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What is the meaning of 11:11? Or 111 or 1111. Discover the real meaning and how this spiritual awakening will change your life.

What Does it Mean When You Keep Seeing 11:11?

Repetitive numbers are a sign that the Universe is trying to get ‘inside your head’, sending you messages. Think of it like computer code, a way of ‘talking’ using the universal language of mathematics. You might see 11:11 on a clock, a car plate, a microwave timer … it could appear anywhere.

When you start to see 11:11 it means the Universe is saying – Hey there sleepy head, I want you to sit up and pay attention! I’ve got news for you.… you are awakening to a new phase in your life – and this will affect you in every area…..in love, in your work, in your home life, in how you feel on a day to day level….. It’s a BIG WAKE UP CALL…..Sometimes welcome, sometimes not….BUT, like it or not, life is about to be shaken up!

Change is always a bit unnerving and the ‘shake-up’ that 11.11, or the number ‘1’ brings throws up a number of difficult questions – sometimes things we prefer not to face. Like, am I really happy in this relationship/is this job really what I want to do/is this where I want to live…. and so on….

These questions mean we are forced to step outside our comfort zone – scary…. FOR SURE…. but also exciting….

When you see 11:11 opportunities are likely to appear – so keep your eyes open and be alert for new opportunities at work, to meet a new partner,  a relocation  – new house/apartment or a new location or perhaps a new way of dealing with a difficult situation…..

You are experiencing a spiritual awakening. No part of your life is likely to be left untouched when you start to consistently see 11:11.

You are Waking Up: This is a Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening begins the moment you step back and ‘awake’ to your life with a new sense of being in this world.

Spiritual awakenings can be unnerving at first because they often throw up awkward questions like – am I happy in my relationship, my job, or where I’m living? It can cause us to examine our life more closely and that’s not usually comfortable. At the same time, even as you see what needs to change, you’re likely to feel excited by the idea of change. There will be a sense of excitement in the pit of your stomach, a feeling of wonder, and a feeling being alive.

Very often repetitive numbers, particularly the 1’s, appear when our life is changing – perhaps when we are going through a difficult or traumatic experience, like divorce, the death of a loved one, an accident, illness or job loss – although the change may not always be so dramatic….. Yet, when 11.11 consistently shows up…. change will follow….

11:11 means you are awake now, the angels and Divine are saying. This is an epiphany and your soul is finally coming out to play.

What Change Will 11:11 Trigger in My Life?

If it feels like everywhere you turn, you only see 11:11, then you can expect Spirituality to play a more central role in your life. Image a ‘third eye’ is opening up for you, a new way of looking at life. You begin to ‘see’ more clearly, to trust your ‘gut’, to ‘sense’ what you need to do…. When this happens, go with the flow, trust your instincts….

During this spiritual awakening, you may find:

  • You take up a spiritual practice like yoga or meditation.
  • Your priorities change when it come to work, family or personal projects. You may not want the same things that you used to.
  • You see more synchronicity signs, a robin flies into your home or a black cat crosses you path. Nature’s animal messengers begin to communicate with you more. Premonitions, psychic insights and even mediumship messages may start occurring.
  • It may feel like your loved ones don’t understand you anymore because you are changing.
  • You find it harder to spend time with people who lie, even if it’s just small lies, it gets on your nerves.
  • You want to be of service and spiritual gifts start emerging. Spiritual teachers appear just when you need them.

When you see 11:11, it is a confirmation that you are going through a spiritual awakening, and at a cellular level your body and mind is changing.

Note on 1111 Meaning: If you see this number regularly, try my test: What is my spiritual gift?

What is The Meaning of 11:11 in Love or Career?

What is the meaning of 11:11 in love? Or what is the meaning of 11:11 in career? I’m often asked this question, so lets deal with it now. The vibrational meaning of number one, is awakening. It does not necessarily predict that you will meet your soulmate or twinflame, nor does it necessarily mean that your career is about to sky-rocket. Those meanings are far too specific – if a million people in the world see 11:11 tomorrow, it can’t mean the same thing for everyone.

That is why you have to understand the higher vibration behind 11:11. Repeating ones, signify that you are starting to see clearly, and remembering that you are a spiritual being in a physical body. You are more than your five senses, of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. You have a sixth sense. You have intuition and psychic abilities. Your third eye chakra is opening and you are seeing life through a new set of eyes – your spiritual eye. You will begin to spot opportunities now, using clairvoyance vision, that you might have missed before.

Of course, all this change is likely to help you in many ways, depending on who you are and what you want from life. Some people will end up meeting their soulmate as a result of their spiritual awakening process and some people will go on to develop a spiritual gift or career.

The key thing is – don’t stress yourself too much trying to work out what new experiences 11:11 will deliver for you. Just keep your eyes open. At a cellular level, your body is acting and preparing. Your job is simply to accept and wait, while your soul starts to sing and find its song.

“11:11 means your soul is finally starting to sing and find its song.”

Karina Collins

What Does it Mean When You Stop Seeing 11:11, and Then Start Seeing it Again?

It is quite common for 11.11 to be the first series of repetitive number we see but, after a while you are likely to see other repeating numbers, like 222, 333 or 444. This is really good news because it means you are making progress…. you have embraced the changes of the ‘1’s’ and move on….

However, if following a period of absence, you begin to see 11:11 again, it means one of two things, either:

You have neglected your spiritual path and not made the changes you instinctively know are right for you


It’s a reminder that you are ready for the next level of progression in your spiritual enlightenment.

When You Ask For A Sign and You See 11:11

Okay, let’s say you are going for a job interview, or going on a date for the first time – and you ask your angel or spirit guide for a sign of how it will go. If you see 11:11 or 111, or any version of ones, within an hour or two of asking – this is a symbol of good luck and you can be confident things will go well.

Meaning of 11:11 in Tarot and Numerology

Numerology: The number 1 represents potential, even if we can’t always see it yet. It represents a fresh start and the many new opportunities which that brings.

Tarot: In Tarot card meanings, Aces represent the number 1, which is why all Aces indicate a reason to be optimistic, the potential for a new beginning. If you receive the Ace of Cups, it can predict the appearance of a spiritual gift such as clairvoyance or clairaudience, or that you are training as a therapist or healer.

So, bottom line…. the NUMBER ONE represents new beginnings, potential to change your current situation – in love, work, where you live, habits, mindset and so on – it represents an opportunity to ‘LOOK’ at life in a new way, so sit up and pay attention!!!!

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