Monthly Horoscope for December

December star signs |

Here is your monthly horoscope for December 2022 by star sign.

Capricorn Star Sign 2022 Horoscope|

December Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn:

Your Tarot Card for December: Six of Pentacles

The Universe sends abundance your way this month, my Capricorn goat. You are going to receive some sort of gift, which could be money, or take another form, such as an opportunity, good advice or an offer. What does abundance mean to you? Indeed for some Capricorns, your health and emotional well-being is your wealth.

New work or business opportunities will also present for some of you over the coming weeks. In this case, trust what is on offer, and who is offering it to you. Promotions, bonuses, and financial rewards are all possible at this time.

Additional meanings of this card: You pay off a debt, receive a profit share or loan. There is a general sense of a job well done, and completion. You can finally move on.

Lucky Day This Month: 11th

Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “Wealth comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.”

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Aquarius 2022 Horoscope

December Horoscope for Aquarius:
Perfect End of Year

Your Tarot Card for December: Nine of Pentacles

You star is on the rise Aquarius, as your hopes and manifestations finally bear fruit. By the end of December, you realize that good fortune is yours, and you are living the good life. You don’t need to visualize anymore, you are living it.

Any niggling problems seem to magically fade away by the end of the month. Or perhaps, you are simply looking at life in a different way.

Either way, this helps you to step confidently into a new year, clear minded and ready for action.

There is a sense here of completion, of having completed some personal goals. Alternatively, you are simply deciding to try something new and make some adjustments to your life, work or the way you live. Timing is everything for you Aquarius.

Additional meanings of this card: Some Aquarians will receive an unexpected windfall. This card also predicts successful self-employment, or a remote working job. Any Aquarians dealing with builders, or making home improvements or redecorating will be happy with the final outcome.

Lucky Day This Month: 16th
Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “I am manifesting in a big way.”

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Pisces Star Sign |

December Horoscope for Pisces:

Your Tarot Card for December: Knight of Wands

This month, a situation which has been lingering for a while comes to a head. This may lead to heated discussions or the requirement to take a decision.

As such, it is important that you are prepared when this situation arises, so that you do not act rashly and say something you will later regret. It is however, an opportunity to take control and suggest the changes you want to see.

What this situation is, will be unique to you Pisces. It could be to do with a relationship, family member, friend or work issue.

The improvement you seek is long over-due, and this month, if you stay calm and in control, you can get what you want. The trick is to be sure you know what outcome you want, before the issue crops up. There is no space here for uncertainty.

The theme of December Pisces is CLEARING. You are clearing the path for a sparkling new year.

Additional meanings of this card: Moving house, emigration, booking a major vacation, new job offer, beginning a course of study.

Lucky Day This Month: 4th
Affirmation for December to repeat to yourself: “I am in control of how I live my life.”

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Aries Star Sign 2022 Horoscope |

December Horoscope for Aries:
Midas Touch

Your Tarot Card for December: Empress

You have the magical Midas touch this month, Aries. So anything you nurture or give energy to, is likely to flourish.

The Empress is your key Tarot card for the month, and she is the ultimate beauty. When she turns up in your horoscope it means your Light is radiating for all to see. You are a magnet for romance, creative ideas and work offers.

Aries looking for love, are more likely to find it over the Christmas party season. This energy also positively affects marriage, pregnancy, and healing any issues related to mother or children.

Whether you are trying to give birth to a child, a new project, romance or a personal dream, your endeavors are more likely than ever to be successful in the coming weeks. It just so happens, that you are feeling and looking great babe!

Additional meanings of this card: This month supports cosmetic treatments and surgery, weight loss and health procedures. You are encouraged to look after your body by having a massage or any treatment which makes you feel healthy and more beautiful.

Lucky Day This Month: 16th
Affirmation for December to repeat to yourself: “Every day I become more beautiful.”

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Taurus Star Sign |

December Monthly Horoscope for Taurus:

Your Tarot Card for December: Eight of Pentacles

This month Taurus, you are called to pay more attention to what is underneath your nose. This may refer to a job, part-time job, area of study or personal project. Whatever your situation, retired, worker, stay at home mom, there is something you are good at doing, something which you find fun and you are already doing it. Some of you have just started doing this thing recently enough.

This month, your angels want you to commit more effort to this part of your life, because it will open doors for you next year. You are definitely on the right track, and you skills and talents will be appreciated. Do not limit yourself by saying, ‘oh I don’t have time’ or some other excuse.

There is an opportunity for you to shine in the coming year, if you put effort into this career, vocation or project. Again, I remind you, whatever your situation or age, Taurus you will always feel more excited by life when you are building and growing, rather than just drifting through.

Additional meanings of this card: Successful graduation and exam results, receiving a prize, promotion, arts, crafts, baking, creative projects and apprenticeship.

Lucky Day This Month: 18th
Affirmation for December to repeat to yourself: “I am happier when I have a dream.”

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Gemini Star Sign |

December Monthly Horoscope for Gemini:
Future is bright

Your Tarot Card for December: Two of Wands

This month Gemini, you come into your own at work. Indeed, this is a lucky month to put yourself forward for promotion, new projects or even a new job.

In business, if you reach out to others for help, or to sell an idea, you are likely to have your way.

In relationships, if you want to rekindle a connection or heal a rift, this is the month to try, or try again as the case may be.

Do not be discouraged by delays. Most of you will receive feedback quickly, but there may be temporary delays in some instances.

Gemini, activate the Law of Attraction this month. You do this by using positive words, and feeling like a winner. As with all fates and fortunes, you must be prepared to put yourself out there. Fortunately, it so happens that you are in the mood to do so. There are no coincidences when it comes to timing my Air sign.

Additional meanings of this card: Clairvoyance and receiving visions of your future, feeling more hopeful, contracts and business agreements.

Lucky Day This Month: 18th
Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “I am manifesting all of my dreams with ease.”

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Cancer Star Sign |

December Monthly Horoscope for Cancer:

Your Tarot Card for December: Ace of Cups

Spirituality and spiritual life is highlighted this month, Cancer. Interestingly, your psychic abilities, especially clairaudience, take flight at this time. Spiritual growth is happening now because your spirit guide plans on whispering more ideas in your ear in the coming year.

For some, they will guide you to towards new people who will end up giving your life more meaning. This may be a lover, friend, teacher, mentor or even a baby in some instances. They may even guide you to people who will give you that ‘lucky break’ you have been waiting for.

For other Cancerians, spiritual growth is your purpose. Perhaps you feel impelled towards healing, counseling, teaching, public speaking, divination, fitness or nutrition. As a water sign, you live your best life when you make time to listen and connect with the spirit world. See: What is my life purpose?

Additional meanings of this card: Writers and artists do well this month, pregnancy, soulmate connection, a new home, deciding this is my forever home.

Lucky Days This Month: 24th
Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “I am a spirit having a human experience.”

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Leo Star Astrology 2022 Horoscope|

December Monthly Horoscope for Leo:
News arrives

Your Tarot Card for December: Ace of Swords

Good news for Leo’s regarding work this month. If you are waiting for news on a job offer, bonus, salary negotiation or work problem, fortunately, you receive clarity before Christmas.

If you are starting a new project, job or course this month, don’t worry if it’s more difficult than you expect. Overall, this is a good time to stretch yourself, so stay the course and everything will turn out perfectly. 

For the rest of you – pay attention to any out-of-the-blue inspirational ideas that come to you in the coming weeks. At the present time, you are overdue guidance from Higher Powers. That said, when you receive the idea, don’t immediately worry about how you can achieve it. Rather, simply accept the guidance and focus only on the first step.

Additional meanings of this card: Engagement, declaration of love, C-section delivery, successful operation.

Lucky Day This Month: 14th
Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “I welcome everything that happens to me right now.”

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Virgo Star Sign |

December Horoscope for Virgo:
Time for new

Your Tarot Card for December: The Moon

This month Virgo you will be particularly affected by the moon’s movement, especially the new moon on December 22nd. Indeed, this lunar energy will inspire an urgency within you to start something new. Don’t be surprised if itchy feet land you a new job, relationship or area of study. It could also trigger a desire to move house, or even emigrate in some instances.

Maybe you’ve had an idea to do something for a while, but you were just waiting for the right moment or motivation to get started. Whatever you are inspired to do in December, is the start of something truly amazing. You are taking one massive step towards a hugely promising future. 

‘Good Luck’ will be your companion in December and happily, Virgo, it will feel like life is finally coming together, as if by magic.

Additional meanings of this card: Psychic, dreams, lunar magic, heightened emotions, trauma from the past resurfaces for healing

Lucky Day This Month: 22nd
Affirmation to repeat to yourself this month: “It is safe for me to explore new people and places.”

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Libra Star Astrology 2022 horoscope |

December Horoscope for Libra:
Let the good times roll

Your Tarot Card for December: Six of Pentacles (Capricorn also received this card)

This month, you feel ‘rich’. This may be because you receive an expected or unexpected financial windfall. For some Libras, this windfall may come through a partner or family member.

Overall Libra, be aware a whole new era beckons for you in the coming year. Old habits and routines will be disrupted, and the promise of good things hang in the air. Indeed, this is just preparation for a bigger cycle of abundance firing in your direction.

Frankly, all you need to do this month is get out of bed, and wait for magical rainbows to appear. Whatever comes to you now, bless and honor with a grateful heart.

Additional meanings of this card: Charity work, helping others, spending more time with those you love.

Lucky Day This Month: 11th

Affirmation for December to repeat to yourself: “I am manifesting my dream life.”

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Scorpio Star Sign 2022 horoscope  |

December Horoscope for Scorpio:
Faith will guide you

Your Tarot Card for December: Seven of Cups

You have learned a lot about yourself over the past year, Scorpio. What you have learned in particular, is that faith is your one true friend. Faith in a higher power and faith that you are here for a reason. It is easy to have faith when life is going well, but mostly faith is only true when it has been tested.

You have lived more past lives than any other zodiac sign Scorpio, which is why faith is a natural companion. Sometimes you just need to scratch the surface to remember it again.

As you approach a new year Scorpio – I need you to know, this is the year to focus on your life purpose. Do not get distracted, do not think it’s too late. This is the year to discover just how amazing you really are. If you still need a little help figuring out your purpose, book my Life Purpose reading.

Additional meanings of this card: Time to make some choices, don’t put things off, build a spiritual career.

Lucky Day This Month: 28th
Affirmation for December to repeat to yourself: “I was born to teach what I know.”

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Your 2022 horoscope:

December Horoscope for Sagittarius:

Your Tarot Card for December: Knight of Pentacles

Sagittarians are in the mood for decluttering this month. You may find yourself crossing people off your Christmas card or gift list, or choosing new ways to celebrate the holiday season.

While it may all feel very ‘sensible’, there is more going on here than meets the eye. Sagittarius is renowned for being restless, and this is usually answered by booking a vacation or trip, or meeting friends.

Change is in the air, my sparky fire sign. However, it will not be satisfied by the smaller alterations you make now. My advice to you this month, is continue as normal, there is no need to alter much. Once you enter the energy of the new year, you will find ways to make life more exciting by giving more, rather than less.

I know this horoscope may seem confusing or cryptic to some Sagittarians, but just take the guidance for now.

Additional meanings of this card: Do your duty, stand by loved ones, travel comes within 6 months, moving location, moving out of the city.

Lucky Day This Month: 24th
Affirmation for December to repeat to yourself: “I am happy to go with the flow.”

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