.”

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Scorpio Star Sign 2022 horoscope  |

November Horoscope for Scorpio:
Wait for the good thing to happen

Draw a line under any lingering disappointments from last year. There is a reason for everything, even if you don’t yet see the bigger picture. Scorpio, the world is shifting and you are going to be a central player. Avoid taking big decisions this month, keep yourself free to maneuver and wait for events to unfold.

The angels say you are exactly where you need to be, right now Scorpio. Whether you feel you are in a good place, bad place or an in-between state. You are poised, on the precipice of a big change. That change will be triggered initially, by what happens in the world around you, rather than anything you do. So just wait it out this month.

Lucky Day This Month: 3rd, 16th
Affirmation for November to repeat to yourself: “Good things are going to happen.”

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Your 2022 horoscope:

November Horoscope for Sagittarius:
Lots happening ..

Hold on to your hat Sagittarius! Lots happening this month as events pick up pace. This is good news if you’ve felt a bit stuck or have been waiting on a situation to resolve itself. Certain elements of your life are going to fall into place, so that you can finally move forward with your life.

All Sagittarians will experience the fire energy of their sign this month. It feels like a warm glow of motivation and energy. Health will be especially good, and may even improve dramatically for those who have chronic conditions.

Lucky Day This Month: 4th, 17th
Affirmation for November to repeat to yourself: “I am healthy and happy.”

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